Alliance 32 To-Do List
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Major goals

  1. Slim up rampant use of thick nav bars
  2. Contribute to ongoing Cataclysm-related content
  • Create page for four world of warcraft commercials (shatner, mr t, jean claude, spanish)
  • Break up Template:Races
  • Review Nobundo (talkcontr) contributions
  • Review Earthling75 (talkcontr) contributions
  • Category naming policy to sentence case
  • [Paladin Mounts]
  • color
  • if must die, equal, show 1, vv, qif
  • spellranks

Mining_Detail mining category spell tempaltes Template:Spell:blahahhhhhh _Europe or _EU WoWWiki:Bot requests

Template talk:Loot, disambiguation field

External Links

duplicate costs for honor, merge them

merge passive/passive ability, homogenize spell schools articles, merge wipe and wipe recovery, value check Blood Fury, check infernal abilities, bind paladin judgements/auras/seals, hunter aspects need buff tooltips, homogenize starting a class series, look into combat philosophy, move player character articles (see category), questbox add thottbot/alla/wowwatcher support, add WDB documentation, link rrqs, demote professions headings, move questbox/npcbox/tooltip into boilerplate, AV headings, merge druid forms, collapse Healing Spells, move aoe cat, look at template1, template2, "combat log", add undead seal, cite crest names, need admin lists (speedy delete, known vandals, pages to be moved), master conjuror mod, combat log scanner mod, wdb scanner, pronoun zone/target detector, clean up Blood Fury and choosing a class, add pet diet and pet diet item categories (sharp item blunt item?), user todo list (cats, cleanups), upgrade warsong power ups, create warsong buff pages, rewrite instances, auto heading demote bot, Template:AB Mark, clean up saph article, screenshot template, SUGGESTIONS mod, home on the range, well well well, need favicon, quest category needs promoting, MediaWiki:Uploadtext, Recipes_introduced_by_The_Burning_Crusade , Demon trainer, add history about warlock trainer's secretive nature, fubar plugin shows movement (drag), mediawiki last approved mod (firefox, sourceforge), wardrobe addon has drags, list unused keyboard shortcuts, decat WoWWiki:Templates (see speedydelete), move npcbox|questbox|other to /example, featured articles rubrick, peruse WoWWiki:Manual_of_Style, look at template battle, merge comments in Bandolier, document refs template, upgrade switch template, Choosing_a_Class caps, Lord Valthalak, Category:Zone navigation templates, Arathi Basin, upgrade items on Wind_stone, Tome of the Cabal quests (renamed and disambiguation target), WoWWiki talk:Policy/Copyright, Fishing, Aura, sting, shout, blessing, Warlock Summons template, rituals, hunter aspects, "monk" class outline (yin yang, etc), Brodie Mullen articles, clean Category:WoW_Utility_Templates, Special:Contributions/Winter, Draenei_(Warcraft_III), create tradeicotemplate, race/zone enumerations, choosing a class POV, questing mod (all quests, guide), Sanctum, Abomination Wing, Category:Lore characters, voidvector's changes, classbox with icons?, redo Boilerplate, redo Category:Powers, destroy WoWWiki:Community_Portal/Collaborations, finish upgrading questbox api, Boilerplate:Ability, Class proficiencies, [edit] (largely user made, uncited material), Instances by level, remove factions, re-add (10)s


question: does the tonk bar dismiss current pet? it uses a pet bar

suggestions: combat order, eat drink, profssion item upgraded, leather patches, missing enchants

long: flush out quest category

adminship: firefox-style rss feeds (displays rss icon)

arena preperation, blade's edge arena, nagrand arena

rogue poisons paladin blessings warlock curses hunter stings warrior shouts druid forms mage ??? shaman shocks/totems priest ???

featured article rubrick

quests must use questbox. npcs must use npcbox. first sentence must include bold item and answer "what is". do not use first section headings. remove POV as much as possible. pov might be in for strategy, but minimize tone. citations for all facts. pictures useful. link to other articles. must be stable article

Double redirects, misspellings, links to Thottbot/Alla/Wowhead when internal links available, category merges. --Voidvector 16:52, 3 January 2007 (EST)

Item/Quest link formating. --Voidvector 17:29, 3 January 2007 (EST)

Auto-correcting Category assignments? Example, if the Weaponpage is a Mace, check is Category Waepons & Maces are tagged? --Dracomage 16:54, 3 January 2007 (EST)

If the Weapon is a mace, is should not be in Category:Weapons since Category:Maces is a subcategory of Weapons. --Adys (talk · contr) 19:39, 3 January 2007 (EST)

[16:03] Adys: Template%3AAB_Mark [16:03] Adys: Template%3AWSG_Mark [16:03] Adys: Whatlinkshere&target=Template%3AAV_Mark [16:03] Adys: I need to replace all of the links in here [16:04] Hobinheim: that's what i figured... [16:04] *** MentalPower|AFK has joined #wowwiki. [16:04] Adys: So that instead of using "This item requires 10 {{AB Mark}}" [16:04] Adys: it uses "This item requires {{Alt Currency|10|Arathi Basin Mark of Honor}}

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I'm low level Undead male Priest with Alchemy and Herbalism, but I usually play on my Orc male Warlock with Tailoring and Enchanting. Outside of Azeroth, I'm a programmer. The fruits of my labor can be seen under Hobinbot.

I have a fascination for things that are enumerated or similar. I especially love how races like murlocs or naga have their own cultures and classes. It makes me love the Mind Control skill even more.

hard to find pages: Widget Handlers, Events that fire during the Loading Process

Stuff that's neat: guides ~3500

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