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Basic Information Edit

Name: Izhashalious Orstock
Nicknames: Izh
Current Occupation: Last ordained member of the Order of the Empty Sky (Paladin)
Professions: Master Hammersmith and Miner
Race: Dwarf
Age: A gentleman would never ask.
Class: Paladin (36/5/10)
Sex: Female
Skin: Cream
Hair: Copper
Height: Roughly 4 feet 5 inches

"She smiles impishly at everything you say and smells sweetly of wildflowers and wheat beer."

History Edit

Izhashalious' background is largely unknown. She does not speak of family or even of friends outside her guild associations. She wears the insignia of the Order of the Empty Sky prominently, however, despite the fact that it was outlawed by Lady Katrana Prestor not so very long ago. She has been heard to speak of her years studying at the University of Stormwind fondly, though this is another organization dissolved under the current rule.


"Recte, si non sapiens."

Izh is easygoing until things start to go wrong. She expects patience and expertise from every compatriot and can become quite terse when things fall apart because of sloppy preparation.

Location Edit

Izh resides in Stormwind in the Steamwheedle Cartel realm. She serves there as an officer in the Thunderbrew Guard.

Gossip Edit

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"Izh sells kisses in Goldshire." - Dergan Grimm

"Izh has many male suitors, and plays them off each other shamelessly. And sells kisses in Goldshire." - Bazkoare

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