Overview Edit

The wounds of the cataclysm have been healed, and with the help of the Pandaren the Alliance and Horde have established a tentative peace. But out of the depths of the world, a new threat has arisen. The Infinite Dragonflight have allied themselves with the remnants of the Twilight's Hammer. Twilight's Hammmer has been dubbed a new name, the Twilight Circle. The Twilight Circle and the Infinite Dragonflight have begun to stage their final stand; they attempt to unravel the timeline of Azeroth and plunge the World of Warcraft into chaos. You, as a hero, must travel back in time to the Second War and stop the Twilight Circle and the Infinite Dragonflight from destroying all life on Azeroth.

Features Edit

  • New Battlegrounds: Hillsbrad (Capture and Hold) Grim Batol (Generals)
  • New Horde Race: Ogres
  • New Alliance Race: High Elves
  • New Zones: The Second War
  • Level cap raised to 95
  • Travel back in time to the second war!

Zones Edit

Though the names may be old, you will see these familiar places with a new eye, before the cataclysm, before the third war, this is Azeroth a hundred years ago. Villages you have never seen, new races, it is like looking at Warcraft II in 3d.

Elwynn Forest Edit

  • Level: 84-86
  • Faction: Alliance/The Old Alliance
  • Opposing Forces: The Old Horde
  • Cities: Stormwind Keep, Northshire

The Elwynn Forest is peaceful... If it wasn't for the Horde. Horde invaders are closing in on Stormwind Keep, determined to take the city for their own and thus dominate the kingdom of Azeroth.

The Blackrock Steppes Edit

  • Level: 84-86
  • Faction: The Horde/The Old Horde
  • Opposing Forces: The Old Alliance/Twilight Circle (Twilight Steppes)
  • Cities: Blackrock Citadel, Stonemaul Village, Temple of the Damned (Raid)

Home of the Horde, Blackrock Steppes are riddled with danger. From Lightning Lizards to dark Twilight Dragons, one must be watchful also of the ever growing threat of the Alliance.

Khaz Modan Edit

  • Level: 86-87
  • Faction: The Alliance/The Old Alliance
  • Opposing Forces: The Old Horde
  • Cities: Dun Algaz, Ironforge, Grim Batol

Khaz Modan is the valley of the dwarves. The dwarves lived in relative peace during the first war, but were forced to join the Alliance after repeated Horde attacks. The dwarves have proved useful allies and are one of the most valuled members of the Alliance.

Lordaeron Edit

  • Level: 87-89
  • Faction: The Old Alliance/The Old Horde (Invaders)
  • Opposing Forces: Opposite Faction
  • Cities: Dalaran, Hillsbrad, Southshore, Tarren Mill

Lordaeron is one of the centers of humanity. Much of their military is trained there. Thus, it is crucial for the Alliance to keep the Horde off of there backs.

Alterac Edit

  • Level: 88-91
  • Faction: The Old Alliance/The Old Horde
  • Opposing Forces: Alterac/Opposite Faction
  • Cities: Stromgarde, Dun Modr (Ruins), Tyr's hand, Alterac (Raid), Stratholme

This is where the traitors of Alterac lie. Apparently, Lord Perenolde of Alterac has been dealing with the Horde since the first war, now he will be put to justice at his own throne.

Zul'Dare Edit

  • Level: 88-91
  • Faction: The Amani Trolls
  • Opposing Forces: The Old Alliance
  • Cities: Zul'Dare (Raid), Amani Stronghold

Zul'Dare is one of the largest Troll Strongholds. Now, the threat of the Alliance looms over the Troll's heads, and they need all the help they can get to drive the Alliance away.

Kul Tiras Edit

  • Level 91-93
  • Faction: The Old Alliance/The Amani Trolls (Invaders) The Old Horde (Invaders)
  • Opposing Forces: Opposite Faction
  • Cities: Crestfall, Kul Tiras, Southport (Alliance Naval Base)

Kul Tiras is a massive island, and the Horde seeks to control it. The Alliance amasses its forces for one of the greatest battles of all time.

The Heart of Chaos Edit

  • Level 93-95
  • Faction: The New Alliance/The New Horde
  • Opposing Forces: The Stormreaver Clan/Twilight Circle/The Infinite Dragonflight
  • Cities: Hammerhold, Tomb of Sargeras (Raid), Twilight Citadel (Raid)

The Heart of Chaos is an underground lair for the Infinite Dragonflight and the Twilight Circle. It is located directly under the Tomb of Sargeras; The Twilight Circle has begun siphoning siphoning power off of the body of Sargeras' avatar.

New Races Edit

Both the Alliance and the Horde have similar reasons for recruiting these races. These races were crucial during the second war and the Ogres and the Elves will be able to serve as diplomats to those very races of the past.

Ogres Edit

  • Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Shaman
  • Faction: Horde
  • Racial Abilities: Maul (Deals 140% weapon damage and 60% chance of 2 sec stun) Giant (You take 2% less damage from mace weapons)
  • Starting Zone: Dustwallow Marsh
  • Capital: None
  • Backstory: Some of the intelligent ogres of the Stonemaul clan have been permitted to travel back in time. Thrall thinks that they will be a useful asset to both the Old Horde and the efforts of the New Horde.
  • Leader: Grann Stonemaul (Level 95 Elite)

High Elves Edit

  • Classes: Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Rogue, Mage, Warlock, Priest
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Racial Abilities: Freedom of Movement (10% speed increase and all movement impairing effects are removed) Marksmanship (All elves may use bows)
  • Capital: None
  • Starting Zone: Quel'Thalas (old)
  • Backstory: Some of the Alliance travellers have been sent to the High Elves of the past, the High Elves, being a wise race and mistrustful of the Old Alliance, were eager to come to the future. This raised the High Elf population to equal that of Humans.
  • Leader: Alleria Windrunner (Level 95 Elite)

Raids Edit

With every new expansion, new raids must be added.

Alterac Edit

  • Level: 94-95
  • Faction: Alliance/Horde
  • Bosses: Alterac Pirate Ship (Level 94 Elite) Captain Anson (Level 94 Elite) Admiral Maristeed (Level 95 Elite) Lord Perenolde (Level 95 Elite)

Zul'Dare Edit

  • Level: 93-95
  • Faction: Alliance/Horde
  • Bosses: Serpent Lord Zul'jah (Level 93 Elite) High Priestess Aradana (Level 94 Elite) Soul of the Loa (Level 94 Elite) Avatar of Zul'jin (Level 95 Elite)

Tomb of Sargeras Edit

  • Level: 95-96
  • Faction: Alliance/Horde
  • Bosses: Windwalker Spirit (Level 95 Elite) Stormrunner Spirit (Level 95 Elite) Gul'Dan (Level 96 Elite) Soul of Sargeras (Level 96 Elite)

Twilight Citadel Edit

  • Level: 95-97
  • Faction: Alliance/Horde
  • Bosses: Baron Darkhollow (Death Knight Level 95 Elite) Lady Darksong (Banshee Level 95 Elite) Twilight Guardians (Level 96 Elites [3]) Abyssal Lord of Twilight (Level 96 Elite)
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