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Basic Info

Name: Alliance Illena Riverrunner
Current Occupation: Officer for Prophecy , on leave from General Feathermoon
Professions: Skinning, Herbalism
Race: IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Night Elf
Age: ~8000 years, human.
Class: Hunter} Hunter (46-12-3)
Sex: Female
Hair: White
Eyes: Silver
Markings, Features: Three vertical, purple stripes down her eyes. "Feline" eyes.

Server: Steemwheedle Cartel US
Guild: Prophecy

Short Bio

Born on the feet of Mount Hyjal, Illena has been a Sentinel all her life; traditionally taking her mother's place when she was killed.
Illena is fueled by loyalty. Raised from birth to honor only duety and loyalty, she is devout to the point of Scarlet Crusade zealotry to her leaders.
From early on she showed aptitude for the Fearl ways of Beast Mastery. She can understand the laguage of the eliments, giving her the ability to understand trees, rocks, animals, and other natural entities.
Early in her training, she encountered a rare Frostaber, Viishja'Noh'Ra, in Ashenvale. Her first look into the Tigresses green eyes sent a shock through the yongue Night Elf's body. Thier bond was instant.
Recently, doubs and evil thoughts have plagued the Huntresses' mind. shes only just discovered her inability to connect or understand her fellows, and her lack of any real friends. Embarrasment and frustration have been her bedfellow as of late, leading her to acts of anger and violence. A creeping feeling, both beautifully feral and nausiating, has begun to take her - that deep down, shes a trained murder, and loves it.


As a hightly trained Sentinel, Illena is well versed in combat.

Weapons of Choice:
Spear (polearm)
Bow Staff (Staff)
Bow and Arrow

Field Medic


Some years ago Illena, along with her commanding officer Lieutenant Aarien Firefurry, heard the Prophecy. The Night Elven High Priest Karmus Ban'anar brought the two Evles under his bannar, fighting for the truths he had discovered. Though the Priest fell in Zul'Gurub, and Aarien went mad in the ruins of Stratholme, Illena still faithfully serves for the new High Prophets; first Druidess Surania Lorezon, and now the Human Paladin Saliel.


She is a Captain in the Sentinel Army, and an Officer of the Prophecy.

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