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  • I live in idk what 2 do now - probably check the news online about me and others including an L to S on my side 😎🤛
  • My occupation is forget me quitting - i'm back with my Discord now, thanks
  • I am Genny's (Rimiguji's) Brother in Need + No Longer Trapped from Discord Account Inactvity/Disability

Hello. I'm new to wikia and all wikis. Nice to meet you. :)

The problem with Wikia Edit

I always get bored of Wikia some day. The problem is about it... is the copyright and permission system for images, videos and everything.

I really dislike doing that. But i can ask for help me not to use copyright on Wikia.

Why i joined WoWWiki Edit

I liked Warcraft much as i do. The wiki is okay.

I'm working on a massive single player Warcraft 3 RPG thing i'm doing involving Angels, Devils, Demonically Corrupted Races/Creatures (Fel, Possessed, Mutant, Plagued, etc.), Void Corrupted Races/Creatures (Void, Mutant, etc.), massive/huge world like realms (Lots of them), Demons (Lots of them. Fel, Plagued, Possessed, etc.) and lots of other things.

I'll be making a blog involving like a dictionary involving Blizzard game languages (Warcraft, Startcraft and Diablo languages) like Eredun/Demonic, Khalani, Darnassian, Dwarven/Dwarvish, Gnomish, Draenei and other languages Blizzard did so that i can make Fallen, Hellion and other words meaning in Eredun.

Feel free to talk to me here if you like. :)

I am a fan of Edit

  1. Blizzard's Elves (Night Elf, High Elf, Blood Elf, Felblood Elf, etc.)
  2. Draenei
  3. Fantasy Orcs
  4. Fantasy Goblins
  5. Fantasy Trolls (Not Internet Trolls)
  6. Fantasy Ogres
  7. Fantasy Demons
  8. Fantasy Chaos
  9. Fantasy Dragons

What i'm working on Edit

  1. Blizzard Language Dictionary (Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, etc.) (ON HOLD TIL NEXT YEAR)
  2. Talking about the Dorei Meanings
  3. More stuff will be soon.

Wikis I Joined Edit

  1. WoWWiki (Aug 5)
  2. Sonic News Network (Aug 20)
  3. Starcraft Wiki (Sep 3)
  4. XCOM Wiki (Sep 5)
  5. Kagura Wiki (Sep 27. KATSURAGI STREET CLOTHES!!! ^W^)
  6. Sigmarlore (Sep 27)
  7. Greater Cosmic Butterfly Wiki (Sep 28)
  8. Might and Magic Wiki (Oct 4)
  9. Sailor Moon Wiki (Oct 5)
  10. Community Central (Oct 11)
  11. Rap Wiki (Oct 11. RAP MUSIC!!! ^W^)
  12. Pretty Cure Wiki (Oct 13)
  13. Animanga Wiki (Oct 20)
  14. English Voice Over Wiki (Oct 20)
  15. Warhammer Wiki (Oct 24)
  16. Warhammer 40K Wiki (Dec 26)
  17. Brickipedia (Dec 26)
  18. Tenshi Sanctuary Wiki (Jan 23)
  19. Steam Wiki (Jan 28)
  20. More wikis to join very soon.

Wikis to Join (Ones that I never joined) Edit

  1. More wikis to join very soon.
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