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*56-60: [[Dire Maul]]
*56-60: [[Dire Maul]]
**West (all of it)
**West (all of it)
*58-60: [[Stratholme]]
***[[Malor the Zealous]]
***[[Archivist Galford]]
***[[Hearthsinger Forresten]]
***[[The Unforgiven]]
***[[Stratholme Courier]]
***[[Crimson Hammersmith]]
***[[Saidan Dathrohan|Grand Crusader Dathrohan]]/[[Balnazzar]]
***[[Barthilas|Magistrate Barthilas]]
***[[Baroness Anastari]]
***[[Maleki the Pallid]]
***[[Ramstein the Gorger]]
***[[Postmaster Malown]]
***[[Black Guard Swordsmith]]
***[[Baron Rivendare]]
*58-60: [[Scholomance]]
*58-60: [[Scholomance]]
** [[Vectus]]
** [[Vectus]]
** [[Marduk Blackpool]]
** [[Marduk Blackpool]]
** [[Doctor Theolen Krastinov]]
** [[Ravenian| The Ravenian]]
** [[Ravenian| The Ravenian]]
** [[Lorekeeper Polkelt]]
** [[Lorekeeper Polkelt]]
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** [[Lady Illucia Barov]]
** [[Lady Illucia Barov]]
** [[Lord Blackwood]]
** [[Lord Blackwood]]
** [[Darkmaster Gandling]]

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Had enough ganking of Frostwolf. Reroll on Draka. January 2007 utilized the server tranasfer to Arygos.


Had to use MediaWiki Quirks to get images fixed.

PvP characters on Frostwolf in semi-permanent hibernation.

Table example

Rank # Training Cost Pet Level X =
1 # 1Silver 25Copper 8 X
2 # 75Silver 50Copper 16 2X
3 # 1Gold 20Silver 24 3X


I hate this instance with a passion. I cannot recall how many times have I died to the Dark Iron dwarf swarm. Even as a level 60. I try to avoid even helping folks with this instance, or limit my assistance to all areas before going down the "ramp of death".

Made the "Crazy Club"

Dear me... 2500 already???

Instance Boss Kills

Starting to work on tracking which dungeon/instance bosses I still need to kill.

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