Horde 32 Jiyambi
<Angry Elf Ale Empire>
IconLarge Rogue
70 Troll Rogue
(Uther US)
Health: 10384 Mana: N/A
Strength: 102 Agility: 495
Stamina: 685 Intellect: 41
Spirit: 65 Armor: 3382
Alchemy: 375
Herbalism: 375
Cooking: 375
First Aid: 375
Fishing: 375

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Jiyambi is a troll rogue currently involved in the Shattered Sun Offensive. She has also recently been involved in several large scale attacks on Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern, and has even ventured back in time to Mount Hyjal. When not questing or fighting, Jiyambi can be found chatting and spending time with her guild, the Angry Elf Ale Empire.


Power and influence has a strong allure for Jiyambi. When she was young, her mentors Mambasi and Luvia taught her about her troll heritage; how the trolls had once commanded a mighty empire more powerful than any other the world had seen, how the trolls struck fear into the hearts of their enemies with their magic and fighting prowess. Though it was obvious early on that Jiyambi had no aptitude for magic, her mentors knew she was destined for great things. When Mambasi found her spearing scorpions from a distance using throwing knives, he knew the young troll was gifted with the subtle arts. Mambasi vetured into the Cleft of Shadows in Orgrimmar and arranged an apprenticeship of sorts, though rogues never had a formal word for such things. Jiyambi had been set on the path to becoming a rogue, and she took to it like a fish to water.

The young Jiyambi idolized Mambasi and Luvia, the proud magic users who had taken her under their wing when her parents were killed. Both members of an elite troll cabal known as the Voodoo Posse, these trolls represented everything that was strong and powerful about the Darkspear. They were fiercely loyal to their tribe and hence to the Horde, and used their considerable talents to defend their new homeland when the need arose.

Voodoo Posse

When she came of age, Mambasi asked her if she would like to become one of the Voodoo Posse. Jiyambi could scarcely beleive his words. Her, a member of that elite group? She agreed, and became a young ritualist. Mambasi bought her a black snake to symbolize her new position, and she proudly wore the guild tabard.

But Jiyambi soon learned that being young blood in such a group was anything but pleasant. Most of the powerful trolls ignored her - not out of spite, but simply because she had nothing useful to contribute. Most members, inluding Mambasi and Luvia, were often gone fighting battles in the Eastern Kingdoms against mighty dragons and elementals, things Jiyambi couldn't hope to combat. Eventually, becoming frustrated with her lack of usefulness and the feeling of weakness she experienced, Jiyambi left the group to adventure on her own.

Seeds of Evil

One day, while passing through the Horde travel hub known as the Crossroads, Jiyambi found herself suddenly in the midst of a huge Alliance assault. Distraught and powerless against such overwhelming odds and powerful warriors, she attempted to slink away from the fight. However, a large human spied her and ran towards her, sword raised. Just as he was about to reach her, he was cut down from behind. He fell to the ground, revealing a male Forsaken in black plate, sword dripping with blood. "General Paulske!" someone called, and the dark warrior turned. "There are more over here!"

So it was that Jiyambi met Paulske, an immensely powerful warrior and defender of the Horde. He was also the general of a Forsaken force known as the Seeds of Evil. Though proud, Jiyambi recognized in Paulske someone to whom she could pledge her allegience. She bowed to the undead warrior, and asked to become his follower. Thus she began her time in the Seeds of Evil.

At first she reveled in this new arena, making friends and enemies carefully. She soon became close to the second in command, an undead warlock known as Doodels, and a high ranking troll rogue called Edgeins. She even began bringing in her own recruits, gaining prestige in the guild as these recruits became contributing members. Nilathark, and undead rogue whom Jiyambi recruited in this way, would become her closest and most trusted friend - seldom were they seen apart.

But soon, Jiyambi became frustrated with her lack of power and prestige. The structure of the guild was such that she could not move up in rank while those currently holding officer status remained. But, to her surprise, she had developed a sense of loyalty to the Seeds, and though she longed for more power, she could not leave her guildmates.

Then, disaster struck the guild. Young and inexperienced members became more numerous than the veterans. Squabbling and immature conversations abounded. One by one, the veterans began to leave for greener pastures. The first absence which truly affected Jiyambi was Eaither, a troll hunter with whom Jiyambi had become acquainted and whose company she rather enjoyed. Then Doodels and Edgeins left. Distraught, Jiyambi asked Nilathark if he would leave with her. The undead rogue was hesitant, however - to Jiyambi's chagrin, he had managed to obtain rank in Seeds and did not want to abandon his post. So she stayed, unhappy, watching as comrade after comrade deserted.

Happy Orc Ale Company

Finally, during her adventures in the cold north of Kalimdor, Jiyambi again met up with Eaither. The two trolls began to adventure together, and became close, almost like sisters. Jiyambi learned that Eaither had found a new group, known as the Happy Orc Ale Company. Light hearted and self assured, like Eaither herself, the company consisted of a small yet powerful group of individuals totally committed to eachother. When Eaither invited Jiyambi to join them, she could not refuse. Sadly, she sent a letter to Nilathark explaining her decision and begging him to join as well. She sent a similar letter to Doodels and Edgeins, and to her delight they had also soon joined.

But all was not well. Both Doodels and Edgeins had rather solitary natures, and could not tolerate the open nature of their new guild. They soon left to adventure on their own. And Nilathark, Jiyambi's comrade with whom she would trust her life, who had fought back to back with her on more occasions than she could count, never responded to her letter. With Eaither and Edgeins help, she searched for him, but the undead rogue seemed to have disappeared entirely. Jiyambi soon learned that the mass exodus of veterans from Seeds of Evil had continued after she left: Even the mighty Paulske had abandoned the guild of his creation. Many of the veterans of Seeds ended up in the Happy Orc Ale Company, to Jiyambi's delight. But none had heard from Nilathark.

Jiyambi continued to search for Nilathark for some time, but never found him. Meanwhile, her new guild continued to grow. Three new members, known commonly as "The Trio", rose in prestige and joined the top fighters in the guild. They were blood elves, from the newly allied Silvermoon City. The rogue, Eranis, was their leader, along with the paladin Mikheo and the priest Antinoc. These three adventurers helped Jiyambi whenever she needed them, and were quick to include her in any foray against the dark forces of Outland. It was only natural that, when the Trio left the Happy Orcs to form their own Angry Elf Ale Empire, Jiyambi followed.

Angry Elf Ale Empire

It was during her early time in the Ale Empire that Jiyambi reached the end of her training as a rogue. But that was far from the end of her story. She continued to adventure in the Blade's Edge Mountains, the Netherstorm, and Shadowmoon Valley. She occasionally ventured into Tempest Keep and other dark strongholds with the help of her Ale Empire companions. With the help of Eranis, Jiyambi was able to afford an extremely fast wyvern, who could carry her anywhere she needed to go with speed. But her true desire, the reason the "Angry Elves" had broken away from the "Happy Orcs", was yet to be fulfilled.

Finally, when the Ale Empire had recruited enough people, they mustered the ten best fighters to venture into the haunted tower of Karazhan. This was what Jiyambi had been waiting for - a chance to participate in a grand effort against the forces that threatened Azeroth. And it was everything she had hoped for. The battles that raged were truly epic, but in the end the tower was cleared, and the Ale Empire was victorious. During the exploration of the ancient place, Jiyambi obtained several magical items, including the dagger of the dark prince Malchezaar.

During this time, the rogue Edgeins and the hunter Eaither have joined the Ale Empire. This reuniting of old friends has brought great joy to Jiyambi, and being able to count on these friends in battle is a great comfort to her.

But all was not well within the Ale Empire. The Trio, founders of the great guild, stepped down from their position and faded into the background. Without leadership, the guild floundered. There was talk of disbanding, or merging with a larger guild - but no one liked these ideas. The Ale Empire had become a family to many of the members, and no one wanted to see it die. So it was that Diseri, a holy paladin with leadership experience, and Taurrence, a warlock and longstanding member of AEAE, chose to take the reigns. To Jiyambi's delight, they asked her to assist them. So it was she became a Brewmaster, the top tier of advisors to Diseri, the Ale Empress.

The three leaders worked hard to bring the guild back to its former glory and even to surpass that glory. They recruited many new members from the best and brightest of adventurers. Finally, after weeks of training, the Ale Empire forces ventured into the lairs of Gruul and Magtheridon, and defeated the mighty monsters.

The Ale Empire was not content to rest on its laurels, however. Soon they began forays into Serpentshrine Cavern and the Eye, homes of Lady Vashj and Kael'thas Sunstrider, great enemies of the Horde. The guild even traveled into the past throguh the Caverns of Time to fight the lich Rage Winterchill.

Recently, Jiyambi was reunited with her good friend Nilathark. The undead rogue was recovering from a grave injury, but with Jiyambi's help he would soon be back to full health and may join her in the Ale Empire. But this happy news was tempered by the loss of a dear and beloved friend, and a leader of the guild - Rengor, an orc warrior. His death was a terrible blow to the Ale Empire, and he will never be forgotten.

Current Status and Future Aspirations

Jiyambi continues to accompany the Angry Elf Ale Empire in their forays into the darkest parts of Azeroth and Outland. The might and prestige ofe the Ale Empire has surpassed even her beloved Voodoo Posse, and Jiyambi has at last achieved her dream of power and prestige. The forces she commands can devestate whole cities and slay the most powerful monsters. She looks forward to what new challenges will presemt themselves in Azeroth's cold north come Fall, when the ships begin to sail.

Alchemy Recipes Needed

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