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Kagen Grimwolf with Naz'grel, Kagen is on the right

General Information

Name: Kagen Grimwolf, Kagen the Restorer
Age: 22
Class: Hunter, Bounty Hunter
Clan Affliliation: Grimwolf Clan, Blacksword Clan
Guild Affiliation: Ordo Draconis

Physical Description: Typical Orc features, Six Foot Four Inches in height; Two Hundred Twenty Pounds in weight; Bright forest green skin tone; Two Braided Locks customary of the males in the Grimwolf Clan and Two Crossed Swords inside a Circle branded on his right arm, kept hidden mostly.

Personality:Extremely guarded, does not speak much unless information is being relayed. Generally pleasant among comrades but does not readily engage in joviality, regards enemies with respect unless they show different. Refrains from undo adulation to any one person regardless of rank or position in life, holds to his grandfather's maxim "If it can bleed than it can be killed and is not to be considered superior to you."


  • Early Childhood From birth to age thirteen, Kagen was interned in the prison camps with the rest of his clan. His father Vik'dor and his mother Vol'gra kept Kagen and his brother safe despite the lethargic condition of the race. Their survival was in large part to the Blacksword Clan (Created twenty-nine years prior on Draenor during the civil wars) and their allies within it.
  • Adolescence After Thrall liberated the camps the Blacksword, under the leadership of Drev'ic Stormwolf disbanded and reformed as the Blacksword Trading Company. The five clans that were members of Blacksword became principle shareholders and joined the New Horde. Kagen was initiated into the new BTC and sequestered on Undermine during the Third War. His father and the other clan lords of the Blacksword had entered into a favorable agreement with the Trade Princes of the Steamwheedle and Venture Company; BTC was created to work with them. Kagen spent two years with the cunning Goblins until the war was over and Orgrimmar was established.
  • Apprentice The BTC went to work as soon as Orgrimmar was settled, their trade agreement with the SwC and Venture Company allowed them to earn a sizable fortune. Drev'ic also brokered an unofficial sanction to use the BTC agents as spies, playing on the distrust Naz'grel held for the humans. It was reluctantly decided to sever ties (at least on the surface) with the volatile Venture Company in light of their actions in Azeroth. Kagen and his father served the BTC primarily as Bounty Hunters, using their natural class abilities to track down and retrieve items lifted from their stores; or capturing those that ran afoul of the company or the Goblins. These were five of the best years of Kagen's life, but things would turn sour sooner than they thought.
  • Exile It wasn't enough that the BTC was earning gold for the clan lords, one clan craved more. The Dreadwolf clan under the leadership of Ven'gol sought to eliminate two clans from the BTC and divide their spoils with his peers. After the death of Drev'ic during the Third War leadership passed to the treacherous Varic, his eldest son and childhood friend of Ven'gol. They plotted to remove the Grimwolf and Bloodwolf clans from the BTC and take over their interests; Blood would be spilled. Vik'dor sensed the impending betrayal and hid his sons before taking the clan to war against Ven'gol. Kagen was hidden with Taurens in Mulgore and his brother with the Frostwolves in Alterac, Vik'dor also informed Naz'grel of what he knew and the threat that the BTC now held for both himself and the Horde. Kagen was kept in and out of unconsciousness for the better part of eight months as his clan waged war, he would never see them again.
  • Restoration After the dust settled, Kagen was awakened and summoned to an audience with Naz'grel, he was briefed on the events that led to his clan's demise and given an opportunity to exact vengeance and rid the Horde of a potential threat. Kagen did not take the news well and risked banishment for his statements toward Naz'grel, the elder orc understood Kagen's position but ordered him to neutralize the BTC nonetheless. Giving him coded instructions from his father; Kagen set out and destroyed the Blacksword Trading Company. The history of these latter events however remains sealed.
  • A New Home After his "quest" was completed, Naz'grel issued a pardon for Kagen and his clan for actions committed on behalf of the BTC. Kagen also restored his clan's reputation with the Trade Princes by the way he handled the dispatching of the BTC. It was in his final audience with Naz'grel that Kagen overheard the recruitment below of the leader of Ordo Draconis. Having placed closure on his past he went out to investigate the possibility of joining Ordo.
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