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Cyrdaz... who?

Good day, visitor. Only want to give you a short "know-about" about myself. Cyrdaz is a fictive name representing only a user, who is in love with warcraft lore and mainly interested in the conflicts between high elves and blood elves. He isn't able to favour one of the two races. He hates the blood elves for their addiction to fel magic but is sure of their architecture being the best one. The high elves' advantage is that Cyrdaz's favored characters of the Warcraft Universe belongs to them (the Windrunner family) or at least look like them (Korialstrasz/Krasus). But the blue look of their architecture is terrible and after all they belong to the Alliance... Have fun ;)

Things I want Blizzard do


Mages should get some cool stuff like summon a phoenix. The warlock's metamorphosis rocks, so please Blizzard, pimp my mage! and give him some incredible spells :) More of these interesting quests like throwing bombs, shooting with canons or steel horses. (The Death Knight quest line is the best one I have ever seen.

Things to implement

Power to the High Elves! I want to (role)play this race. Even if I have to change faction and be an member of the Alliance. The Nexus is coming. Now I'm waiting for Grim Batol to learn more about the Red Dragonflight. Uldum becoming instanced would be a nice thing, too.

Next expansion

I personally hope that the next expansion takes place round the Maelstrom and the Islands in the Great Sea. So the final encounter could be Azshara. For a reason the Alliance and the Horde are extremly threaten by the Nagas and now want to make an end.

My favoured things in the Warcraft Universe

Top 10 favourite characters:

File:Dh b11.png

Top 10 favourite races:

Top 5 favourite classes/units:

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