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The Character

Physical Description: Nalicia is very “petite” for a Tauren, standing at only about six feet tall and weighing roughly 350 lbs. Her hide is cream-colored with taupe spots all over, especially on her arms. She wears her black mane in two braids on either side of her face, and her horns are ivory, tipped with black. Her clear, jade green eyes are Nalicia’s most recognizable characteristic, and have been named as the cause for many broken hearts in Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar. Indeed, it is fair to say that Nalicia is one of the more attractive of her race.

History: Nalicia was born and raised on the plains of Mulgore. Though her parents (both druids) were not unloving towards her, they were often away, fighting for whatever reason, and so Nalicia was mainly raised by her grandmother, Ayuna Stormcloud. When she was of age, Nalicia left home, determined to find the family she never knew and begin training as a huntress.

Her journeys quickly brought her to the Stormcaller Tribe, and she has many fond memories of the Tribe itself, most distinctively discovering her half-brother Kodar and falling in love with first Bullhoof and later Adalwolf, whom she eventually married.

When the Stormcallers dissolved as a guild, Nalicia took matters into her own hands and reminded her family that they were still a tribe, despite that they no longer wear the same colors. Because of this, Nalicia was made Chieftainess of the Stormcaller Tribe, and holds the position to this day.

More recently, Nalicia suffered an illness contracted from a demon she met in the Blasted Lands. The illness caused her to fall into a coma and suffer temporary amnesia. She was also recently kidnapped by her brother Kodar as a part of his madness.

Nalicia is currently serving as a hunter for the Hell Shadow guild.


To the average observer, Nalicia is everything that can be sweet and good about this world. She has a youthful innocence to her that many find difficult to understand, given her upbringing and past. She is slow to judge and quick to forgive, always determined to put the feelings of others before her own. Nalicia is generally cheerful and determined, despite being prone to brief bouts of sadness and/or anxiety, depending on circumstances.

Despite appearances, however, Nalicia is not entirely sweet and good. She has a slight difficulty with remaining faithful in romantic relationships, and tends to bottle up her negative emotions to maintain a positive image. The net result is that she will occasionally and violently erupt, generally resulting in the massacre of Gnolls or Kobolds, at the hands of Nalicia and paws of her wolf, Greycloud.

Allies and Enemies


  • Greycloud – her pet wolf, 100% loyal and her best friend
  • Lost - her pet polar bear, whom she found lost in Winterspring.
  • Kodar – Nalicia’s older half-brother, whom she always loves, despite the wrongs he has committed.
  • Adalwolf – Nalicia’s husband and the rock of her life.
  • Makhta – one of Nalicia’s best friends, whom she met through the Stormcaller Tribe. Nalicia looks at Makhta as an older sister and mentor.
  • Shynda – Nalicia’s other very best friend, her peer and companion, and the one with whom she talks about particularly delicious bulls.
  • Bullhoof – Nalicia’s former lover who was called away to Alterac Valley. He has since gone missing.
  • the Stormcaller Tribe – every member of this Tribe, past and present, is considered family by Nalicia
  • the Duskrider Tribe – Nalicia’s former guild, disbanded when their numbers grew too few.
  • Hell Shadow - Nalicia's current guild.
  • Wapasha – Nalicia and Wapasha had an interesting romantic interlude that has since been abandoned. Though feelings were hurt in the process, Nalicia still loves him.
  • Zamboozle – the Medic once saved Bullhoof’s life on the battleground, and Nalicia has been the leader of his unofficial fan club ever since.


  • Zerrai – Nalicia bears no particular malice towards Zerrai specifically, though seeing the troll during her kidnapping terrified her beyond belief, and the two are romantic rivals of a sort.

Enemies: None presently

Other Information

  • Nalicia and Adalwolf share a home in Thunder Bluff right next door to Cairne’s tent. Despite the lack of furnishings, Nalicia is convinced that it is the most beautiful home she has ever seen.
  • Nalicia, Shynda and Verizamour once spent a drunken night together in a tavern, where they came up with a list of the hottest men (and women) in their world. The Hot List has since spread around Orgrimmar like wildfire.
  • Nalicia, as a huntress, has two pets that she uses for hunting: Greycloud, a wolf, and Lost, a polar bear. She also has a menagerie of other pets, including her kodo named Kody (after her big, stinky brother), a wyvern named Kyle, a white kitten named Snow, a grey tabby cat named Tinker and a snowshoe rabbit named Wolfie.

Notable Events

  • In September, Nalicia was made the Elder of the Hunt in the Stormcaller Tribe. When the Tribe dissolved as a guild, later that month, she was made Chieftain.
  • Shortly after her birthday in November, Nalicia fell under the spell of a demon. She was in a coma for nearly two months, during which time she was kept in her brother Kodar’s house. When she awoke from the coma, she suffered temporary amnesia that caused her to forget all that had happened in her life since June.
  • Nalicia’s brother Kodar kidnapped her after she learned of his plan to bring the Old God Ko’zhe back into existence. Her brother later released her, and Nalicia immediately ran to her friends in Orgrimmar, who began to hunt him.
  • Following the initial trial of her brother by the Conclave, Nalicia was commanded by the Earthmother to go into seclusion and not receive any visitors, save for Adalwolf. The purpose of this seclusion is both to give Nalicia insight into the direction the Stormcaller Tribe should take next and also to help her deal with the traumatic events of the past several months.
  • Nalicia and Adalwolf were married in Nagrand about a year ago. They currently share a home in Shattrath City.

Your IC Reactions Here

  • Nalicia is the one person in the physical realms Kodar looks to as a pillar of stability in his life. She is the only one who has stood by him through literally everything in his recent life, and is the only one of his female associates he calls Sister as a proper name. Hers is also one of two names possesing an "s" or "c" that he has learned and forced himself to say without hissing (the other being Luciella). Kodar loves his sister dearly and would die before causing her more pain than he already has. Through his activities as a Viperian, albeit a position taken before he learned she existed, Kodar feels torn between his Sister and his Goddess. The pull between the two is an internal battle he wages constantly.
  • Uruz conciders Nalicia "off limits" in the romantic sense because of her relation to his teacher, and long-time friend, Kodar. Nalicia was one of his first friends in the Stormcaller Tribe, met at the same time as Kodar.
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