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WoW History
A self-styled priestaphiliac, Cynra is a long-time player of World of Warcraft having participated in the beta-testing (though admittedly under her brother's account). While originally an active member of both the Horde and PvP realms, she was eventually convinced to reroll Alliance on the Feathermoon US roleplaying server. There Cynra joined the ranks of prepubescent teens everywhere by rolling her Night Elf, a hunter by the name of Eszti Nightwing.

While interested in the vast - and often contradictory - lore of the universe, Cynra readily admits that she has never really played any of the previous Warcraft games; she enjoyed decimating the ranks of the Terran by playing the children of the Xel'Naga in StarCraft much more. She attempts to correct this deficit by talking to lore-mongers, researching on a number of informative websites, and actively participating in the forums.

Cynra currently co-leads a role-playing guild on the Feathermoon US server. Known as The Regiment, the guild provides a friendly environment which embraces the three aspects of the game that we find appealing: role-playing, player-versus-player combat, and raiding. Cynra is also the proud designer of the guild's website, which she selflessly promotes at every chance she can get.

While scouring the interweb for further information about the roleplaying apects of the World of Warcraft universe, Cynra stumbled across, a Wiki designed and maintained by roleplaying enthusiasts and nurtured by WoWWiki's Elüna. Intrigued by the concept behind the site, she became an active participant in the community, accumulating some two hundred fifty edits in a matter of days. Daunted by the neophyte's enthusiasm, Elüna made the mistake of granting Cynra status as a sysop and has been stuck with her ever since.

What's in a Name?
Cynra - whose heritage includes a minute amount of Hungarian blood on her father's side - has a moderate obsession with her heritage, the country’s history, and specifically its language. Her interest has found a natural expression through the names of her World of Warcraft characters. Known collectively as the Children of Valor, all of her currently-existing characters are universally female and possess Hungarian names. This has led to complications when interacting with others, since most people encountered in-game have little or no knowledge of the Hungarian language or how various letter combinations are pronounced. This has resulted in numerous bastardizations and nicknames, including C and Chia for her much-beloved priest Csilla.

A second convention is in place for each of her characters. Names are selected in order to reference some characteristic of the personality, appearance, or conduct of each girl. While these are usually descriptive, in a number of instances they are slightly mocking of various inadequacies that the characters may possess.

Cili (Mariska Stormborne)

  • Cili (CEE-lee): Hungarian form of English Cecilia, meaning "blind." Following her awakening as a Forsaken, Cili discovered that during her long sleep her eyes had been consumed by rodents and that she was blind in truth.
  • Mariska (MAW-ree-skaw): There are two possible origins of this name. Mariska is the pet form of the Hungarian name Mária, meaning "beloved." However, others claim that it means "of the sea," an appropriate name given her surname and family history.
  • Stormborne: Borrowed in part in deference to Daenerys Stormborn of "The Game of Thrones," the name references the fact that Cili's ultimate progenitor found his fortune on the seas as a pirate.

Csilla Kovács

  • Csilla (CHEEL-law): Derived from Hungarian word csillag meaning "star." The name was created by the Hungarian poet Mihály Vörösmarty. The name suited my priestling, especially in conjuction with her byname.
  • Kovács (KHO-vawch): A byname in Hungarian similar to our "Smith." When used with her name, this would make Csilla a "star smith", which Cynra found to be rather endearing given her personality and the fact that one of her professions is in fact blacksmithing.

Eszti Nightwing

  • Eszti (ES-tee): A pet form of the name Eszter, which is the Hungarian form of Esther. The name possibiliy means "star" in Persian. The name was selected for it's appropriateness of a kaldorei ("Children of the Stars") and for the SZ, for which Cynra has an admittedly immense fondness.
  • Nightwing: The name suited Esz, since she is more fond of the night than day and has an aged - if temperamental - strigid owl as an animal companion.

Rahel Isera’duna

  • Rahel (RAW-hell): Hungarian form of the name Rahel, meaning "ewe." Yes, Rahel's name refers to a female sheep. Given her rather volatile personality, Cynra found this to be rather amusing.
  • Isera'duna (EYE-ser-rah DUE-nah): Darnassian for "Pathfinder." A pathfinder is an individual who tends discover or find paths and leads a group safely from one point to another. It's ironic that Rahel, who finds it nearly impossible to steer her own life, can manage an entire organization an effectively get things done.

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Y'know, three priests to 60 and I've yet to have a single damned Bene!

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