Jango is a brave, strong, handsome, smart and occasionally impulsive paladin. As such he is a follower of the holy light; he prays to and follows the light religiously. He cares a lot about his friends; he would do anything for them if they needed him. Jango can be a bit hard headed at times, and occasionally stubborn, believing he is always right at times, even when he’s not, but his intentions are always good.


Long, dashing brown hair tied back into a ponytail and a young, handsome face with the most amazing amber eyes and a stylish goatee. Jango Delucivan is muscle built and tall, stranding 6'3 with broad shoulders and a strong chin. His torso is well toned along with his big, strong arms. His legs are muscle built and well-toned, like the rest of his body. His skin tone is lightly tanned, not too light, not too dark. His voice is deep and proud, as most paladins’ voices are. Jango is usually suited in heavy orange, red and yellow armor and wields either his two handed sword 'Cielo, Blade of Delucivan' or a smaller sword and a shield; there is no known history of his one handed sword or shield.

Sometimes while in armed combat Jango's eyes will glow with inner power, giving a slight amber glow, this usually only occurs when engaged in intense combat, especially against the undead.


Early Years

Jango Delucivan was born in Hearthglen. He was born into a wealthy family of holy men and women, his father being a paladin and his mother being a priestess. Jango was the second child of the four children William and Lucinda Delucivan had, his older brother was Victor Delucivan and his younger siblings would later be Cantor and Christine Delucivan. Growing up, Jango trained as a paladin, his training began at the age of four, throughout his training he was taught how to read, write, fight and most importantly he was taught of the Holy Light. Jango's mentor was a paladin named David Ashford, Knight of the Silver Hand. David found great potential of the light within Jango, much greater than an ordinary paladin. As a teen, Jango and his family were forced to leave Hearthglen shortly after the Third war because the Scarlet Crusade had come to conquer Hearthglen. When his family left they moved to Southshore, among a few other paladins including Jango's mentor David Ashford and his best friend Morgan Carter. Southshore was nice, it was a good home to Jango and his family, they lived in a relatively large house there and retained a wealthy status. Throughout his childhood, Jango's best friend was another paladin in training named Morgan Carter, they had often trained together and sparred in their spare time.

Joining the Order

Jango and Morgan were both accepted into the Order of the Silver Hand at the age of 19. As a reward for joining Jango was given a truesilver band bearing the mark of the Silver Hand. Jango also received his charger, Duskbreaker as a reward. Jango was proud of his accomplishment, he was sent to assist in fighting the hordes of scourge around the plaguelands, he fought long hard hours, and he pushed himself to extremes to prove his worth within the order. Undead cowered before him as they soon fell perished at the bite of his powerful blade. Jango returned with a triumphant pride, this was his first real victory out of training.

The Northrend War

Jango and his crew fighting off the Kvaldir.

Jango finished his training with David in his early twenties, this was due to Jango, Victor and Morgan being sent to Northrend to assist in the Northrend war against The Lich King and scourge. They were sent to Stormwind to board a large ship to Northrend, it took them several days of preparation before they finally began their expedition to Northrend. Sailing to Northrend was a rough journey, the boat Jango and Victor were on was attacked by a fleet of Kvaldir while on their way to Bornean Tundra, Jango, Victor and the rest of the crew managed to fight them off. They resumed their voyage to Borean Tundra right after. Upon arriving in Borean Tundra, Jango, Victor and Morgan were sent off on another boat headed for Dragonblight, it was a short ride before they arrived in Moa'ki Harbor, there they met the tuskarr people, they stayed with an old tuskarr fisherman who was kind enough to share his home with them for the night before they set out for Wintergarde Keep in the morning. They spent a few weeks in Wintergarde before they were needed elsewhere. They were then moved to Fordragon Hold, this is where Jango met the first woman he ever fell in love with, her name was Melissa Vindali, they met each other almost immediately after Jango arrived and spent a lot of time with each other once he arrived. Melissa and Jango trained together, battled side by side and were truly in love, after a few months they were married, Victor and Morgan were the best men at their small wedding, they didn't have a very big wedding, and they were at war, after all. This all ended one day when Jango was injured and Melissa was sent out to fight scourge, Melissa was battling a scourge champion, he had just fallen dead, when out of nowhere a monstrous Jormungar came, it devoured Melissa in merely two bites, she was gone and Jango was devastated. Jango however, still fought, her death fueled his will to fight the scourge.

Melissa Vindali being eaten by Jormungar.

When Jango had recovered from his injury he was even more motivated to fight, he went out to where Melissa had died, he fell to a knee at the blood stained snow, only her boots were left there, nothing more, he gave a quiet sob to mourn for her death. Weeks passed, Jango, Victor and Morgan were privileged enough to get to meet and fight along-side the great Bolvar Fordragon, who sadly died a horrible death during the Wrathgate battle.

Jango, Victor and Morgan were soon moved and stationed to Icecrown.

In Icecrown, Jango, Victor and Morgan were stationed at the Argent Vanguard. The three of them, among several other soldiers were sent out to hold back and weaken the forces of the Valley of Echoes, they were greatly outnumbered by the scourge, but that was not a problem for the most part, until one rather powerful death knight flew in, riding a large frost wyrm. The death knight dismounted from his wyrm and came into battle, he ended up fighting Victor, it was a close fight, but Victor fell dead, Jango caught the glimpse of his fallen brother and immediately rushed over to the death knight, with a single swing, he decapitated him. Jango looked around for the corpse of his fallen brother, but it was nowhere to be seen. He searched all around the battlefield, but nothing was to be found. Jango was very angry now; he had lost his brother and his lover in one war. Jango and Morgan were soon moved and stationed at the Argent Tournament Grounds to prepare for their final assault on the Lich King. Jango put up a gravestone for Melissa there, but not Victor, he figured Victor would have wanted his gravestone at Southshore, with his family and friends. Melissa's gravestone reads:

"Here lies Melissa Vindali, beloved friend and wife. May the Light inherit your warmth. In your absence, these frozen wastes grow colder. - Jango Delucivan"

The gravestone still stands there at the Tournament Grounds for any who may want to go and read it. Jango trained hard for long hours every day, he took little interest in socializing in his time there, although he did meet a few people, including a druid who would become a good friend of his, he was named Daelann Nightwind.

Occasionally in his spare time Jango would explore Northrend on his gryphon with Morgan, after the fall of the old god Yogg-Saron, Jango and Morgan decided they would venture to Ulduar since it was for the most part safe and explore what hidden secrets it may hold, they spent days in Ulduar, simply exploring, looking for hidden treasures or secrets. Jango and Morgan left Ulduar after four days, they did not leave empty handed though, they had found atleast a few old artifacts within Ulduar. They then returned back to the Tournament Grounds to begin training again.

After many months of hard training and killing scourge around Icecrown, Jango followed the crusade on their march into the frozen citadel. Jango was within the citadel fighting the atrocious creations of the scourge when he saw Victor, but this was not the paladin and brother that Jango knew and loved. No, this Victor was a death knight, he stood there in dark death knight garb, he narrowed his eyes to Jango, charged towards Jango, hatred in his frosty eyes. The two fought a long, draining battle, Jango rose victorious, Victor lied there, not yet dead, but far too weak to fight. Jango would not kill his own brother. He reached down a picked up Cielos, the family sword, immediately the corruption left the blade, it became the holy blade that it was. Jango then took Victor's armor and locked him up in a holding cage. He had not given up hope in redeeming his corrupted brother. Jango's attempt had been in vain though, Victor managed to escape one night, he ran far from the Citidel. Once the Lich King had been slain and Victor's mind had become his own, he felt hatred and jealousy towards Jango because he was still himself while Victor had become a monster. Victor and his sidekick Felix Rottengear set out for Kalimdor where they would plan the defeat of Jango, Morgan and anyone else.

Returning Home

At long last the Lich King had been defeated and the scourge dismantled. Jango could finally head home to Southshore after those long years in the frozen wastes. Jango was in his mid-twenties at the time of his return, his family and friends were very happy to see him back alive after him being gone for so long. Victor's death had been a major blow to the Delucivan family, they had given him a proper funeral there in Southshore, he had been given a gravestone there in the graveyard, he died fighting.


When Jango had returned home, he decided it was time for him to leave home. He moved to the Elwynn Forest, he liked it there, but he could still not help wondering about his lost brother, he had started travelling around Azeroth in attempt to learn something of Victor's ware bouts, he spent years doing this.

In the time being, the Delucivan family's house and all of Southshore had been destroyed by the forsaken, they had barely escaped with their lives, although shortly after, Hearthglen had been reclaimed by the Argent Crusade. The Delucivan were invited to come back and live in their old home and they gladly accepted the offer.

Victor and Jango battling at the Maw of Void.

Jango finally discovered Victor's location after nearly two years of searching for him; Victor was hiding in Darkshore in a small cave near the Maw of Void. Jango travelled there with his brother Cantor, they approached Victor and attempted to talk with him, but Victor had gone completely insane and would not reason with Jango nor Cantor, instead he went into a rage and strived to kill Jango and Cantor. There was a long and hard battle between the three brothers, in the end Jango and Cantor rose victorious and Victor was forever lost within the Maw of Void. Jango was unhappy with his brother’s death, as was Cantor but they had decided that it was for the best. Jango and Cantor travelled to Hearthglen with Cielo to return it to William, but William declined the sword, he stated that it was time for a new wielder of the blade, he then handed the blade to Jango.

The Battle of Grim Batol

During the events of the Cataclysm, Jango and his old friend Morgan were called to assist in the Battle of Grim Batol. Jango and Morgan accepted the offer and set out for the Twillight Highlands. It was a rough journey, they encountered a group of Twillight's Hammer cultists and had to battle them, they slew the cultists and continued their journey, trying to stay clear of any more cultists untill they arrived at Grim Batol. Upon arriving they were waited near the entrance for a couple of days for more people to arrive. Soon they began their battle, they fought mercilessly against the Twillight's Hammer, slaying many cultists every day, one day they had arrived in the lower part of Grim Batol. They saw several red drakes chained up to the wall guarded by a group of cultists. Jango and Morgan charged into battle, slaying the cultists one by one, they fought them untill they were nothing more than an abundance of corpses littering the floor. The two of them freed the drakes from their bonds and guided them to safety. Two of the drakes swore an oath of loyalty to Jango and Morgan in exchange for them saving their lives, they promised to be there when needed, and over time became very loyal companions to both Jango and Morgan, the name of Jango's drake was Jesistrasza and Morgan's was Morastrasza

Adventures of Cataclsym


Cielos, Greatsword of the Delucivan

The Delucivan family sword is a great and powerful sword known for its use against the undead and demons. Upon being forged the blade was given the name 'Sandrecelios'.


Cielos, Greatsword of the Delucivan was forged just over a hundred years ago, it was forged within Ironforge, and built on the Great Anvil. The sword was crafted by the extremely knowledgeable dwarf weaponsmith, Braylen Ironfist. Braylen was a family friend of the Delucivan family, it took him countless hours of hard, tiring work over the great anvil to create Cielos. The blade was built of pure elementium with a large gem socketed into the hilt of the blade, it is unknown as to what type of gem it is, all that is known of it is that it was expensive. Upon completion, the blade was enchanted, this enchant would increase the durability of the metals, assuring that it would be extremely difficult to destroy the blade. The enchant was put on by the powerful dwarven sorcereress Falila Butterbuns, another friend of the Delucivan family.

The creation of Cielo.


Cielos was used in many wars by the Delucivan family, including the First War, Second War, Third War and the War against the Lich King. It is still in the possession of the Delucivan family to this very day, it only once fell into the wrong hands, when it was wielded by Victor Delucivan the fallen paladin and death knight, Victor only wielded the blade for a short time before he was defeated by Jango who became the new wielder of Sandrecelios.


Hi, my name is Devon. Jango is a Protection/Retribution paladin, but I rarely PvE/PvP on him because he is for the most part just a roleplaying character. Thanks, that is all.

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