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Josin Teya

General Info

Name: Lady Josin Teya
Nicknames: Josie, Jos, The Blazing Rose of Stormwind
Current Occupation:
Professions: Miner & Blacksmith
Race: Human
Age: 21
Class: Warrior
Sex: Female
Skin: Cream
Hair: Red
Guild: Elite Response Agency (ERA)

Physical Description:

Due to her warrior training, Josin's body is toned, but curvaceous, which nets her a fair amount of attention from men around Stormwind. Her flaming red hair spills over her shoulders, and dances about her in combat as though her head were aflame.

Personality Description: Josin is very sweet and sensitive, but fiesty as well, and gives as good as she gets when it comes to a battle of wits. She grew up around Stormwind's Guards, so she has a tough edge. Deep down, she truly wants to be a woman of society, attending fancy parties and events in Stormwind Castle. She has been taking instruction from her friend and guildmate Zaellanna, who was raised in noble society, and can teach her proper manners and etiquette.

Josin Teya


Raised by her father, a Stormwind Guard, Josin was exposed to the life of service to Stormwind at a very young age. She spent much of her young days listening to the (often exaggerated) tales of the Stormwind guards, and developing a deep admiration for the nobility of Stormwind.

She admired their finery, manners and station in the city. Deep down, she hoped one day to be able to attain such a station. But she was only a guard's daughter, and such dreams were folly of course.

Little Known Info

Friends and Enemies


Merlei Frost


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Josin lives on the Steamwheedle Cartel server.

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