aka Kristy

  • I live in Kansas
  • I was born on February 20
  • My occupation is Truck Driver
  • I am female

I am Deadlykris, the former Blizzard MVP forum poster. See Deadlykris for more info. I'm also an admin on this wiki and The Vault.

I no longer play WoW, but as a former MVP I still retain a lot of knowledge about the game, pre-Cataclysm at least, and as a fan of the lore I've read most of the Warcraft novels and consider myself fairly well versed on much of the lore, especially what doesn't rely on a knowledge of the previous games in the series. I've watched most of the Warcraft III cinematics on Youtube as well.

Here are my characters as of when I quit the game; note that some of them will show up as unavailable due to dormancy. They all would, except that a friend sent a Scroll of Resurrection a while back so I popped in to see what was up, and quickly decided that I still didn't want to play.

As Level 80 Gnome Death Knight (first 80)

Dibella Level 80 Night Elf Druid (first character, first 60)

Darlene Level 80 Draenei Paladin (first 70, faction changed from Horde on Oct 25 2009, transferred from Doomhammer the same day and name changed from Deadlykris)

Nightmaiden Troll Rogue (first Horde 60)

Kristroyer Draenei Shaman (first Alliance 70)

Deadlykris Gnome Mage

Gnoway Gnome Warrior

Squirrels Gnome Rogue

Evilpixie Gnome Warlock

Demonmistres Forsaken Warlock

Withheld Troll Hunter

Kristine Draenei Priest

Note: most of the profiles are outdated and thus will not show up

I'm currently playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This weekend I'm gonna check out the starting areas in WoW again, on the advice of a friend.

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