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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Xañdar Alliance 15 Scarlet Crusade IconSmall Human Male Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Paladin 30 League of Lordaeron Recruit
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Xandar Highdragon was born in Stratholme post-Second War to unknown parents. His parents, whom he had never known, died before he was 5. Taken in by a paladin name Dandric, Xandar had lived in the kingdom of Lordaeron until it's destruction at the hands of Arthas, a Paladin he had so revered.

When he turned 18, he had shown a great learning of the Light. He was put forward as a new initiate for the Silver Hand, an order of Paladins that had been utterly destroyed by the corrupt Arthas and his Scourge.

Before the Scourge

Before the Scourge had invaded Lordaeron, Xandar Highdragon was an Initiate of the Silver Hand prior to its utter destruction. Xandar had helped on all fronts against the Orcish Horde, and near the end of the Second War he had fought alongside the Archmage Khadgar to seal the Dark Portal.

Xandar's personal life was never revealed to anyone he cares about, but through hints during conversations many people understood his feelings. Xandar comes from a life of war, and before the Scourge invaded he believed that it finally be a time for peace. When the Scourge invaded, that sense of peace died. Xandar was forced to watch the city of Stratholme fall to the grip of the Burning Legion, averting his eyes to avoid seeing the destruction.


His fighting had not ended there, as he was picked by Lady Jaina Proudmoore to venture to the western continent, known only as Kalimdor. Upon arriving, Xandar had disregarded the Orcs' arrivals, his own focus being on keeping everyone else around him alive.

Nothing could have ever prepared him for the dangers he would soon face.

The Battle for Mount Hyjal

When learning that the insidious Burning Legion were approaching Mount Hyjal, the three races banded together and fortified the peak, giving the Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage enough time to prepare Nordrassil.

Xandar had led a battalion of soldiers into the battle, being the only Paladin present. When hope seemed lost, Xandar had held his place at the front of the battle lines, keeping his soldiers intact and in one piece. His unit was overrun, and he was deemed slain.

Guard of Theramore

4 years after the battle, Xandar had appeared, almost out of nowhere, as Xandar Stormdragon, in an effort to escape his past life. However, the shadows of the past still haunt him to date.

Curse of the Eredar

((This if for the realm Scarlet Crusade))

During the Battle of Mount Hyjal, Xandar was mentally attacked by Eredar Warlocks. He survived the onslaught, but was forever cursed. He receives unexplainable visions and major heart burns, causing painful headaches that nearly kills him.

Discovery of His Brother's "Death"

Xandar, along with some members of the League of Lordaeron, helped quell a Scourge Invasion on the small town of Southshore. However, when the person responsible was killed so close to the graveyard, Xandar looked over the tombstones until he saw one name that was familiar to him.

His brother, Xavier.

Xandar, upon learning of this, was sent into a rage that had nearly killed him. When calmed down, Xandar couldn't stop blaming himself for his brother's death.

Real Story Behind His Brother

Xavier was born several years before the Third War, in Stratholme. Like his father, Dandric, who was a well-known Blacksmith at the time, Xavier pursued the career of a smith. However, when the Scourge invaded the Human kingdom of Lordaeron, Xavier was called to fight along with hundreds of other young men and women in Stratholme.

Xavier fought in different parts of the kingdom, but when he heard word that his brother was "slain" on Mount Hyjal, he was thrown into a blind rage that killed him.

Xavier became Forsaken, and still walks the earth searching for his lost brother, who he believes to be just like him.

Personal Biography Card

Name: Xandar Highdragon

Age: 42

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Paladin

Parents: Unknown. Adopted by Dandric Highdragon; Took Highdragon name.

Short Description: Xandar shows a tedious studying of the Light and that of Blacksmithing. A Paladin of the Silver Hand, Xandar has always fought with his blade first rather than his head.

Family: Dandric Highdragon (Father), Confirmed Dead. Xavier Highdragon (Brother), Confirmed Dead; Is now Forsaken.


Jordann Trollbane- A fellow Paladin that had served the League of Lordaeron for not too long. Jordann had never abandoned Xandar in time of need, and is always willing to fight to the death. Jordann became Undead, but was permanently slain by a Warlock and her Rogue companion.

Gladamar Bloodbane- Another fellow Paladin that also serves in the League of Lordaeron. Gladamar is a close friend to Xandar, with each of their skills equal and almost identical. He had recently been deceased by a Night Elf Rogue.

Xavier Highdragon- Xandar's brother who had fallen to the will of the Lich King during the Third War. Xavier is the only illegitimate son to Dandric Highdragon, who died during the Culling of Stratholme. Xavier was a Paladin before he became Undead.

Falcom- Falcom is another fellow Paladin that was originally of the Goldshire Guard, but joined the League of Lordaeron.

Thisaya Darkheart- Xandar's wife, and a warlock.

Xeldar Dalaniel- A Blood Elf Hunter that had served alongside Xandar during the Third War. He was slain, and somehow his spirit had resided within Xandar's body. Until recently, Xeldar had been trapped until Xandar had met with Azcadilia, Xeldar's wife before his death.


Grato- A mage that has a hatred for the League of Lordaeron. Grato gave pursuit to Xandar and Jordann as they were seeking a cure to assist a Night Elf in need. Grato succeeded in nearly killing Xandar, but with the warrior's spirit Xandar had never given up.

Mackk- Mackk is a paladin that had found the calling of the Lich King. He has made himself known throughout the region of Elwynn, and vies to destroy the League of Lordaeron.

Sarenal Dawnrunner- A Red Dragon that takes the form of a human warlock. Sarenal has been stopped numerous times by Xandar and the League of Lordaeron in her plans to destroy Azeroth.

Dimaerio Dalaniel- A Blood Elf Rogue that is the son of Kael'Thas. He is a Fel Elf that plots to destroy all who oppose him, and will go through any lengths to achieve that goal.

The Scarlet Crusade guild and its Academy are also enemies to the League of Lordaeron, due to a number of events that has happened between each orders' members.

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