Jellinator is a Rogue on Turalyon EU, a Sponsor of Elitist Jerks & a Guild Master.

  • 23
  • London
  • 24" widescreen ViewSonic
  • Quad i7 Core
  • 35 user ventrilo server (if you want access ask)

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  • Archery
  • Guitar
  • Web Design
  • Coffee Franchises

Public Raids:

If there's anything you need give me a bell, we do pretty much anything.

Guild History

Asherons Exiles

The Guild was formed in December 2005 by Moonwhispers & Pookie, but passed to me at the end of the month while I was level 20 It was run as a Social Leveling Guild until the Summer of 2006 when we got involved in Zul'Gurub & Molten Core, before forming the Guild Victori for the top level raiders. From there raids went on to include Blackwing Lair & Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj on its release.

When the Burning Crusade hit we quickly got into Karazhan, establishing a reputation for some of the swiftest Moroes & Curator encounters with solid progress throughout. The instance was on farm within 3 months with Gruul's Lair soon clear as well.

Defenders of Defiance

Asherons and Defenders of Defiance merged in January 2007 to combine forces for encounters in Tempest Keep, Serpentshrine Cavern and Magtheridon's Lair but after a month the combined Guild folded.

Asherons was soon reborn after the leaders did a stint explaining tactics to a number of established Karazhan Guilds struggling to grasp Heroic raids.

Asherons Exiles

After the rebirth the Guild continued exploits in Karazhan, Zul'Aman & [[[Tempest Keep]], until Wotlk hit at the end of 2008. Since then the Guild has farmed Naxxramas on both normal and heroic modes, the Obsidian Sanctum with multiple drakes alive, the Wintergrasp Vault with all it's incarnations and the first half Ulduar 10 for some time. Hard modes and other achievements had been the aim until the launch of the Trial of the Crusader & the re-release of Onyxia across 2009.

Currently the Guild raids as a Social Raid environment with members able to pick the raids that suit them with no maximum or minimum attendance, and very little rotation of the Guild raiders.

Hopeful Recruits are advised to speak to Taimay, Startat or Jellinator in game to discuss entry into the Guild.

Asherons does not operate either DKP or Age Restriction policies


Jellinator - 85 Rogue - Turalyon

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Squishie - Bank Alt - Turalyon

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