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Description Edit

  • Body: Rather small and thin gnome. Clearly noticable is that Falkireohan's left pinky is missing.
  • Face: Falkireohan's face is all clean, except for the beard-spot.
  • Hair: Falkireohan's hair is light red. Observing it closely will let you notice it'd dyed. According to himself, his hair used to be natural green.
  • Clothes: Mostly seen in his Arcanist uniform, as on the picture above. With the uniform usually carrying a glowing sword, and either a book or a staff.

Background Edit

If you lived in Gnomeregan years ago, you'd probably know the name 'Tinkersmith'. The Tinkersmiths were known for their great Engineering. The most famous of all, Falkireohan Tinkersmith is also known as the inventor of the Automechanic Hyper-Invator. Falkireohan was a happy man, and rich too. He and his wife birthed one son. They decided to name their son after it's father: Falkireohan Tinkersmith 2nd. Falkireohan the 2nd was... special. He was one of the few in his family who didn't like engineering. Falkireohan 2nd was really interested in brewing potions and poisons. His family simply respected his decision, even though many tried to convince him for years to start engineering.

Most of the Tinkersmiths died when the Troggs attacked Gnomeregan. Only Falkireohan Tinkersmith 1st and 2nd survived. Dad and son had eachother. Falkireohan 1st never gave any money to his son, because he thought Falkireohan 2nd had to learn to make money himself. They lived in Stormwind City together, but when the time came, Falkireohan 1st died on age. Falkireohan 2nd had a hard time, ofcoursely, and a very large inheritance of his father.

With all the money, Falkireohan (2nd) decided to quit his job and start living a relaxed life in Stormwind. But the expected thing happened: He got bored. The only thing that really kept him busy was his alchemy: Inventing new potions, experimenting, and more of this. It was just that... he wanted more.

Falk decided to enter the physical world. At first, kickboxing looked great to him. He left everything behind, and took the boat to Tanaris, where he entered the Cool Crawler Competition Concerning Collars and Canibalism. Unfortunately it seemed that kickboxing... wasn't really his thing. In his first two fights he stood against an armoured Goblin and a dwarf the audience named 'Headhungry'. Both fights were... negatively resultable. Aye, let's keep it like that.

But Falkireohan didn't give up. In his third fight, which was going to be against one of 'em hungry scorpions from Tanaris, he decided his last option was cheating. Using his own-invented "Elixir of Brutal Muscles", he battled against the scorpion, and won!

Still, with Falk's luck, it was to be expected that they caught him somewhere. And indeed, they tracked the elixir in his blood. Falk was set back on the boat to Stormwind with nothing but a black eye, many, many broken bones and a sad face.

Now still, he had nothing to do but experimenting with bottles, which, after a few months, got boring again. Nobody knows how he made the decision, but Falkireohan finally found his thing: Learning magic.

There are two ways to learn how to use magic: One is simply go to school and follow classes, where you have to do exactly what your teachers say. The other one is learn everything by yourself, with a one-hundred percent risk to acidentally blow yourself up some time. Falkireohan picked the mid-way. What he basically did, is... buy... tomes, and do the studying himself.

After randomly helping the Stormwind City Watch out more than once, Falkireohan wanted to join an organisation of property himself. He decided to join The Gigaflux Guard. But remaining an unnoticed Cadet seemed impossible for him. After Corporal Damenthus Mechazug, who also got to be his friend, dutied him with leading an entire Squad in one of Gigaflux' assaults in Loch Modan, and recovering an artifact from Uldaman, things couldn't go wrong. Flux Marshal Beepblaster promoted him to Corporal.

Now that Falk got promoted to Corporal, he took lots of things happened for him and the Guard. Accepted the job as Recruitment Corporal, inventing the 'Scrap-system', hosting dozens of drills and explorations, but most importantly, making friends. Especially Umbrog Steelhammer, Línky Electrobolt and Jolt Cogswhiz started to mean a lot for him since he got promoted.

The inheritance of his father shrinked big time, but still was more than enough to live properly of. Falks dream came true. He bought himself a chopper.

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