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Not all the naga were once Highborne. A fair number of them were ordinary Night Elves, whether palace guards or citizens who managed to hide from the Burning Legion. After the Sundering sent them to the bottom of the sea they became caught up in the spell that transformed kaldorei into naga. When they encountered the Highborne survivors, they fought back fiercely being bent on revenge now that the Well had gone, but they were defeated and enslaved. For ten thousand years they stuggled through a life of slavery, their morale destroyed by their overseers sport of hunting their children. And it would have remained so if it were not for the timely arrival of Malfurion Stormrage in the dreams of Foreman Venomscale.

Venomscale was one of the slaves who had demonstrated an uncommon skill for his work and so had been promoted to watch over groups of his comrades. When Malfurion, who also happened to be a distant cousin, contacted him, he began to make plans for his people's escape from Nazjatar. With the aid of a Highborne sympathiser he managed to distract the guards for long enough to open the cell doors and get most of the slaves out. Settling in the reefs around one of the Broken Isles, they evaded detection for long enough to build up an army and defend themselves.

By that time Malfurion had contacted Venomscale again and several emissaries had been exchanged between the Bloodtorn Naga and the Kaldorei. Under their influence Venomscale and most of his friends and family turned to druidism, and they tried to persuade the others to follow. However many of the elders had known nothing but the arcane for over ten thousand years and so were unwilling to change their ways. They managed to travel to Quel'thalas and speak with the Blood Elves, resulting in two factions threatening to tear the fragile nation apart.

To make matters worse, their oppressors have now caught up with them and desire nothing more than to kill every last Bloodtorn. Then there are the native jungle trolls, who fight to defend their villages. And advancing from the other side are the armies of Mak'aru, who have seized the initiative of trying to destroy the naga while they are divided.


Home City: Azjani

Starting Zone: Lagoon of Renunciation

1-10 Zone: Nal'duna Isle

10-20 Zone: Bulwark Reef

Naga are neutral. That means that they can choose early on which faction to join. Prior to the decision, they are unfriendly with both Alliance and Horde, meaning that while they are not restricted to their home islands they cannot interact with either players or NPC's of the two factions. Once they choose they receive a big rep boost sending them to neutral with one and hated with the other. They also learn the main language of their chosen faction.

There is a boat to Auberdine and a zeppelin to Undercity. These are located on the beach, just outside the cavern that houses Azjani. The NPC's here are faction aligned, discouraging Alliance players from hopping on the zeppelin to raid Undercity, and vice versa. There is also transport to other Great Sea zones, particularly the Broken Isles and the Maelstrom (see User:Jormungand01/Return of the Queen).

Classes: Mage, Druid, Priest, Hunter, Warrior, Rogue

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