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The adventurers of Azeroth stormed Northrend and managed to defeat the Lich King himself. But now the world faces a threat that seems to come from every tree and creature of Azeroth. A mysterious voice echoes through the woods of the world:

The nightmare approaches... The nightmare approaches...

Now nature is coming undone from within itself, and it will destroy implode along with all of Azeroth unless someone figures out how to stop it. Recently, the druids have began to feel the Emerald Dream tremble, feeling as it quakes in fear, yet they are powerless against this new Nightmare...

A strange prophet has been seen stalking the lands, warning people that the Dream is doomed. This have led some to believe that the Emerald Dream is indeed danger, but no one could guess what really happened until a giant, emerald dragon flew into the sky and echoed an immortal cry across the world of the danger that the Dream was in. Now the adventurers of Azeroth must venture into the immortal Dream and vanquish the evil that lies there once and for all.


The Emerald Dream

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The resting place of Ysera and her underlings, it is a great paradise which resembles Azeroth but in the eyes of the Dragons untouched by mortal eyes. It is a place where nature is in perfect harmony and fey creatures roam the woods along with the natural beasts. The place is watched over by Ysera and brood who ensure that none harm the perfect world. Creatures from Azeroth visit it but they do this without knowing so, they seem to gain prophetic visions from doing this. Lately though a strange force known only as the nightmare has begun to change the dream. It has begun to change the creatures but what is more it is changing the very geography of the Dream making it unidentifiable and a completely different world.

The Amber Fields

The Amber fields are the farthest away from the center of the nightmare and therefore are the most peaceful, the trees and the grass are an amber green color and everything seems to sway in and endless wind. The sun is a deep amber color here and it seems to be stuck in a state of an unending setting sun that shines a dim light over everything. It is unique in the fact that there are no aggressive creatures here. This is the one place that seems unaffected by the nightmare and as a result many druids have come here to continue there time in the Dream.


The Fey Wood

The Fey Wood

The Fey Wood is strange in many aspects one of them is the strange energies that began to mutate the woods when the nightmare first erupted, the druids began to refer to them as Fey energies because of the fact that Fey creatures were extremely attracted to the energy. There also seem to be signs of life beyond the fey beasts that began to inhabit the woods, a strange group of what seemed to be druids became attracted to a set of stones that were set in the very center of the woods, they came to believe that it held incredible power. The stones are inscribed with odd runes that can only be described as seeming to be the language of nature. The ruins seem to be incredibly old, but why they would be there is beyond the comprehension of any of the druids. Also here is a a tunnel which leads underground to an endless expanse which has been been named the Astral Sea.


Forest of the Undying

The Forest of the Undying

This is the resting place of the druids and the place where most of them appear when entering, it is a place of peace but recently the Nightmare has began to ebb away at the edges of the forest. The forest has a large amount of tall trees that have been affected by the Astral Sea changing them into mystical beacons of energy. The Astral Sea also inscribed silvery blue runes into the bark of the tree, this seems to give them a soul which is bound to the world by the energies of the Emerald Dream. There are more sets of the ruins that are found in the Fey Wood, these ruins however seem to be less interesting to the druids, the regard these with caution rather than curiosity, they seem to sense strange energy within them.

The Dreamers' Rise


The Dreamers' Rise

The Dreamers' Rise was the resting place of Ysera before the Nightmare came to the Emerald Dream, after this happened she left to go try and combat the Nightmare in anyway she could. The druids without knowing that she had left went there but could not find her. Desperate to find a way to resist The Nightmare they decided to stay at the Dreamers' Rise and use it as a base to stop the Nightmare. When the Azerothi began entering the Emerald Dream it served as sanctuary for adventurers.

The Jade Isles

The Jade Isles are five islands that sit of the coast of The Amber Plains, they have collections of strange crystal all over lending them the name Jade. Very few druids go to the islands because they believe an evil spirit resides there an if they go there it will suck druidic powers away from them. At the center of the largest island is a large crystal where the druids believe that the evil spirit resides. There is also a large population catlike creatures, called the Uretu, who seem to be the only native creatures in the Emerald Dream who have druidic powers. They seem unaffected by the spirit the Night Elf druids believe lives there.

The Marsh of the Ancients

The Marsh of the Ancients is the only place where Titan architecture can be seen, it seems that this is the only place where the titans changed something that they did not change in Azeroth. The druids when they were exploring the marsh found a huge network of tunnels that ran under the Marsh. They even went up inside the the trees, the origin of them could not be determined, the druid determined that they were not of titan origin. After the Nightmare arrived, the strange creatures began living inside the tunnels and they seem to have some connection with them; nevertheless, the druids cannot seem to comprehend where they came from.



Marsh of the Ancients



Deathwood is the area closest to the the center of the Nightmare. The creatures here have become twisted, demented and evil. And because of this condition they attempted to kill everyone - including the druids. Many druids were killed when the creatures first surfaced. Because of this the forest became known as Deathwood. There is a giant stone pillar that reaches out of the eastern side, it seems to have natural energies flowing out of it, they seem unaffected by the Nightmare which lends the idea that it is much more powerful than the Nightmare and also much older suggesting perhaps one of the first things the titans created.

The Nightmare Glade

Concept duskwood

Nightmare Glade

The seething center of the nightmare, once the ultimately place of natural energies it is now a place of darkness and evil, a strange and demented fog permeates everything and an endless whisper flows through every twisted tree. The trees seem to have a shadowy aura flowing out of them. The only creatures that call the Nightmare Glade home any more are wolves and a few fey beings that have become so twisted they seem to want to destroy the paradise. It has been suggested that they have begun to to serve the enigmatic Nightmare. The Nightmare seems to be located in the very center of the Nightmare Glade, it lives inside a giant tree which is growing out of a deep rift in the world. The origin of the rift is unknown but it seems to have been created by the Nightmare for the very purpose for what is being called the Death Tree.


Anedar is an island off the coast of western Kalimdor. It has massive plains and a large stone tower in the center. The plains are dusty but not devoid of water. The tower is controlled by the Spirit Walkers, this is the starting area for the Spirit Walker hero class. There are very few geological features on the island besides a few mesa's. The island is currently under attack by the forces of the Death Council, this serves as the starting point of the Spirit Walker quest chain.

Hero class


The Spire of Anedar

Spirit Walker

The Spirit Walker is a class that is completely in tune with the spirits of nature, they do resemble druids in some aspects, but instead of being able to shapeshift, they can summon animal spirits to fight by their side. Spirit Walkers have a 50 percent spirit speed increase when they die. They also have mounts that work in both the real world and the spirit world. They can act as healers and DPS but are not able to tank. In a sense, they're a mix between the druid, shaman and the hunter. Also instead of using mana they use Spiritual Essence which acts much like mana does but is also restored when ever someone dies whether or not they are a player or an enemy.


You need to have one character who is at least level 65 on any realm.


The skills of the Spirit Walker falls into the trees of Nature, Spirit and Animalistic.


Moves in Nature are used for magical DPS, similar to balance Druids/elemental Shamans.

Ability druid replenish  Nature's Fury: The Spirit Walker shoots a bolt of pure nature energy at the target.


Moves in the Spirit tree are used for healing and utility.

Ability druid twilightswrath  Savior from Beyond: A power from beyond intervenes when a person is about to die.


Moves in this tree are used for melee and magical DPS.

Ability druid improvedmoonkinform  Summon Spirit Hawk: You summon a Spirit Hawk to fight by your side for 2 min.


They are powerful warriors who are exemplary at leading warriors into battle. They have a mass knowledge of weapons and defense and tactics making them incredible leaders. They can inspire troops to go to almost any lengths to win, there one short coming is that they will go to any lengths to win often making them reckless. They serve as battle field commanders in both the Horde and Alliance armies leading the troops with there mighty strength. They resemble a cross between warriors and paladins.


The Warlords moves are split into Might, Rage, Inspiration


This is the primary tanking tree for warlords it focus on high health and high damage rather than over all defense

Spell holy blessedresillience  Everlasting Resilience: The Warlord's health and attack power is increased by 10%.


This is the main DPS tree for warlords, rage focuses on all out damage rather than health or defense, it abandons the Warlord to his rage.

Ability rogue bloodsplatter  Doom Strike: The Warlord gathers all his energy and slams his weapon into his opponent


Inspiration is a combination of dps and support, Inspiration moves normally give buffs to the party.

Spell shadow coneofsilence  Cry of the Immortal: The Warlord screams into the immortal winds increasing the defense of all party members near him

New perks

If you die within the Emerald Dream, you will appear in a complete spirit world where there are enemies and quests.

Level cap raised to 85.

Spirit mounts become available at level 85 after you've learned the skill

  • Spell fire blueflamebolt  Spirit Riding.

New profession:

New factions

  • The Jadetalon Seekers
  • Ysera's Ward
  • The Shari Thoridal

New instances


Caverns of Time: The Fall of Eranikus – You must stop the forces of the Infinite Dragonflight from stopping the destruction of the Temple of Atal'Hakkar

Eastern Kingdoms

Stormwind Vault – This is where the most powerful enemies of the humans are locked away, but recently a dark and mysterious force has risen up and is threatening the security of the human capitol.

The Emerald Dream

  • Sanctuary of the Corrupt – This is the resting place of the four corrupt dragons after they returned to the Emerald Dream from Azeroth.
  • The Fey Tree – A tree that has been warped by fey energies into a huge massive oak that rains over all and is inhabited by strange fey beasts.
  • Halls of Putrefaction – A section of the tunnels under The Marsh of Ancients where strange creatures that spread the nightmare have taken hold.
  • Halls of Pestilence – A section under The Marsh of Ancients where creatures who are spreading a plague reside.
  • The Spirit's Rest – A deep cavern under the Jade Isles where an evil spirit resides.
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