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ERA's Lord Regent Dalrick Cogspinner in the Eastern Plaguelands

General Info Edit

Name: Dalrick Cogspinner
Nicknames: Dal
Current Occupation: Master of Intelligence of House Informare
Professions: Master Miner & Master Gnomish Engineer
Race: Gnome
Age: 28
Class: Rogue (5/23/23)
Sex: Male
Skin: Cream
Hair: Rust Red
Height: 2'11"
Guild: Elite Response Agency (ERA)

Physical Description Edit

  • On the short side for a male gnome, his lean, toned form speaks of a fluidity not usually found amongst gnomes.
  • A round patch, emblazoned with a script "I" adorns his cloak.
  • His orchid-colored eyes are constantly moving, scanning every detail of his surroundings.

Personality Description Edit

Dalrick is friendly and quick-witted, both loyal yet duplicitous when need be. He can be the life of the party, making friends and drawing attention, then disappear into a crowd and go unnoticed in the next moment. He is adept at manipulating people, though he rarely uses such talents on those close to him.


Dalrick Cogspinner & Meerlinda Barlenae by Ayslinn

Bio Edit

Dalrick grew up in Anvilmar, the son of loving parents. His Ma watched over him and his sister Bellordee, while his Da was one of King Mekkatorque's High Engineers. He spent his younger years exploring the area around Gnomeregan and Ironforge, though usually was found causing mischief in and around Kharanos with his best friend Whopert.

After the death of his friend Whopert, Dalrick left Dun Morogh altogether, disappearing for some time to explore the world of Azeroth. There is speculation about his whereabouts, but none save Dalrick seem to know for sure.

His Da died during the evacuation and fall of Gnomeregan, which left Dalrick as the head of his family. He now regularly sends money to his Ma in Anvilmar, seeing to it that she is provided for, though his sister Bellordee has returned him recently and generally takes care of their mother.

Dalrick joined ZERO at the behest of his Kel'Dorei friends Colora and Dannatar. After a short time, ZERO disbanded and reformed under Alyssa Waters as ERA, the Elite Response Agency. Dalrick quickly rose through the ranks of the organization, and heading House Informare, where he responsible for gathering of Intelligence and investigations conducted on behalf of ERA.

In recent months, Dalrick has gone beyond his duties as head of House Informare, taking up the duties of Regent in the absence of both Joras Richards and Alyssa Waters. Upon Waters' return, she bestowed the title of Lord Regent upon him, stepping down from active leadership of the guild.

Little Known Info

  • Dalrick blames himself for the death of his friend Whopert, while denying the death even happened if asked.
  • Has a fascination with gnomish magic-users, having only ever held an interest in one woman who did not fit that description.

Notable Names Edit

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Testimonials Edit

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Dalrick lives on the Steamwheedle Cartel server.

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