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WoW History
A self-styled priestaphiliac, Cynra is a long-time player of World of Warcraft having participated in the beta-testing (though admittedly under her brother's account). While originally an active member of both the Horde and PvP realms, she was eventually convinced to reroll Alliance on the Feathermoon US roleplaying server. There Cynra joined the ranks of prepubescent teens everywhere by rolling her Night Elf, a hunter by the name of Eszti Nightwing.

While interested in the vast - and often contradictory - lore of the universe, Cynra readily admits that she has never really played any of the previous Warcraft games; she enjoyed decimating the ranks of the Terran by playing the children of the Xel'Naga in StarCraft much more. She attempts to correct this deficit by talking to lore-mongers, researching on a number of informative websites, and actively participating in the forums.

Cynra currently co-leads a role-playing guild on the Feathermoon US server. Known as The Regiment, the guild provides a friendly environment which embraces the three aspects of the game that they find appealing: roleplaying, player-versus-player combat, and raiding. To date, four out of her five Alliance characters on Feathermoon US belong to this guild with her main serving as guild leader and General of The Regiment. Cynra is also the proud designer of the guild's website, which she selflessly promotes at every chance she can get.

While scouring the interweb for further information about the roleplaying apects of the World of Warcraft universe, Cynra stumbled across, a Wiki designed and maintained by roleplaying enthusiasts and nurtured by WoWWiki's very own Elüna. Intrigued by the concept behind the site, she became an active participant in the community, accumulating some two hundred fifty edits in a matter of days. Daunted by the neophyte's enthusiasm, Elüna made the mistake of granting Cynra status as a sysop and has been stuck with her ever since. Though she's yet to lament her decision, Elüna once informed Cynra that the site would be fine in her absence.

On Roleplaying
Cynra styles herself a roleplayer, disdaining the use of terms like casual, medium, and heavy to refer to her style. However, if pressed, she will admit that she would most likely be categorized as a heavy roleplayer. She tends to conduct herself in an in-character fashion at almost all times when she ventures into Azeroth, with the largest exception being when she raids since the way her main raiding character butchers Common would leave her fellow raiders in a state of utter confusion. She continues to roleplay in-group in the face of frequent opposition from players who, for some odd reason, disdain roleplay and yet play on a roleplaying server. This is a state of affairs that still perplexes her, two years after having actively joined a roleplaying server.

If given the opportunity, the woman would gleefully inform anyone that, despite the stigma associated with many roleplayers by non-roleplayers, she actively engages in frequent PvP (both in the Battlegrounds and world PvP) and raids on two characters. Cynra is known to promote roleplaying to neophytes on the Feathermoon US RP server and has taken numerous young transfers to the server underwing in order to help ease them into a roleplaying mindset; she stringently condemns anyone that denounces roleplaying and roleplayers. That said, Cynra will not go out of her way to harass non-roleplayers and doesn't even mind attempts to ruin immersion (while the use of shorthand, leet, and dewd speak has be known to drive her bonkers), though she has been known to join crusades to enforce roleplaying server policies in regards to Blizzard's reactive response to violations.

In creating characters, Cynra heavily researches lore through the two most comprehensive World of Warcraft sources readily available to her: WoWWiki and a copy of the World of Warcraft The Roleplaying Game handbook that was given to her by a friend two years ago. She delights in using these sources to further flesh out her characters and help create extensive, well-rounded, and believable individuals. She disdains the proliferation of so-called Mary Sues and so her characters are typically very minor participants in the world with very limited spheres of influence.

One of Cynra's greatest kept secrets is that she was roleplaying in the World of Warcraft universe well before being coerced to join the Feathermoon US roleplaying server by an unnamed friend. Months before her emigration, she was roleplaying as both her human priest and gnome rogue on the Arthas US PvP server. She did this in the face of constant condemnation and harassment, most likely because she enjoyed watching the adverse reactions.

Y'know, three priests to 60 and I've yet to have a single damned Bene!

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