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Goruniss the Dream-Weaver is one of the sons of the Green Dragon Aspect, Ysera.
He usually "works" in Azeroth for his mother Ysera, and is known to mortals as the Tauren Gorund, one of the counsellors of Cairne Bloodhoof or the Night Elf Goroner, a High Member of the Cenarion Circle. Being a Green Dragon, he acts as a Druid in both his humanoid forms.


Goruniss is born shortly after the War of the Shifting Sands, in a period of relative peace in Azeroth. He grew healthy and strong, and soon became a big Green drake. He spent his youngness doing minor quests inside the Dream, balancing the growth of trees and such in the real world.

The First War

When Goruniss became a Green Dragon, the invasion of the orcs was soon to begin, along with the first war between Orcs and Humans. When the portal was opened, he was secretely sent by his mother along with the brother Taerar and his mate Ysondre and the other brother Tharifas to watch upon the humans against this new, unknown race and save at least a part of the Black Morass.
Under both their dragon form and the disguise of a Human form, the three lieutenants of Ysera fought against the Orcs and decimated them. When their task was finished, they were going to return to the Dream, but flying upon a destroyed orc acampment they saw a baby orc crying and, moved by pity, placed him on the way of Aedelas Blackmoore, a Human General. They did not know that this baby would have become the greatest Warchief the Horde have ever had.

The Second War

During the second war, when Alexstrasza was imprisoned by the orcs, some of Ysera's lieutenants did not want to fight another time because of the mortal's acts, and forbidded Korialstrasz to talk with Ysera, saying that she did not want to fight.

Goruniss being taunted by black drakes while Nefarian flyes away.

The red Wyrm, with the help of Goruniss, succeeded in talking with the Green Aspect and a big part of the Green flight was sent to fight alongside with the Reds. Goruniss infiltrated between the orcs and stolen the Demon Soul to bring it to the Aspects. After the Demon Soul was destroyed, the young dragon chased Nefarian, the son of Deathwing, but was stopped by a great army of black drakes and lost his tracks after about two days of hunt.

After the Third War

During the Third war, the Green Flight did not take part to the battle against the demon Archimonde, but after the Druids woke up and formed the Cenarion Circle, Ysera sent his son Goruniss to Azeroth to watch over the mortal. Gorunnis, to watch simultaneously over the Horde, the Alliance and the neutral Cenarion Circle, assumed both the forms of a Night Elf and Tauren Druids.

Because some of the Night Elf Druids in the Circle did not want the taurens to join, Goruniss joined the circle under his Night Elf form, and took the name of Goroner. In this form he soon became an High Member of the druids' union, and this made possible to Ysera and her flight to influence the mortals' decision, so that they did not make other reckless choices like the creation of Teldrassil, the second World Tree planted by the Night Elves' Archdruid Fandral in the desperate hope to preserve Elves' immortality. In his Tauren aspect, named Gorund, the green dragon soon became Cairne Bloodhoof's counsellor, and so he could influence the Taurens and Horde decisions too.

In this way Ysera could monitorize the major factions of Azeroth with just one person, and could focus her forces in the fight with the misterious Emerald Nightmare.

The Nightmare and his corruption

Goruniss acted with no problem as both Gorund and Goroner for about three years while the rest of the Greens fought against the Nightmare in the Emerald Dream, but after a great battle four of Ysera's lieutenants, including Goruniss' brother Taerar, were corrupted by the nightmare and went mad.

Goruniss facing his corrupted brother Taerar.

Although Ysera did not want him to leave his mortal characters, Goruniss wanted to face Taerar to try to redeem him. Against his mother will, then, Goruniss reached his brother in the Dream Bough of Feralas, where one of the portals to the Emerald Dream is, and faced unsuccessfully his brother: infact, Taerar very soon attacked him, and the two green Dragons engaged an epic combat.

However, Taerar was bigger and stronger than his brother, and due to the corruption that made him go mad wasn't scared to wound him as Goruniss was: after an incredible duel that mortals who could see or hear it still remember with terror, Taerar defeated his brother with a deep wound, but the remains of his sanity made him not to finish Goruniss.

Ysera's child, exsausted, flew away from his brother and refuged in an ancient cave in Desolace. He tought he was going to die, but an even more terrible destiny was awaiting him: the wound was not mortal, so he could regain health, but his brother had contaged him and so Goruniss became corrupted too: his size grew, and his green scales got a dark taint.
Now strong but corrupted, Goruniss renamed hisself "the bringer of Nightmares" and returned to the Emerald Dream to fight against his own brohers.

To be Continued...

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