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  • I live in Bloomington, Indiana, USA
  • I was born on September 9
  • My occupation is Systems Administrator
  • I am Male


Gemminie icon

My main character is Gemminie, level 90 Gnome Warlock on the Ner'zhul server (a PvP server). She's a Veteran of the guild Forseti.

I have an identical-looking (except for gear) level 90 Gnome Mage on Shadowsong who's also named Gemminie. I like to think of her as the good twin and the Warlock as the evil twin.

I have several other characters, but for some reason I really focus on the Warlock. I think this is because Warlocks are very challenging to play well, and I'm always trying to come up with new strategies and dig for a deeper understanding of how to do things. I've contributed to the Warlock Tactics page in the past, and written pages on dispel types, ability schools, Warlock Talents, and Soulstones. I've also added lots of information to the pages about the Imp, Voidwalker, Succubus, and Felhunter, and back in the day I wrote a detailed description of the Dreadsteed quest and added some information about movement speed.

My Characters

You may notice that many of my characters' names start with "Gem." This is a naming scheme that I use, partly to help me think up new names, and partly to help others remember that they're my alts.

Character table format shamelessly stolen from Fandyllic.

Status Server Faction Name Gender Race Class Level Profession / Profession Guild Mount
Active Ner'zhul Alliance 15 Gemminie F Gnome
IconSmall Gnome Female
Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock
90 Miner / Engineer Forseti Many
Active Shadowsong Alliance 15 Gemminie F Gnome
IconSmall Gnome Female
Ui-charactercreate-classes mage
90 Tailor / Enchanter Golden Cupcake Swift Frostsaber
Active Ner'zhul Alliance 15 Gemmatria F Gnome
IconSmall NightElf Female
Ui-charactercreate-classes priest
90 Tailor / Scribe Forseti (n/a)
Active Ner'zhul Alliance 15 Gemminixie F Gnome
IconSmall Gnome Female
Ui-charactercreate-classes mage
90 Herbalist / Alchemist NO MOO Blue Mechanostrider
Active Earthen Ring Alliance 15 Teumas M Human
IconSmall Human Male
Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue
31 Skinner / Leatherworker (n/a) (n/a)
Active Shadowsong Horde 15 Gemmala F Troll
IconSmall Troll Female
Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman
31 Skinner / Leatherworker (n/a) (n/a)
Active Shadowsong Horde 15 Gemmatria F Undead
IconSmall Undead Female
Ui-charactercreate-classes priest
28 Herbalist / Alchemist (n/a) (n/a)
Active Malfurion Horde 15 Gemela F Tauren
IconSmall Tauren Female
Ui-charactercreate-classes druid
24 Skinner / Leatherworker (n/a) (n/a)
Active Silvermoon Horde 15 Gemma F Tauren
IconSmall Tauren Female
Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior
11 Miner / Blacksmith (n/a) (n/a)
Active Ner'zhul Alliance 15 Gemara F Dwarf
IconSmall Dwarf Female
Ui-charactercreate-classes priest
24 Tailor / Enchanter NO MOO (n/a)

Inactive Earthen Ring Alliance 15 Virdura F Night Elf
IconSmall NightElf Female
Ui-charactercreate-classes druid
24 Herbalist / Alchemist (n/a) (n/a)


I actually have two characters named Gemminie. They're both level-90 female gnomes with pink hair in the pom-pom (Boar Tails) style for maximum cuteness.

In case you care, it got this way because, when I got into the closed beta in summer 2004, some friends suggested I play a cute little gnome girl with pink hair, because they had all been in closed beta for a while and had high-level characters, so I'd be like a little kid compared to them. Also, I wanted to play a Mage and thought it ironic that I'd be this cute small person who threw fireballs. The name Gemminie is something like my middle name and something like the Zodiac sign Gemini, which I thought sounded somewhat mystical and therefore appropriate for a Mage. (No, I'm not going to tell you my middle name, nor will I tell you what my Zodiac sign is, except that it's not Gemini. Sorry. Also, I know that Gemini is pronounced "jem a nigh" and not "jem a knee," but Gemminie is pronounced "jem a knee," because I say so.)

When my wife and I got retail WoW in December 2004, I learned that all my friends had rolled on Ner'zhul, which is a PvP server, but I also wanted to play with my wife, and she hates PvP. So I had a dilemma. I solved it by fracturing Gemminie into two twins -- appropriate, given that Gemini is the sign of the Twins. Since PvP play is more vicious, I decided to roll a Mage and a Warlock, as a Warlock is like a Mage, but evil, and I started the Warlock on Ner'zhul and started the mage on Shadowsong along with my wife's Dwarven Hunter. I made sure the two Gemminies looked exactly the same, other than their gear.

OK, I quickly found out that Warlocks aren't the best class for PvP play, or at least low-level ones weren't the best at that time. Still, I got "Evil Gemminie" to level 60 first, when "Good Gemminie" was still level 48 and still didn't even have a Mechanostrider yet (Enchanting is an expensive profession). I credit this to two facts: first, constantly being ganked gave me a great incentive to level up faster, and second, I was in a great guild called NO MOO full of people who were fun to play with and talk to, as well as very helpful.

Meanwhile, Good Gemminie reached level 60, although my wife and I have a number of characters that we play together (another reason why the Warlock reached 60 first is the fact that I only play the Mage when my wife wants to play together).

Good Gemminie is so cute it's disturbing; Evil Gemminie is disturbingly cute. It's a subtle difference. Good Gemminie /hugs squirrels and bunnies; Evil Gemminie kills squirrels (they're up to something -- they can be deadly when cornered, you know!) and replaces them with mechanical duplicates. Evil Gemminie distrusts the Night Elves because they're tall and shun magic (there are no Mage or Warlock trainers in Darnassus), while Good Gemminie hopes to win them over with good deeds (she was hoping that maybe there would be a Mage trainer in Darnassus someday, and now there is one, so it worked!).

Gemminie, Gnome Warlock of Ner'zhul:

Current goals: To get every Engineering schematic in existence; world domination

Gemminie, Gnome Mage of Shadowsong:

Current goals: To improve her reputation with the Timbermaw Furbolgs and the Cenarion Circle


When leveling a Warlock got too frustrating on a PvP server, I created a Mage because they seemed much more playable in PvP. To a large extent I was right. Gemminixie is a Frost-specialized caster and can kite enemies quite effectively. I don't play her a lot, but she's lots of fun.

She looks a lot like the Gemminies: female Gnome with the same face, but with ice-blue hair in a more cropped style, as I intended her from the beginning to be a Frost Mage. In keeping with the watery theme, I named her Gemminixie (a nixie is a type of water sprite in German and Scandinavian legends, which is also where Gnomes come from) and made her an Herbalist and an Alchemist as well as an avid fishergnome to keep her well supplied with Oily Blackmouths and other fish that are useful to Alchemy. When she got a mount, I made sure it was a blue Mechanostrider, so as to match with the water theme. I'm rather proud of how consistent Gemminixie is with her name.

Gemminixie's personality is quite different from Evil Gemminie's -- she's much more serious about defeating the encroaching evil in the world, for one thing, and she's fascinated with the Night Elves, for another. She's not obsessed with being cute and charming, as Good Gemminie is, but she is interested in being helpful (including wanting to help out some of my guildmates' lower-level alts). Once she had completed the Dun Morogh quests, she left the Eastern Kingdoms entirely and went to Darkshore, only coming back when the Ashenvale quests became too high-level for her to solo. She then took on the quests in Redridge Mountains and Duskwood, then returned to Ashenvale and finished the quests there and in Stonetalon Mountains before moving to Desolace and Thousand Needles. The racetrack quests take you all over the world, though. She finished the Stranglethorn Vale quests and has moved on to Tanaris, Feralas and Un'Goro Crater.

Gemminixie's goal is to quest more with my friends' alts.


Teumas resulted from an idea that my wife had -- we rolled characters who looked as much like ourselves and were as similar to our personalities as possible. She sees herself as somewhat of a crusader, so she created a Human Paladin, and I see myself as sort of a trickster and joker, so I created a Human Rogue.

The characters don't look all that much like us, though. There are only the two Human body models.

Anyway, we play these two on an RP server, so it's fun to chatter back and forth in character while we play.

For example:

Me: Oof, I'm almost broke. I gotta steal more money.

Her: What?!

Me: Uhh, I said, we should make more money!

Another example:

Her (after something goes wrong): %$&@!

Me: Whoa, are you allowed to say stuff like that?

Her: I'll pray about it later.

So far we are pursuing the Human storyline mostly, although we have ventured to Darnassus a time or two (Teumas learned to use a bow there, because guns make more noise than a stealth-concerned Rogue is comfortable with) and wandered around Loch Modan for a while. Teumas does Skinning and Leatherworking and will probably go Elemental when the time comes to choose.


My wife and I wanted to try some Horde characters, so she made an Orc Hunter (she likes Hunters), and I made a Troll Shaman. Why did I pick Trolls? I'm not sure except that to me they seem the least ugly Horde race, the females at least. I like to play casters, and Shamans' totems sounded interesting. I tried it out.

Gemmala is almost all Restoration, but can still do a lot of damage in a fight. She does Skinning and Leatherworking, like Teumas, but will probably go Dragonscale when the time comes to choose, because Shamans get Mail at level 40.

My Speculations

I've moved these to my speculations page.

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