Just a regular guy who happens to like reading lore and discovering a spoiler or three. When I show up on rare occasion around here to edit, it's usually to fix a typo or gameplay error. I learn most of my lore from here, so I am not well-versed in countering those sorts of arguments.

First 80, now inactive: Felanara, 80 Blood Elf Warlock, Medivh (US)

Demonology main spec, Destruction off-spec

Second 80, main: Velastra, 80 Blood Elf Paladin, Medivh (US)

Retribution main spec, Protection off-spec

Numerous alts, both Horde (Medivh) and Alliance (Runetotem), but since BC, I play Horde for the most part. FOR THE HORDE!

Note: I am switching to WoWPedia.

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