Although unknown, many say she is at least part gnome.


Hunter, and perhaps a bit of death knight.


Higher then u.


This individual prefers reading lore about orcs.

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Characters in WoWEdit

This section contains facts about Excaliviolet's in game appearances.

Ultraviolet- Night elf hunter is main. Excaliber- Draenei Death Knight is alt. Enough Said

Excaliviolet's Death Knight SpecsEdit

Revenge of the MightyEdit

11/51/9 Tank This spec features a mighty tank mix with a Frost base. The glyphs are included and add to the tanking.


53/10/8 Damage Hence the name, this is a spec based on Teron Gorefiend's favorite thing, blood. With a sturdy blood base and damaging spots, this is a great damage spec.


17/52/2 Damage This is a Frost damage spec, proving that Frost can bite.

Bloody DeathEdit

33/0/38 Damage Who said hybrids can't pwn? This unholy/blood hybrid includes the ghoul, desecration, and bloodworms!

WoWScrnShot 062609 192205

Ultraviolet, the "Violet" of Excaliviolet.

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