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Kurenai Redmoon, a.k.a. Kurenaikamen, is a night elf warrior in service of the Alliance. Her nom-de-plume Kurenaikamen means 'the crimson masked one' in a language obscure to Azeroth.

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At an early age, Kurenai was something of a tomboy with a keen interest in the ways of the blade, much to the chagrin of her priestess mother. To this day, she and her mother often seem to get into an argument whenever she returns home to Darnassus.

A born explorer, her natural curiosity led her to venture into the wilds of Azeroth and beyond. After being met by a mysterious Icon-armory-18x18 human death knight and his Icon-armory-18x18 guild of fellow adventurers, Kurenai knew there was strength in numbers and joined their ranks, fighting alongside them to the best of her ability.

When the guild's leader mysteriously vanished in the frozen wilderness of Northrend, his understudy Icon-armory-18x18 Benty, along with several other guild seniors and Kurenai herself, took effective guardianship in his absence. Soon after, Benty also vanished without trace, effectively rendering the guild leaderless. Many battle-hardened raiders, including Kurenai, threw in their lot with the human paladins Icon-armory-18x18 Severause and Icon-armory-18x18 Grimtidings.

Kurenai is also a grand master blacksmith, and has crafted much of her own armour and weapons.


Seemingly unusual for a night elf — or any elf for that matter — Kurenai comes across as something of a ladette, a logical progression from her tomboyish childhood, and something that continues to be a bone of contention with her mother. Then again, it's not so unusual when she can dual-wield two handed weapons, dig ore from rocks, and bash out pieces of metal with a hammer and anvil. Her drinking habits seem more dwarven than elven, and not surprisingly finds good company among the Ironforge dwarves, in defiance of popular wisdom.

Kurenai is always eager to meet and fight alongside fellow warriors, and is particularly interested in meeting the elusive Finnall Goldensword and Blademistress Lyss.






  • I... am... NOT... FAT!!!

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