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JIM's name really is James. He lives in British Columbia, Canada. He was born February 2, 1977. JIM has been working in Customer Service for 6 years now. On July 4th, 2008, he accepted a position at "Stream": a call center that provides support for brand name businesses.

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Wiki work Edit

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JIM began with tweaks to the API section, and continues with that effort as he finds significant info through programming.

An interest in Suramar's "Master Crafter List" brought him here to inspect the craftable recipes that WoWWiki lists.

JIM is especially proud of the Metronome Kite that he developed after many dismal failures from the more common Grandmaster Vorpil strategies.

Category:Escort quests grew in size from 2 entries to over 80 entries. Following the lead of User:Charitwo, JIM has corrected hundreds of incorrect categories.

Ongoing projects Edit

  • Tidy and add-to ability, talent, and macro pages, especially for JIM's favorite class: the druid.
  • Rename and reorganize categories to better fit WoWWiki policy, and improve the release of information.

Nifty macros Edit

Macros are decision-making actions that you can set to an Action Button. To create any macro (shown in black, below), type /macro in the chat line of World of Warcraft, click New, choose an Icon, then copy the macro text into the "Enter Macro Commands" box. When all that is done, drag the icon you chose into your Action Bar.

I strongly advise using standard copying methods: In Microsoft Windows, click and hold to the left of the text-to-copy, then drag over the rest of the text until all the black turns blue. Push Ctrl+C to copy from here and Ctrl+V to paste in WoW.

Alert a party to an escorted mob's health Edit

/target Thrall
/run local T=GetTime()if (T-(LIMIT or 0)>10)then SendChatMessage( UnitName('target').." is at "..UnitHealth('target').."%.","PARTY" )LIMIT=T end

Replace 'Thrall' with the name of the friendly NPC of your interest.
Use this macro periodically to alert yourself - and other raid healers - to the NPC's well-being.
This macro enforces a minimum waiting period of 10 seconds between uses.

Organize people for the Murmur encounter Edit

/t %t You have the Touch! Get away from others!
/rw %t is going to explode!

When you see an arc leap from Murmur to a player, target that player and use this macro to warn them they are a living bomb.
If you have Murmur targeted, the macro will humorously – but incorrectly – announce: "Murmur is going to explode!"

Turn mob emotes into raid broadcasts Edit

/run if (MobEm)then MobEm:SetScript('OnEvent',nil)else MobEm=CreateFrame("Frame")MobEm:SetScript('OnEvent', function(_,_,msg,who)SendChatMessage(string.format(msg,who),"RAID_WARNING")end)MobEm:RegisterEvent("CHAT_MSG_MONSTER_EMOTE")end

This macro only works in parties, or when you are a raid leader.
Use this macro just once per login to give all monster emotes more visibility.
Use the macro twice to turn it off.
With a small adjustment (left as an exercise to the reader), it announces yells instead.

Priest: Easy shackle Edit

/clearfocus [noexists]
/focus [target=focus, exists, nodead] focus; [exists, harm, nodead] target
/use [target=focus, harm, nodead] Shackle Undead

I cannot claim credit for the idea behind this macro, which is to eliminate human error in the process of maintaining CC on something. I do take credit for the innovative means to remove the focus: just use the macro when you have nothing targeted.

Druid: All-in-one mobility Edit

/use [swimming]Aquatic Form
/use [flyable,nocombat]Swift Flight Form
/stopmacro [form:6]
/focus [form:1/3]player
/use [outdoors,nocombat]Reins of the Swift Stormsaber
/use [target=focus,noexists]Travel Form

The form that your druid will take is determined by these checks, in this order:

  • Swimming? Become a sea-lion. (Shift out if already a sea-lion.)
  • Able to fly? Become a bird. (Shift out if already a bird.)
  • Already a bear or cat? Shift out to the humanoid form.
  • Able to mount? Mount up. (You may only mount if you are standing still, outside, and out of combat.)
  • Anything else? Become a cheetah. (If in PvP combat, remains a cheetah and removes all slowing effects.)

This macro was designed for a specific druid. Depending on your level of progress, or game choices, you may wish to replace "Swift Flight Form" with plain "Flight Form", or "Reins of the Swift Stormsaber" with "Reins of the Frostsaber".

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