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General Info Edit

Name: Vindicator Deltran, Shield of Light.

Gender: Male

Age: 236

Race: Draenei

Character: Paladin

Affiliation: The light, The Draenei, The Alliance, The Hand of Argus

Relatives: Fe'tan (father) Dead, Neleeran (mother) Dead, Fe'tan (Brother) Dead, Restalaan (uncle) Dead, Velen (teacher, leader, friend) alive.

Physical Description

Deltran stands at 7.3 ft tall, a little shorter then the average Draenei. Hes not the most imposing figure in anyway, though when angered he appears larger some say, though being extremely patient (even for one of his kind) he hardly ever is angered enough to prove this. He always has a big welcoming smile on his face and a oddly warming aura around him (maybe because hes a paladin). His soft brilliant blue glowing eyes, have a very welcoming look as well. He as four long skinny tendril coming from his chin. His skin is a light blue everywhere but the large ivory horn like crest on his head. Behind his crest his brown hair curls messily up. His strong chest is always proudly puffed out and head always held high. He always has a full suit of armor on, as well as a large hammer with a light glow to it, and a gem studded glowing book chained to his belt. On his shoulders are tattooed two large golden shield, the shields are also on his golden tail and tendril rings.


Deltran is a kind, gentle, and patient, as he believes all followers of the light should be. He cant stand the extreme groups like the Scarlet Crusade, though he has a hatred of the Undead as well, he does not believe in slaying those different from him. He believes there is a better way of dealing with the dark scourge and the scheming forsaken.

Though a bit uptight, hes always willing to have a nice stiff drink and tell jokes and stories in the local tavern.

Mini Biography Edit

Early years

Deltran's birth came as a happy surprise to his entire family. His mother, Neleeran (a warrior, and hunter), and father, Fe'tan (a priest), had wanted a child to train under the light. His elder brother, Fe'tan, was a rash, impatient, child who did not take to studying in the ways of the light and decided to become a warrior instead of a priest or paladin.

He was chosen as a paladin at birth and given name Deltran by Velen. It means Shield of light in Draenei. He took to the ways of the Paladin very fast in his young age, under the wing of Aurelon. At the age of 5 the Draenei were forced to flee from there current world once again as Velen was granted the vision of the Burning Legion once again closed in on them. The naaru, K'ure, who acted as the Draenei's ship Oshu'Gun, had grown weak and sick somehow, and as the ship perpared to warp something went wrong. Oshu'Gun was sent hurtling through the Twisting Nether and crashed on the world that would later become known as Draenor.Many Draenei were killed in the crash, as well as one naaru. K'ure was badly weakened and began to die.

Deltran's family decided to take up residents in the Terokkar Forest city of Telmore. Restalaan became the leader of guard in the city. After the Temple of Karabor was finished 10 years later, the entire family but Restrlaan moved to it, where they stayed for almost 150 years.

The Orc attacks and the shattering of Draenor,

The family lived peacefully in the Temple for years, and Deltran was chosen to become a guardian of Velen when his training was finished. Though he had only seen combat in hunting party's and never took on a ogre he was quite skilled at using a war hammer and his holy seals. This peacefulness would soon be shattered as the orcs were manipulated by Kil'jeadan and turned into a raging evil force.

Neleeran was part of one of the first hunting party's killed. Deltran and Fe'tan began to see the orcs as monsters for killing there mother, though the elder Fe'tan told them to hold back their anger and Velen refused to allow the anyone to retaliate until he found out what was going on.

The events worsened as K'ure was brought even closer to death and Velen wished to visit his old friend. The only proablem was Oshu'Gun was deep in orc territory and considered a holy place to the orcs and entering it would be consider a true declaration of war. Velen planed to speak with Ner'zhul and explain to him the true purpose of it. My father was one of the 4 priest picked to go along with him.

As the pilgrims were on their journey Deltrans hatred and fear for the orcs grew, thinking that now his father and teacher would be killed in one move. The group were not killed by the orcs but they weren't allowed in Oshu'Gun and Velen telling the orcs that the the mountain was not holy but the sprites were being drawn to hit because of K'ures uncontrolled energy bleeding, enraged the orcs even more.

Upon the groups return a hunting party was formed including Fe'tan junior and Deltran. The group had planed for orc attacks and were armed to the teeth. As was thought a group of orcs descended on the group in no time, what was not anticipated was the fact that the shamans magic didn't come to when they called it. Only two Draenei were killed well the entire raiding party was killed. Reports came to that this was happening to every orcish raid and the draenei thought this would show the orcs the error in what they were doing.

What little peace they had lasted for a short time as Telmore was attacked and destroyed by a united horde and new magic that allowed the orcs to command demons of the burning legion. Restalaan was killed in this raid as well as 90% of the city's population regardless of age or occupation.

The attack began the war on the orcs, Deltran and Fe'tan were moved to the capital of Shattrah, right before the orcs claimed the temple killing every single priest including there father. Deltrans hate of the orcs only grew more and more the day after the orcs claimed the temple. The final order came through to him he was to leave the city with Velen and a group of 200 Draenei before the attack and go to the villages the horde had no idea about in the zangarmarsh. Fe'tan offered to stay behind to help the plan. At the end of that night all 100,000 draenie were killed by the horde and the last of Deltrans family was among them.

Deltran was haunted by the visions of his family and friends and began to doubt why he had been spared. As the the dark portal opened and the horde flood into Azeroth Deltran droped his position as a shield of Velen to find out the answer to why he was spared and to avenge his family's deaths. He doesn't join in any of raids on the now week orc camps that still remain on Draenor.

When Ner'zhul attempts to flee from the alliance and opens the portals that would turn Draenor to Outland, Deltran is sent into a coma. In the coma Deltran saw his family and they told him it was not his fault they died and that they died to serve the light. They then told him he must live his life to do the same but live and see the end of the legion and anyone else that would seek to harm the light. Live up to his name.

Deltran awoke in the naaru ship, Tempest Keep 7 days later. He joined with the newly formed group known as The Hand of Argus to help defend the keep. Where he served for 20 years.

The Flight From outland

When the Blood elves invaded the outland and sensed the powers of Tempest Keep and sieged the ship. Deltran was among the fighters trying to stop them. He killed many of these new enemys but also so their utter lust for magic during the battle and was disgusted by it. He began to gain a hatred of this disgusting race of greedy beasts.

As the draenei wrestled control of the Exodar wing of the keep Deltran as well as many other draenei were sent into a protective sleep with in a magic chamber. As the battle raged on and the ship started its warp prosses the Blood elves some how manged to to wreck the vector Coil that created the warp function. The ship hurtled through the nether out of control and crashing onto Azuremyst Isles on.

Deltran on Azeroth Edit

Current activitys

After waking from his pod Deltran set out to help his people. After stopping a Blood elf plot to retake the Exodar he worked to help his new allies of the alliance to quell many threats to them.

He has no plans of settling down until the legion is defeated, the draenei and the alliance are once again at peace.


Deltran joined the guild Awakened to help on his quest defend the good against the evils. Within the guild he has mad many trust worthy friends.

Within the alliance he has found much love for the other races. The most being the Humans who study the light as well. The Night elves intrigue him as well from their powerful druid magics and shunning of dark magics. He share his love for drink and fun with the dwarves. The gnomes interest him though he thinks they have a tendency to go to deeply into the dark arts.

The Furbolg tribe that helped the draenei when they first crashed are also good friends of his.

Hatred & Distrust

Though Deltran tries to understand his enemy's before passing judgment of them, he still hates many of them, most of all being the burning legion. He sees the legion as a disgusting dark cancer on a healthy universe that he would be anything in his power (short of harming innocents) to stop them. In fact he distrust all demons and most warlock magics, though he understands that not all Warlocks are evil and that it is a necessary evil in these times.

The undead rank high on his hatred list as well. he sees them as unholy abominations that must be cleansed, but not at the lengths the scarlet crusades go, who he also believes must be stopped. He distrusts the forsaken most of all. He has heard the forsaken the light for much darker thing and embrace their undeath. These two things make Deltran see them as monsters.

Deltran has a major distrust of the horde for many reasons. The main one being his hatred of most of the horde races. He also has almost opposite belief's as the horde, along with there philosophies.

He also hates almost all criminal organization and even trys not to work with the pirate group known as the Blackwater Raiders unless he must.

Rumors Edit

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