Usually kiting mobs is done by Hunters or spellcasters - classes that can easily do damage from a distance. What people don't realise is that it can be done just as easily by a rogue. In theory it could probably be done by other melee classes with a crowd control ability too, but since I know the rogue best that's what I'll be concentrating on.

  1. Use a ranged weapon to grab the mobs attention.
  2. Wait until it gets close, then Gouge before it gets a hit on you.
  3. Move away and wait for the incapacitate to break.
  4. Run away. Get the timing right - too long and you'll break aggro. Too short and the cooldown on Gouge won't have refreshed. I've found that 10 seconds is about right.
  5. Then stop and turn to face the mob.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5.
  7. Save your combo points. If for some reason Gouge doesn't work (misses, resisted etc) you'll need them to do Kidney Shot.

In this way, so long as other players don't try to kill it, you should be able to mantain aggro for a long time while taking very little damage (none, if you manage to do this properly). And if things get sticky, for example accidentally aggroing an entire group of mobs like I did on my first attempt, you can always Vanish and start again.


Use Concussion Blow, Shockwave or Piercing Howl. Piercing Howl should be used carefully as it may aggro other nearby mobs.

Death Knights

Simply put a disease on them and run away, renewing the DoT every so often. Icy Touch works well for this as it also slows the mob down, letting you keep ahead. If it seems to be getting a little too close you can cast Chains of Ice. Even better, if you have [Glyph of Chains of Ice] you can just hit that every five seconds. As an alternative to this you can put two talent points into Endless Winter, which will cause Frost Fever anyway.


Against demons or undead Holy Wrath both builds up threat and stuns them. However there doesn't seem to be much else allowing you to slow them down, so you'll have to be sure you're faster than the thing you're trying to kite.

Feral Druids

Lacerate in Bear Form and Rip or Rake in Cat Form will both do DoT's to mantain threat. Bash will stun the enemy for 4 seconds if needed, and Dash gives you a speed increase.

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