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Korkan was born three centuries ago in the woods of Quel'thalas. At the age of twenty like all members of his family he was apprenticed to a senior mage and began his training to be a master of the arcane. He proved to have a natural talent for it, and at the age of fifty, while still young, he was granted a place on the Kirin Tor of Dalaran. He remained there for over two hundred years until the Second War, when he was conscripted to assist the rangers in defending against the trolls.

In the later stages of the war when the Horde had retreated to Khaz Modan he was sent to look after the refugees in the capital of Lordaeron. It was there that he met the renowned mason Edwin van Cleef and demonstrated how the mason's job could be made so much easier using magic. Eventually he joined the Stonemasons Guild when it left to rebuild Stormwind, and followed it into exile when they became the Defias Brotherhood.

One of his closest friends while in exile was the assassin Jormungand, who had been raised by the Brotherhood ever since his parents were killed out raiding. But as Jormungand grew older he began voicing doubts over the corrupt ways the Brotherhood worked, and Korkan inevitably listened to him. Unfortunately this came to the ears of van Cleef and other leading members. Jormungand was almost executed but managed to escape at the last moment and go into hiding.

But before he could come to a decision, van Cleef demanded he hunt down Jormungand and bring the Defias his head as proof of loyalty. Seeing no choice, Korkan used his powers to determine his friends location and began tracking him. However when he finally confronted Jormungand his loyalty to his friend overcame his loyalty to the Brotherhood, and he did not kill the victim but instead left him to recuperate at the Sentinel Hill inn.

Korkan knew that there was no way he could go back without the head, so he teleported himself to Silvermoon City where he hoped to see what he could do in the aftermath of the recent invasion of Arthas and the defiling of the Sunwell. There he found the heir to the throne, Prince Kael'thas, preaching about the ways in which they must change in order to survive. After hearing Kael's speech Korkan pledged his allegiance to him and became one of the first Blood Elves.

While Kael went to Outland to prepare the way, Korkan was sent to Orgrimmar to help prove to the Horde that the blood elves could be trusted. Before long he became the official ambassador and one of Thrall's most trusted advisors. For two years he journeyed back and forth between Quel'thalas and Durotar and was the one most responsible for cementing relations between the two races.

Then one day the grunts brought forth a dwarven prisoner, accused of spying on the fortifications along the borders of Durotar. Thrall ordered that the prisoner be executed, but as the dwarf was being dragged away Korkan recognised his face. It was Jormungand, whom he had abandoned on the other side of the world in Westfall. He immediatly pleaded Jormungand's case, and out of mercy Thrall chose to exile the dwarf instead. Jormungand was thankful, but did not seem to recognise Korkan, who assumed that the former must have suffered from memory loss.

Shortly afterwards Jormungand left for Ratchet, where he had some unfinished business. Some inner feeling warned Korkan that it would be more dangerous now than ever before, so he gathered together some of his orcish friends and followed him. Sure enough, when they reached Ratchet it was to see Jormungand knocked to the ground by an army of angry goblins. So Korkan intervened, sent the goblins running and rescued Jormungand by making a portal to Thunder Bluff.

Korkan belf

Korkan before his death and ressurection

Not long after, Korkan, Jormungand and a group of tauren were sent to the night elven lands to try and restablish diplomatic contact between the Horde and Kaldorei. Tragically on the journey they were attacked by some corrupted furbolgs, and though the furbolgs were driven back, Korkan was killed by a blow from one of their clubs.

Ten years later Korkan awoke once again in the crypts of Deathknell. His body had been preserved and later brought to the Tirisfal Glades by Jormungand, who used Korkan's former friendship with Sylvanas to get him ressurected. At first Korkan was horrified at what he had become, but he soon became used to his new "life".

As both a Forsaken and a Blood Elf he resolved to join the defenders of Tranquillien, who were fighting to reclaim the Ghostlands from the Scourge. He helped them in finally driving out the minions of Dar'khan Drathir, and at last managed to storm Deatholme and kill the traitor once and for all. Today he is believed to be attempting to restore the woods with the aid of some of his tauren druid friends, but longs for the chance to advance into the Plaguelands and drive the Scourge from Lordaeron forever.

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