Just a little gnome who likes WoW and scripting :)
Izuko, 60 Gnome Warlock ~Lightning's Blade
Izukotwo, 70 Night Elf Hunter ~Lightning's Blade

I've made a few addons which aren't on any addon sites but I'd be willing to send to anyone who is interested =D

  • IzzyCore - My library of stuff for the other Izzy mods
  • IzzyDurability - Shows your durability info on your minimap
  • IzzyGank - Records how many times you have contributed to a PvP kill and lists it in the chat frame or on the tooltip
  • IzzyLoot - Records what drops you've received off of mob corpses and allows you to search through them via slash commands

Send an in-game mail or whisper to one of my characters if you be interested ;P

Izuko 1:28, 11 March 2007(EDT)

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