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The Shattered Peace Arakkoa have recently landed upon the island of Owlveil. The land is vile and corrupted from the recent invasion of the Burning Legion, with only havens such as Owlveil Plains that are left standing. The arakkoa have only two outposts withing Owlveil, the Arakkoan Escape and the High Camp. The Terokk's Might Mountian has drawn many evil creatures to the island with its magical energies.

Not much remains of the creatures of Owlveil. The ruins of Neval-Aran are popullated by the Darktail Naga along with the Vile Shore. In the Infernal Landing Grounds, craters of the mighty infernals can be seen with many infernals still living. The Blood Elves have also came to the island in search of magical energies. They have also established some outposts across the land. There are rumors of a cavern that contains many evil, twisted creatures within it, although the rumors were never proven to be true.


Zone Name Faction Kingdom Races Level Range Location
Owlveil Alliance 15 Alliance Sketeliri Arakkoa 10-21 the Forbidding Sea


Owlveil has no history due to the fact of its recent discovery.




The High CampCorrupelen HillsBlackened CraterTwisting Caverns
Skydream PondNeval-AranInfernal Landing GroundsOwlveil Plains
Terokk's Might MonutainOwlscar IsleArakkoan EscapeVile Shore
Blood CaveQuel'Belore Base Camp


Twisting Caverns

Raid Dungeons




Travel Hubs

Regions Adjacent to Owlveil

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Teromell Isle Alliance 15 10-20 North-East By foot or by flight paths from The High Camp

Notable Characters

Windbearer Izill commands the Arakkoa forces on Owlveil.


Wild Creatures

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