Exquisite (Armory) is a level 80 Undead Priest on the Burning Legion - US server. She is a member of Pants.


I started playing in early 2005. I originally played on the Mannoroth US server, but later rerolled to Burning Legion.

My raiding experience includes:

Alternate Characters

Mount Collection

Ability mount undeadhorse Skeletal Horses

Ability mount raptor Raptors

Ability mount whitedirewolf Wolves

Ability mount kodo 01 Kodos

Ability mount cockatricemountelite green Hawkstriders

Inv misc foot centaur Talbuks

Ability mount swiftgreenwindrider Windriders

Ability hunter pet netherray Nether Rays

Ability mount drake albino Drakes

Ability mount flyingcarpet Other

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