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When Zul'rokk was born, Gruul ordered his subordinates to attack the village of Korimar in Nagrand.

Early HistoryEdit

Zul'rokk had approximately 22 years of age when he decided to become a hunter. He did a test of required skills, which were: agility, intelligence and should get a pet. When he was searching for a good pet, he was attacked by a group of talbuks, but Refino, a dark lion, helped him to kill the talbuks. After that they become friends. Nearly 9 years later, Zul'rokk discovered how his family had died in the attacks of the gronns living in Nagrand. Then he spoke with his instructor in the art of hunting, Fiot, to see if he could go to hunt the gronns. Fiot allowed him to go and he went...


Refino, a dark lion.

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