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About MordreadEdit

Real name: Mitrine Arcfaust

Name after becoming a Forsaken: Mordread the Ever-Seeking, recently changed to Mordread the Alexstraszan

Age: 32 at death, now 36 years old.

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel

Class: Mage

Title: Mercenary, leader of the Alexstraszans.

Physical Description: Mordread has tattered black hair that hangs loose around his head, but never falling over his face. Mordread's standout physical feature is his lower jaw. It is not the original, but instead a stained Thorium jaw (When headed to battle, Mordread switches it out for a khorium jaw, and was known to attend a Hallow's End festival with a jaw made of pure sugar crystal) that was attached to his head some time before he was brought back to life as a Forsaken. Mordread preserves himself reasonably well. Only a few areas show signs of great flesh decay. Spots where Mordread's bones show are tourniquetted off while the flesh that remains is regularly maintained with embalming fluid. Unlike most Forsaken, Mordread, at present, breathes, and possesses a heartbeat and a functional digestive tract, a gift that he originally thought to be given to him by the Dragonqueen, which was revealed to be a machination of his own willpower.

Mordread's PersonalityEdit

Mordread is a very calculating individual. He stands out among the Forsaken for his surprising sense of honor and humanity. His personality from life is largely intact save for parts of his memory that escape him. Although relatively warm-hearted and focused on the greater good, Mordread is always neutral in the face of good and evil, but is known to act swiftly (and often violently) when he witnesses what he perceives to be an injustive. He refuses to be swayed by the morals and values he clung so strongly to in life. Being raised as a Forsaken has provided Mordread with a humbleness that nothing is truly as it seems. Although originally loathing of his Forsaken body, Mordread has come to accept what he has become to an extent. He believes that, behind his grotesque body, he is still human, even if his former allies cannot see it. In dialogue, Mordread speaks generally with a large vocabulary with a fair amount of articulations, but is known to be "tactfully crude" when the situation presents itself. He acts slightly younger than his actual age.

Personal HistoryEdit

There was once a man by the name of Mitrine Arcfaust. He was the hero of a small unit of strike-mages during the battle of Mount Hyjal. He witnessed the horror of demonic invasion first hand. After the war, Mitrine left Jaina Proudmoore's expeditionary force after Admiral Daelin Proudmoore allegedly brought shame to the human refugees. It fell upon Mitrine's shoulders to return to the land he once called home and fight to restore his beloved Dalaran to its former glory.

Mitrine arrived in the Tirisfal Glades at the age of 32. It was at that age that Mitrine was murdered by the Scarlet Crusade...

4 years later, Mitrine awoke...but he did not know his name was Mitrine. The Cryptkeeper jokingly called him Mordread, a reference to some book he had once read. Thus, Mitrine Arcfaust became Mordread the Forsaken. Completely bewildered by his new appearance and status, Mordread coasted through the Glades, mindlessly accomplishing the tasks given to him. Mordread wished he had stayed dead.

Months later, after Mordread had (happily) learned that the Forsaken were now a part of the Horde, the mage stumbled upon a book that spoke of the Dragon Aspects. In a sudden surge of memory, Mordread remembered various teaching of a Dragon by the name of Alexstrasza...the Life-Binder.

A short while later, the Seekers of Alexstrasza were formed and Mordread took on the name Mordread the Ever-Seeking. This ragtag group was dedicated to bringing the Forsaken to true life once more by finding the Dragonqueen Alexstrasza and offering service in return for physical and mental restoration. Unfortunately, that was not to last...

The Seekers continued their activities until the organization ground to a halt half a year later...but not before a very powerful figure approached Mordread as he was poring over a Blue Dragonscale. Malygos the Mad visited Mordread, disclosing that he had more faith in Mordread, a Forsaken, than he did in any one member of the Alliance. Malygos asked Mordread to be his Steward, and the awestruck Forsaken accepted. Shortly after this, Mordread became more and more enthralled with his research, allowing his eye to stray from his loyal Seekers. From beneath him, the world was suddenly pulled as a warlock by the name of Agrus betrayed the guild, causing the corruption of several key members as well as the revolt of others. Mordread burned the guild charter and faded into history...

That is, until he reappeared during the Keruptis Crisis, revealing that he had been acting in service of Malygos the whole time. The Hand of Malygos, a small organization of devotees to the Great Blue, acts under the service of Mordread, who uses his familiar, an owl by the name of Peabody, to communicate with Malygos directly.

Mordread was cut off from the Spellweaver due to his disconnection from Azeroth when he chased Kodar through the Dark Portal. Currently, he is scouting the various regions of Outland, feeling that the destruction of the Burning Legion should come before the wishes of his master.

Mordread returned to Azeroth, reestablishing his connection to Malygos, and made the Hand of Malygos a full-fledged and recognized organization. Malygos is now little more than a figurehead and advisor to the Steward in the mortal matters of the world. Mordread has also joined the Scryers in an effort to gain momentum against Kael'Thas Sunstrider's presence in the Outland. He also established contracts with The Consortium and the neutral factions of Shattrath.

Recently, after serving Malygos as a Steward for a while, Mordread became aware of the Aspect's true intentions and betrayed him. Shortly after, Mordread attained his unlifelong dream of contacting Alexstrasza by performing a complex scrying ritual on the cliffs overlooking Silithus. The Dragonqueen acknowledged Mordread's acts in her name and revealed to him that his beating heart (and other living-exclusive traits) were not from her, but from the determination and willpower within. She told Mordread to live his life as he saw fit, and to not be chained down by dieties like the Dragon Aspects. She also acknowledged him as a symbollic angel of vengeance against those who would transgress against the world of Azeroth.

Since then, Mordread has spent much of his time plotting against Malygos and the Burning Legion from Outland. He has formed a mercenary group called The Alexstraszans, named after Alexstrasza rather than in service to her. Their most recent group action was a timed assassination of several of Malygos's undercover agents in various Alliance cities during Horde backlash to the theft of an artifact from the Royal Apothecary Society.

Friends, Rivals, and EnemiesEdit


Amaroq "Bruteclaw" Wassa: An orc warrior. Mordread's closest friend and confidante. Bruteclaw was a loyal officer and devoted servant of the Seekers of Alexstrasza. He vanished from the Seekers shortly before its demise and reappeared later, revealing that he had gone searching for his lost adoptive daughter. Bruteclaw recently returned to Mordread's side after a long hiatus of searching for his wife, the troll Suweela. He is the Grand Protector of the Hand of Malygos and leads the agents dubbed with the title of Protector.

Rikora "Hikora" Bloodsand: An orc warrior. Adoptive daughter of Bruteclaw. Mordread is, perhaps, the only person who understands Hikora. Hikora is partially insane, and due to his contact with Malygos, Mordread has gained a sense of empathy to the mentally unsound. Hikora was the first person after Mordread to join the Hand of Malygos at Mordread's request during the Keruptis Crisis. Hikora was believed to be dead until she resurfaced after mysteriously vanishing from the face of Azeroth. Not only has her personality stabilized, but she is loyal, and ten times the fighter she used to be.

Mortus: A Forsaken rogue. Perhaps the only Forsaken to ever come close to Mordread's level of humanism. He was an orginal supporter of the Seekers and stayed until the bitter end. Mortus has reunited with Mordread and now frequently works with the Ever-Seeking. He holds the renowned position of High Assassin within the Hand of Malygos, the same title he held in the Seekers. He currently leads a contingent of the Hand known as the Claw Assassins, but keeps to himself for the most part until summoned.

Valer (Deceased): A Forsaken rogue. One of the first officers of the Seekers of Alexstrasza, Valer was decapitated and incinerated by the Syndicate in the early days of the Seekers. Mordread has taken every chance to wreak havoc upon the Syndicate ever since.

Greyhorn: A Tauren Shaman. Longtime friend of Mordread, when the Seekers disbanded, he was an officer and the last remaining member of the Seekers who knew of Valer. For a time, Greyhorn ran with the Duskrider Tribe, but has returned to serve as a Scout in the Hand of Malygos. He holds the rank of Greater Seer, and leads the Scouts of the Hand.

Dorvelle: A Forsaken Mage. Dorvelle was in the Seekers for a short period of time, in the process borrowing some of Mordread's research tools and never getting a chance to return them. At the dawn of Hikora's madness, Dorvelle left the Seekers, and has since vanished from Azeroth. She is presumed MIA.

Brek'Ael Crestfall: A Sindorei Paladin who shunted himself from Queldorei society about 500 years ago, long before the blood elves became officially recognized as a people. He recently returned after learning to commune with Malygos the Spellweaver and has since become one of Mordread's most trust lieutenants. He shattered Mordread's beliefs of elves as magic-starved narcisists through the demonstration of extreme humbleness, as well as a genuine connection with the Light. Brek'Ael hates the Blood Knights and what they stand for, and has pleaded to Mordread on many an occasion to consider freeing M'uru from captivity in Silvermoon. Brek'Ael holds the coveted position of High Judge, leading the judiciary branch of jury and executioners known as the Judges of the Hand.

Peabody: A Hawk Owl. Mordread's familiar, a very cheerful owl. Peabody is currently the only way that Malygos can communicate with Mordread, which he does by temporarily putting himself in the owl's body.


Kodar: A Tauren Druid. Kodar was once a member of the now-defunct Stormcaller Tribe, a former ally of the Seekers of Alexstrasza. During the War of Ashenvale, Kodar and Mordread fought valiantly alongside. Since then, Kodar's sense of morality has, in Mordread's opinion, degraded. Kodar serves the Old God Ko'Zhe, a fact that is known widespread throughout the Horde. At present, Mordread has been assigned by Malygos to assassinate Kodar due to the fact that the Tauren's very essence is volatile to the flows of magic in Azeroth. However, after chasing Kodar through the Dark Portal, both Kodar and Mordread found themselves cut off from their patrons, Ko'zhe and Malygos respectively, and concluded that, to survive in the harsh environments of Outland, the two would have to work together. Kodar and Mordread are currently at truce, working together to find a way to trap Keruptis in another realm, as killing him obviously doesn't work.

Telamir: A Night Elf Druid of mysterious and foggy origin. Probably the only Kaldorei that Mordread truly respects, he has encountered her in numerous battles and even fought alongside her in the Keruptis Crisis.


Agrus: A Forsaken Warlock. The one (undead )man responsible for the deterioration and destruction of the Seekers of Alexstrasza. Using subtle means of corruption and deception, Agrus attempted to murder, subvert, and control other members. He disappeared during his trial, only to reappear within the Stormreaver Clan, a group Mordread thought to be an allied force. Agrus has since left the Stormreavers and gone into general exile. His whereabouts is unknown.

Juralek: An orc warlock. Mordread's number one enemy. Juralek is the leader of the Stormreaver Clan, a group that Mordread despises for having aided in the demise of his beloved Seekers and the outward consorting of demons, as well as the extortion of its own members. Juralek presently keeps quiet and probably isn't aware of the existence of the Hand, and that it is constantly keeping tabs on him and his ilk.

Keruptis SaDiablo(Resurrected under the guise of a Forsaken): Malygos came to Mordread through Peabody one day and showed him that the world was unravelling and the flows of magic in Azeroth were greatly upset. This is how Mordread was introduced to the monumental figure Keruptis Sa'Diablo. Having been forced into action by his master, the Steward confronted Kodar, and formed an alliance, massing a sizeable force hell-bent on killing Keruptis. In the end, Keruptis was slain by a human rogue, and Kodar devoured Keruptis's body. Mordread took Keruptis's blood from the sand where he had fallen and had Malygos purge it.

In recent history, several servants of Keruptis forced Keruptis's body into that of a Forsaken. The dark lord has yet to make a move, but Mordread keeps his many eyes on the warlock constantly.

Bhiggo Rottingbum: A grotesque bastard child of a Forsaken. Bhiggo is the shell of a gnome jacked up with numerous mechanical enhancements. Bhiggo is volatile, deviant, and violent, and has been under Mordread's scrutiny ever since the Steward heard tales of gross experimentation and manipulation of an orc peon by the name of Kargrim. Mordread met Bhiggo as Kargrim fled in terror from a Seekers of Alexstrasza meeting, knowing that the gnomish Forsaken was close. Unlike the rest of Mordread's bitter enemies, Bhiggo is at large and continues to cause chaos. Because of his eratic nature, Bhiggo is also the hardest to track.

Kael'Thas Sunstrider: Ever since his discovery of the Kirin'Var Village in the Netherstorm of Outland, Mordread has born a seething hatred for Kael'Thas and his ilk. In turn, Mordread takes every chance he gets these days to strike down Sunfury Blood Elves.

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