Emit has been one of my handles for a long time. I used it heavily on various ROM 2.4 derivitave muds. One time I logged onto a mush for the first time (I think based on pennMUSH), and one of the experienced players immediately casts a funny look at me (you know) and says "Ah, but the question is, what does he emit?" See, I had chosen 'Emit' because of it's phonetic resemblance to a real name 'Emmitt' and because of the reversed meaning, not even considering that it was already a word. How embarassing!

Anyway, I didn't stay on that mush very long. Never could get into the whole mush scene; I am much more of mud player. I find it interesting to look at the parallels between these first online role playing games and the mmorpgs of today. The old tension of MUD (character/class monster killing games) vs. MUSH (freestyle roleplaying with players as builders) has been reborn today in games like WOW and SecondLife.

I've always preferred to have more structure in my games. This doesn't preclude creativity or roleplaying, just has a more established framework. Sound out in discussion!

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