Driven has come to life when Via Crucis decided to disband. Driven is now almost a year active and progressing. They have cleared 10 man dungeons like, Karazhan and Zul Aman. Driven aims for 25-Man dungeons, and they rapidly expanded their guild total members to achieve that goal.

Driven is mostly known for the relaxed raiding. There is no hardcore group, just raid when you feel like it. Driven intends to keep that as long as the guild lives forth.

Driven is led by Deviliuz and Avalin.

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Driven was created by the more active players of the disbanded guild, Via Crucis. Via Crucis was one of the many Alliance guilds which migrated from Bloodscalp to Trollbane.

Godz of War

Godz of War was created by two real life friends Dexa and Sparhawk. The guild itself was designed for end game purposes, expanded quickly and eventually merged with Gods of Thunder, which had Gloin as Guild leader, uniting under the name Godz of War.

An unfortunate side affect of Godz of War's rapid expansion was its inability to function as intended. Many of its 187 members were inactive and did not participate in any guild activity. Due to Dexas eventual absence, the guild became leaderless for sometime. In an effort to counter the lack of obvious guild leadership, it was decided that guild management would fall to the senior officers, who would each take an active and equal share and responsibility in the guilds raid and day to day management. Abraxas, Sparhawk and Corkey managed to successfully hold the guild together, by playing on and building up the guilds sense of community.

In total it took almost sixteen weeks of continuous scheduled, raiding to take down the first boss in the Molten Core. Spanning the entire raid lifetime of the Godz of War guild. This inability to provide any progress inside the Molten Core cost the guild some of its best members, who after months of fruitless repair bills left to join anyone who would take them.

This period gave rise within the officer council to the unofficial nickname 'Godz of Wipe' It should be noted however, that many a member, both old and current stated at the time, that these were the guilds 'golden days', where friendship, fun and team speak banter provided shelter against the disappointing raid achievements of the guild. The Spirit created by Abraxas, Sparhawk and Corkey provided the cerment that, for a time, held the guild together.

Owing to this chaotic and seemingly unmanageable situation, many of the guilds officers shied away from their responsibilities. Due to this, practical leadership and day to day management fell to Sparhawk, who sought to keep the guild together via a mixture of small scale runs and satirical behavior. Assisted by Abraxas, Corkey and a number of hardcore guild members, they attempted to buy the guild more time.

However, The guilds inability to even reach the first boss on most raids prompted most of the existing members to avoid set raids like the plague. This inactivity proved to be untenable. Long standing inaction on the part of the guild with regards to end game progress was slowing destroying its member base. With this in mind the officer council agreed to create a new guild, consisting of the better elements of Godz of War. The Guild eventually came to be known as Via Crucis.

Via Crucis

The leadership element of Godz of War was shipped over intact to form the ruling council of Via Crucis, In keeping with tradition, it was decided that the guild would be run by a council of officers in the interest of the members. Rather then a Guild master, the guild would appoint a Guilds spokes-person to act as a figure head, with the understanding that all officers ( including the Spokes-person) were equal in opinion, responsibility and power. In this way Via Crucis attempted to remain different from the majority of existing guilds, which were viewed as pyramid structures, designed to benefit only those in power. Officers who used their position to their advantage would and could be removed. it was felt by all concerned, to be the best system of government. with this agreed, Sparhawk was asked to draft and submit a series of guild rules thought to be in keeping with the principles of the guild.

With its officers and core players stripped from it, Godz of War slowly died. Eventually Dexa did return, and removed the remaining inactive and active players alike from the guild, before he eventually disbanded it, and joined another guild on the Bloodscalp realm.

After a difference of opinion, some four months later, Both Sparhawk and Abraxas left the guild.

Since then the structure of guild has changed considerably, and today Via Crucis has overcome most problems.

Via Crucis then stopped as a raiding guild as of the 6th of May 2007. But slowly completely died.


Driven was created after the officers of Via Crucis had left the guild and either quit World of Warcraft or moved on, leadership was then given to Garnan but it was quickly decided to create a new guild entirely. The new guild called Driven was created by the Via Crucis members Garnan, Demonslayer, , Hela, Robyn, Deviliuz, Kela and Ragash. These players started the idea of a new relaxed raiding guild and formed a new guild out of the disbanded guild Via Crucis.

After a few months clearing Karazhan the guild tried to get some 25man raids going. But after a few tries it was decided that more members was needed and most of all, more dedication to the guild. It seemed that relaxed and the desire to progress didn't match. And in the beginning of February 2008, Driven was about to be disband because of lacking officers and no real leadership. As Garnan stopped playing, there was need to set things up again. In the meantime another guild, Descendant's of Ashurs, was struggling with the same problem. They were led by Avalin who was previously known as Drachkar. So the new guild leader Deviliuz of Driven and Avalin decided to merge and so they became the "new" Driven.

With the first 2 raids Driven managed to kill The Lurker Below and Void Reaver. Since then the guild have been in 25 mans, with a great future and some good hope for the years to come.

The guild have grown towards great friendships and great fun in-game. And hopes it can show you that.

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