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Classic Grand Marshal Jeanhur pose

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Grand Marshal Jeanhur entering the Cathedral to atone for his mistakes

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Grand Marshal Jeanhur standing in front of Stormwind Cathedral

Jean Hur

Born: December 21st: Age 25 Notable Accomplishments: Grand Marshal; Of the Alliance

Jean Hur is a paladin who was born in Winterspring. He lived in Winterspring until the age of 16 when he became "..bored of this winter wasteland and the stench of goblins". He left his family in search of honor, glory and wealth.

He ended up on a ship to Stormwind to start his new life. While walking around the Dwarven District he encountered theieves in an alley. One theif had a knife to his throat and Jeanhur believed that his prospects for honor, glory and wealth would be cut short. But behind the theives he saw a mage named "Cronis"; he was dressed in the most regal uniform with a staff that glowed with such brightness. The mage quickly dispatched the thieves with bright flash of fire.

 After the encounter Jeanhur asked him who he was; and the mage said "I am Cronis; Grand Marshal of the Alliance".  Jeanhur asked how one becomes a Grand Marshal; and Cronis said "It takes a lot of hard work, duty, and service to the Alliance".  From that day on, Jeanhur wanted to become just like Cronis; a Grand Marshal for the Alliance.

Becoming Grand Marshal was proving a difficult task. Only one active Grand Marshal could be allowed on the Alliance side at a time and Jeanhur's money was running low. He found a job as a librarian in the Stormwind Cathedral. From there Jeanhur worked and became influenced by the paladins who trained at the cathedral.

In his spare time Jeanhur learned from Paladins of Stormwind and it was not until his 18th birthday that Jeanhur became a paladin for the Alliance. Jeanhur still worked for the Library but he was allowed to travel more frequently in order to acquire rare artifacts and books to add to the Stormwind Library.

Thus he was able to begin his journey of becoming a Grand Marshal for the Alliance.

Jeanhur was involved in many epic battles against the horde and after a very long time Highlord Bolvar acknowledged Jeanhur and made him Grand Marshal for the Alliance. Equipped with the best weapons and gear at the time Jeanhur established Justice throughout the Kingdom of Stormwind and expanded the Alliance pressence in Arathi Basin. Jeanhur felt that Arathi Basin deserved his greatest attention because of the fall of Stromgarde and how near Arathi Basin was to the Alliance Kingdom of Ironforge.

After many years at the age of 21 Jeanhur became tired of his duties and decided to go seek redemption for the massive amounts of killings he had experienced. Over 57 thousand horde died at his hands and this caused him great tourment. "After all that we have done; war has caused nothing but loss". Jeanhur went into seculsion at the Stormwind Cathedral for four years.

After four years Jeanhur came out of seclusion because of the pressence of the Lich King.

  • to be continued
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