Who am I? Edit

Just a lowly wiki lover who tries to improve wikis however I can, either by adding information, improving structure, and by starting new articles all together.

Just thought I'd add that i'm a veteran paladin player, been one since launch. If you will look at my list of contributions, you will see that most of it is concerned with paladin abilities, combat, and tactics. Just adding info from my own experience as a paladin in pvp combat.

Where am I? Edit

I live in a suburb of Kansas City, named Independence, Missouri, USA. Been here all my life and if the mormons are right this is where God is going to set up his kingdom.

Stats Edit

  • Eye color: Green/blue
  • Hair: Sandy blonde
  • Weight: 208 lbs
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Age: 18

Working on Edit

  • All things related to hybrid pvp.
  • Getting a handle on warlock pvp and raid tactics.
  • Finding ways to get this page looking more structured and interesting. Tips are welcome! :D
  • Prepairing for college

Interests Edit

  • Ancient and Medieval history.
  • Computer and console video games
  • Strength training

Reading Edit

  • The Punic Wars by Adian Goldsworthy
  • The Reach of Rome by Derek Williams
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