Hi, I'm familiar with the basics of the whole "wiki" thing, but still learning the more complicated stuff. I'll try to make helpful contributions when I see things that I can add. I may be slow in responding to comments, largely because I'm not sure how to use a lot of this site yet >.>

My main character is Lorinall, on the US PVE realm Greymane.

I'm a vanilla player, never having bought any expansions, but I still enjoy doing lv 60 content that I haven't seen before!

I was a stress test beta tester for WoW, and I participated in the open beta test. I was also a beta tester for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. I'm also had the pleasure to be a beta tester for StarCraft 2.

I've moved on to wowpedia. It's unlikely I will read any comments left on my talk page.

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