Class: Flame Knight - Starts at level 80 Starts out with original DK armor only a very dark orange. Also has orange eyes

New Race: Half-elves for Alliance : Half Orcs for Horde (P.S. I know they dont have much in common for this expansion, I just dont know all the WoW Races)

  • Alright, so you start out with a quest from Tirion Fordring. The quest tells you, that Tirion got a message from Northrend, saying everything was starting to burn, even the ice. The reqiurements are for you to take a ship to dalaran, but dalaran no longer exists, as the immense heat destroyed what helped keep Dalaran flying in the air.
  • When you ride a ship to Northrend, you see that all the snow that was there, was gone. The Second quest you get is from a letter on a mailbox, it tells you that everyone in Borean Tundra, has moved to New Dalaran, because it was colder than any place in Northrend.
  • When you fly to New Dalaran you see Tirion Fordring was able to make it. You complete the quest and ask him what is going on with Northrend, and he says this. "The Lich King, has returned adventurer, no not Arthas, he is dead, no my young adventurer, Bolvar, he has returned, and he is not happy with Azeroth. The first raid is The Nexus, but when you get there, the entire place is filled with scourge, they have learned fire magic, and necromancer magic, they use that against you, but you eventually make it to the first, of five bosses.
  • This is the Ghost of Velen, who was corrupted by the dark star. You have to use holy magic to defeat Velen, Paladins, and Priests become useful in this situation. When you defeat The Ghost of Velen, he combusts into a dark ball, and drops Plate armor, known as The Dragons Wraith, Cloth Armor, Velen's Deceit, Mail Armor, Fordragons Rage, and leather, The Rogues Forgiveness. (You get all these armor pieces from the bosses.)
  • So lets skip to the ending raid. Where you fight Bolvar. He has the shards of Frostmourne, and here is the cinematic that would happen.
  • *HEROES APPROACH BOLVAR IN FLAME CITADEL ALSO PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS ICECROWN* Ner'zhul's voice in Bolvar: Hello heroes, we meet again, well atleast you meet me again, we have met once, but alternate timelines are hard to follow. So I see that you have come here to kill Bolvar, but he is not the one in control... Muahahahahaa... Leave cinematic into real game
  • Heroes fight Bolvar and defeats him. Ner'zhul: Bahh, weaklings, how are you so strong? Ergh, forget it, SHARDS OF FROSTMOURNE UNITE. The Frostmourne Shards go into one, and Bolvar holds it up, the runes light up orange on the sword. Ner'zhul casts the Flaming Death Spell, which causes the citadel to burn. Then comes Tirion Fordring, Ashbringer in hand, he throws it towards the Frostmourne.
  • Bolvar catchs The Ashbringer, and looks at Tirion, who was burned and scarred. Bolvar threw it at Tirion, stabbing him through the stomach. Jaina comes out and trys to heal Tirion. But his wounds were to bad. Tirion fell to the ground while Ner'zhul was laughing. Jaina picks up Ashbringer and says "BY ALL THAT IS HOLY, I WILL DESTROY YOU BOLVAR FORDRAGON!!!!!" She runs but she cant pick up the sword as it was a bit heavy. She takes the Ashbringer Gem and throws it in the middle of the Flame Citadel. It revives all of the Heroes, they pick up their weapons, and go straight for The Lich King. They destroy Frostmourne for good, and kill Bolvar.

To do the final raid, you must be level 150.

Level cap also raised to 150.

If you have any good suggestions for the Expansion, message me on WoW, my main character is named Griffeth.

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