Race idea:

Cydroid, playable as either Alliance or Horde.


  • Starting Zone: The Mech Lair
This is a secret underground laboratory where rogue Gnome and Goblin scientists (who call themselves the Dark Transistors) were seeking to create a race of robot drones that would enforce peace across Azeroth by means of brutal force. Their plans went awry, however, when the technologies of the two sides proved to be fundamentally incompatible.
But worse than that, an unknown force caused the Mech Lair itself to gain sentience, and now it produces sentient Cydroids, so that they are independent beings capable of reason and free will. The Mech Lair Sentience has retained its mission, however, and the underlying mission of the Cydroids it creates is to seek peace through the use of force.
The Mech Lair Sentience creates these beings not as Alliance or Horde, but as neutral parties. Because it embodies the entire factory constructed by the Gnomes/Goblins, the Mech Lair Sentience cannot leave its location. It therefore endlessly produces individual beings capable of exploring the wider world and of making their own choices. Because the Gnome/Goblin collaboration used magical raw materials to create the initial prototypes, Cydroids also have the capacity to call upon the elements and use certain types of magic with the right programming.
Initially, these characters are robotic skeletal frames. As the player levels from 1-8, they gain more and more humanoid features, ending up as full-fledged androids. There are male and female shapes, as intended by the Gnomes and Goblins, though the purpose of these distinctions is not known.
The overriding mystery surrounds the reason why the Mech Lair became sentient. Whatever power it was has since taken on a mystical quality, as mystical as something can be to an android. The Mech Lair Sentience calls this power "The Awakening".
The quests up to this point should be geared towards presenting the player with the benefits of choosing either faction, and also provide some random entertainment while learning how to play as a Cydroid.
  • Frame (skin) Color - Metallic skeletal frame colors
  • Face - Different android facial combinations
  • Frame (hair) Style - Shape of skeletal beams
  • Processor (hair) color - Visible CPU styles inside the head
  • Features - Hand and feet claw shapes and various LEDs on the body
Upon completion of the starting zone (8), the player can then choose to join either the Alliance or the Horde. Other physical features then appear that distinguish the faction choice.

Secondary Starting Zones

Levels 8-12 After selecting Alliance/Horde, additional Alliance/Horde secondary starting locations become available. The Mech Lair Sentience has created these zones to allow the individuals to gain information about the world they will be inhabiting.

This preserves some of the community feeling that starting zones can have while having the additional poignancy of having PvP "brother v. brother" conflicts later on. There will also inevitably be some "lively" and entertaining chatter between players who have conflicting factions in mind while completing this starting zone.

Racial traits

  • Cybernetics (passive): Bonus damage against mechanicals and elementals and bonus healing to other Cydroids and Gnomes/Goblins
  • Processing Power (passive): 2% increase in resource regeneration (mana, energy, health)
  • Ion Field: Bubble protection. When activated, greatly increases damage absorption from all schools of damage and causes physical damage to all enemies in melee range for 10 sec.
  • Grease is the Word (passive): Increased resistance to all mind-control-type effects, such as fear, charm, and, hey, mind control.
  • Abort Retry Ignore Fail: Does not require a graveyard to resurrect, but needs time to "reboot". If not already dead, this ability will transport the Cydroid back to the Mech Lair. Once in the Mech Lair, this will take them back to the exact spot they transported from. Not usable in combat. Works like a Death Gate.
  • Strength: High
  • Stamina: High-Normal
  • Agility: Low
  • Intellect: Low-Normal
  • Spirit: Low

They have high-neutral reputations with every group in their faction, but are friendly with Gnomes/Goblins.


  • Whenever a Cydroid encounters a Gnome/Goblin (faction-specific), he/she salutes.
  • In text, refrences to Cydroids from humanoids are "Drone", betraying the lower status among other humanoids.
  • There are many opportunities for robot humor, including but not limited to: Futurama, Lost in Space, Blade Runner, The Terminator, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.

Programmed Enchantments

Every five/ten levels, the Cydroid must return to the Mech Lair Sentience in order to receive programming that allows them to place stat benefits on one or more of their wearable/wieldable items, similar to reforging. Every fifth/tenth level they gain a given number of points to use to upgrade their abilities, implemented as enchantments.

For example, a Cydroid warrior returns to the Mech Lair at Level 20. Upon reaching level 20 a message appears that tells the player that programming upgrades are available.

The Cydroid receives more programming and then is bestowed with (let's say) 5 points of additional selectable enchantments for various items they are wearing/wielding. The player can choose +2 strength/+3 stamina; or +4 stamina/+1 hit rating; or +2 hit rating/+3 fire damage; or +5 Intellect, etc. The player then spreads these stats across all items they are currently wearing/wielding. This does not apply to items that are not currently worn or wielded (or are not yet soulbound). Therefore items that are of a higher level than the player can currently use can not benefit from this process. These also replace any existing enchantments or upgrades that the item currently has, just like other enchantments or armor upgrades do.


Classes are based on the materials that the Gnomes/Goblins used to create the initial prototypes and which have been assimilated by the Mech Lair Sentience. Because they used Arcane and Shadow magic in addition to various Elemental forms, classes that require these affinities are represented. Cydroids are not appropriate for classes that feature pets or minions because they are unable to make these sorts of connections with other beings. Guardian relationships are acceptable, however, because the guardian connection does not require conscious thought. The Cydroid is the first race that is unable to become a Death Knight.

  • Warrior
  • Paladin
  • Rogue
  • Mage
  • Priest
  • Shaman


The Cydroid racial mount is tank-like treads that mechanically transform from the feet, upgradable to fast treads at level 40. Mount upgrades are only available at the Mech Lair.

The flying Cydroid racial mount is a jet pack.

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