Micro dungeon maps Edit

Monk class color Edit

This is the monk class color.

Elinks-spell/ranks Edit

Rank 13 Rank 14 Rank 15 Rank 16
Icon-wowhead-22x22 WowheadIcon-wowhead-22x22 WowheadIcon-wowhead-22x22 WowheadIcon-wowhead-22x22 Wowhead
Icon-thottbot-22x22 ThottbotIcon-thottbot-22x22 ThottbotIcon-thottbot-22x22 ThottbotIcon-thottbot-22x22 Thottbot
Icon-mmochampion-22x22 MMO-Champion Icon-mmochampion-22x22 MMO-ChampionIcon-mmochampion-22x22 MMO-ChampionIcon-mmochampion-22x22 MMO-Champion

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