Hello, all! I have migrated to wowpedia, and this page is left over.

I'm a sporadic contributor since October 2007. I don't normally have running projects, but just add things if I am looking for but can't find them, or see something else that I think I can improve (and am not feeling lazy at the moment).

I currently have no project, as usual.

WoW/MMO History

I started playing World of Warcraft back in July 2006 and am still playing my first character as my main. At that time, my character was a Tauren warrior named Ishotala on the Rexxar server.

At level 8, I joined a guild with my coworkers named Morbid Fury. We MFers were just starting to raid, but still PUGing to fill out 20-mans. I was told by a friend and more experienced player at lv 12 that the purpose of a warrior was not to do damage, and have been a tank since then, levelling Protection. While now I know more and realize that may have been erroneous (and certainly has changed since) I still haven't ever changed my primary and preferred role of tank. By level ~50, MF had merged with Solace and I raided ZG, AQ20, Onyxia, and MC pre-BC. I was attuned for BWL but we never quite got there (or Naxx or AQ40) as a guild, and I was something like the 7th tank anyway so when the leadership filled with PUGs I was never included.

After BC, the guild masters adopted some policies without informing the membership, and since I disagreed with both the policies and the behind-the-back behavior, I voiced my observations on the forums and left. Within a month of my post, the guild had stopped raiding and most of its membership had gone. I therefore claim credit for the destruction of Solace. The old GM transferred servers but kept the guild name locked with an alt toon until the end of BC. (The Solace guild currently on Rexxar is unrelated.) Most of the former MFers transferred to an Oceanic server, though some reverted to MF. I made my own guild to use as a bank and PUGed thing, but mostly played on first Firetree and then Smolderthorn. I was levelling toon to play with my brother (a draenei warrior on Firetree, and a tauren druid on Smolderthorn), but RL interfered on both his part and mine, and I eventually moved back to Rexxar.

Back on Rexxar, I joined the guild Ultimate Ownage via an online friend with whom I had levelled one of my alts. Ultimate Ownage either was already or soon went into a state of disarray when the guild founder gave up guild leadership and transferred with no warning, and after much deliberation a group of us split off to form Hand of Thrall, which would focuse on PvE raiding, leaving Ultimate Ownage to be our sister PvP guild. I ended up bringing my druid from Smolderthorn to heal when we had enough other tanks, but never enjoyed healing as much as tanking. There was unfortunately a lot of baggage and a lot of drama, and because of high player turnover we never really got past Kara, though for a few months we were regularly doing Gruul and Mags as a co-op with another guild before reverting to Kara when the partner guild fell apart. After much drama and rebuilding from scratch several times, both in BC and WotLK, my husband and I gave up on Hand of Thrall, doled out the bank to the members in guild at the time (at least those who bothered to log in and say what they wanted out of the vault), and left Rexxar.

During the fall of Hand of Thrall, in addition to checking out and applying to other guilds both on and off Rexxar, we also checked out other games, notably Warhammer Online and City of Heroes. Though Warhammer Online supported PvE raiding, the player base was largely uninterested and we were unable to find groups for the most part. City of Heroes had problems with instances being excessively broken - in the pieces sense, not the unfunctional sense (one had a loading screen between every room) - and, though interesting, ultimately unwieldy. Also, CoH had stated an intention to create PvE raids but had not yet implemented anything beyond 5-man instances. Since both my husband and I primarily wanted to play online games for PvE raid-level content, we came back to WoW. Beyond this brief foray, I have not played any other graphic-based MMORPGs (and very few text-based ones when I was in high school) and do not consider myself an experienced MMORPGer.

Upon our return to WoW, we transferred to Muradin, where an IRL friend and coworker of mine was playing, and we faction-changed and joined the guild he was in, Noble Blade. (We made low-level alts and spent a couple weeks in the guild to check it out beforehand, and were pleased with the attitude and activity of its members.) Since the faction change, my character has been named Tihikea, which is Taurahe for "traitor" in the in-game translator.

Character List


  • Tihikea lv 80 IconSmall Human Female human Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Ability warrior defensivestance warrior tank (Ability warrior savageblow bad pvp offspec)
    • Mining-sm Miner / Blacksmithing-sm Blacksmith
    • formerly Ishotala IconSmall Tauren Female on Rexxar
  • Thornapple lv 80 IconSmall Gnome Female gnome Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Spell shadow rainoffire warlock
    • Tailoring-sm Tailoring / Jewelcrafting-sm Jewelcrafter
    • formerly Pushdugg IconSmall Orc Female on Rexxar
  • Sioji lv 80 IconSmall Dwarf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Ability backstab rogue fail dps - Alchemy-sm Alchemist (elixir) / Engineering-sm Engineering (goblin)
    • formerly Sioji IconSmall Troll Female on Rexxar
  • Eismyre lv 70+ IconSmall Dwarf Female dwarf Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Spell holy holybolt paladin healer (Ability paladin shieldofthetemplar tank offspec)
    • Blacksmithing-sm Blacksmith / Jewelcrafting-sm Jewelcrafter
  • Kalaiza lv 60+ IconSmall Draenei Female draenei Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Spell nature lightning shaman dps (probably Spell nature magicimmunity healer offspec at lv 85)
    • Enchanting-sm Enchanter / Inscription-sm Scribe
  • Zinfalori lv 35+ IconSmall NightElf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Ability hunter bestialdiscipline hunter
    • Skinning-sm Skinner / Engineering-sm / Engineer (gnomish)
    • IconSmall Lynx Brazen - red lynx pet
    • IconSmall Crab Softshelled - blue crab pet
  • Boomsicle lv 20+ IconSmall Human Female humanUi-charactercreate-classes mage Spell fire firebolt02 mage dps
    • Enchanting-sm Enchanter / Inscription-sm Scribe
  • Werechicken (pending Cataclysm) IconSmall Worgen Female worgen Ui-charactercreate-classes druid Spell nature starfall druid dps (probably Ability druid catform tank offspec)
    • Leatherworking-sm Leatherworker / Skinning-sm Skinner

Other Servers


  • Nemori lv 80 IconSmall Tauren Female Ui-charactercreate-classes druid Ability druid catform druid tank (Spell nature healingtouch healer offspec)
    • Enchanting-sm Enchanter / Leatherworking-sm Leatherworker


  • Drasid Ansyn lv 7 IconSmall Draenei Male Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin paladin (no spec yet)
    • Skinning-sm Skinner / Enchanting-sm Enchanter


  • Gremalkin lv 10 IconSmall Gnome Female Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Spell holy magicalsentry arcane mage
    • Skinning-sm Skinner / Tailoring-sm Tailor


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