I'm Wyatt. I've been playing since 1.4 or so; I've got a 70 rogue, an 80 lock, a 65 shaman, an 80 mage, and about fifteen characters under thirty. Most of my characters are on Darkspear Alliance, with a couple on Perenolde horde and Ravenholdt Alliance. Not a big fan of PVP until recently, when I realized that between my Warlock and my Rogue, I have two amazing characters for it. Shame I can't stand leveling a Hunter.

Recently I've been trying my hand at dual-boxing, thanks to the RAF bonus; it's going fairly well, leveling a pocket healer that has the DPS on /follow. Toss the occasional heal if it gets out of control, but I don't usually need to be too hands-on about it.

Previous MMO credits include Star Wars Galaxies (pre-CU and NGE), City of Heroes, Ultima Online, Maple Story, Guild Wars, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Age of Conan, Warhammer Online and Tabula Rasa. Note that I'm still playing WoW :)

I tend to wander about until I see something that moderately needs fixing; holler if you see something that needs a lazy perfectionist.

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