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  • I live in Huyton
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is staring into space
  • I am Male

Hi there, I'm Gruntijackal. I am a fanatic about the Warcraft franchise. I plan to get the original trilogy as soon as I can and I have been playing Warcraft for five years. My favourite races are as follows:

1:The Forsaken; they are cunning and pure evil. It is just epic.

2:Val'kyr; similair to the Forsaken, they are evil and cunning. As heralds of the Damned, they are just amazing.

3:The Sin'dorei; they are recovering from their losses. I prefer the Illidari Blood Elves over Kael's Burning Legion Elves.

4:Quel'dorei; they seek to reclaim their lost roots and are the antigonists of the Blood Elves.

5:Keldorei; the Night Elves are one of the most ancient and mysterious races of all, and are just epic.

6:Lich; they are pure evil, but they are too loyal to their master be considered a True Evil to the world.

7:Trolls; the trolls seem to find sheer brutality a good way to solve their problems.

8:Gnomes; While not really a respectible species to me, they do create weapons of mass destruction.

9:Nathrezim; the Dreadlords are among the most corrupt of races, and they are indirectly responsible for the Burning Legion and the Scourge.

10:Goblins; Goblins, while not evil, do respresent a disregard for their safety, and their bombs are unmatched.

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