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Basic Information

Full Name: Craft Ramsay
Age: 35, born on the second of June
Home: Currently Stormwind
Guild and Associations:


Craft Ramsay is a tall, muscular man, with broad shoulders from years of getting into and out of trouble by the edge of his sword. His face is weather worn and hard, framed by a blackish-blue beard and long hair. His once cold, steel-grey eyes now glow a cold blue, thanks to the power infused into him as a Death Knight.

Most of the time Craft is found in full plate armour, even when walking the streets of Stormwind, his home. Rarely is he without his rune-marked two-hand sword, since the events of the Scourge invasion. He is often wearing either the white and black tabard of the Argent Crusade, denoting the Argent Exodus' connection with the institution, or Argent Exodus' own White Compass Rose on Blue Tabard.

Quick to smile and joke, Craft is often in good humour when among friends and allies, but in the heat of battle, will quickly turn serious and deadly to his foes. Despite the changes that he's undergone from his time serving as a minion of the Lich King prior to breaking free, he maintains his old sense of humour and outlook on life.


Craft Ramsay has broken free of the influence of the Lich King after a near death experience, and retaken the reins of Argent Exodus, despite some distrust over his loyalty. Craft seeks to prove his allegiance to the Alliance and take part in the final destruction of the Scourge that controlled him for nearly a year.


Commander Craft Ramsay, Death Knight

Born the son of a High Seas Privateer and a common port whore, Craft almost did not survive his first day. His father, unwilling to be burderned with the troubles of a child was going to toss Craft into the cold salty waters and let him drown. His mother, however, begged and pleaded, saying she could send him away to Stormwind, to live with her relatives who would raise him as their own. Accepting the promise that Craft would be no burden on him, Craft's father agreed, and within a week Craft was on his way to Stormwind, and his new family the MacAthols

Craft's childhood was spent with his cousin, Caius MacAthol and their close friend Arendra MacFarrell, untill he was able to sign up to serve the fledgling army of Stormwind. Craft's duties took him across the Eastern Kingdoms for a good number of years, where he developed a taste for Ale and Brothels. He became infamous amongst the nobles of Stormwind during a posting in the city, more then once found fleeing the bed of the wife of one important dignitary or another. Craft's misadventures eventually got him sent to Theramore on a posting, where events there would lead him to resign and start on another path.

After his resignation, Craft began the long path of getting "respectable" thanks to the one person in Azeroth that seemed to realize that there was mroe to Craft then what was on the surface. Maia Sherbourne assisted Craft in the formation of the Argent Exodus, and fell in love with the redeemed warrior. They were married in the summer, but had little time to celebrate due to the hectic lives they lived.

Despite becoming respectable, Craft still had a talent for making rather powerful enemies. When he faced off against the Emperor of Blackrock Depths, he shouted back at the Dwarf, who was blabbering about his Awe-Inspiringness: "I'm Awe-Inspiring AND Minty Fresh." He would later make enemies of the Troll God Hakkar, the Firelord Ragnaros, The Qiraji fighters in Silithus, High General Abbendis of the Scarlet Crusade, his pet chicken Wings, and eventually Lord Nefarius of Blackwing Lair. Craft along with his friends would overcome these enemies, and eventually move forth through the Dark Portal and into Outlands

In Outlands, Craft made an enemy that overwhelmed him. Sargeras, the corrupted Titan was to be returned to Azeroth from the nether in Craft's body, and a Cult that had risen to meet this goal had converted Maia and destroyed Craft's will. Craft, however, was blessed by the protection of Aman'thul and was an unsuitable host for Sargeras. Sargeras desire for revenge had Craft captured and tortured. Maia, and Meirit sought to rescue him, but in their attempt were wiped from Azeroth by the Burning Legion, and Craft was left alone and broken.

Craft was changed by the loss of the people that meant the most to him, and became withdrawn and secluded, even leaving the position of Commander of Argent Exodus, and his friends, behind him in an attempt to rediscover himself. Over a two month period Craft wandered alone, trying to figure out what the future would hold for him. Eventually he returned to Stormwind, and stopped by the Blue Recluse for an ale, when he encountered Aaren Bloodbourne, and his life started down another path...

Craft ended up leaving the Argent Exodus to take up the path of Knighthood under Aaren Bloodbourne and the Golden Hand. While he excelled in combat, and achieved the rank of Knight rather quickly, part of Craft always thought he was not worthy of the position. He was used to life as a soldier, and had crossed many lines a Knight would not in the past.

As a Knight of the Golden Hand, Craft became attracted to Aaren, and the two became close friends. Through this, Craft also became enemies with the Warlock Keruptis who had sought to turn Aaren to a Death Knight serving him, or kill her. Craft's soldier nature allowed him to come to Aaren's aid on a number of occasions, once even giving up a portion of his essence to bring her back from the edge of death. Eventually, Aaren and Craft were led to what should have been their demise, a tower laced with explosives where an innocent child was being held. In the explosion Aaren suffered amnesia, and Craft's body was battered to the verge of death, where he was "rescued" by the Lich King.

Tricked into the service of the Lich King, Craft's body was mended, and infused with new powers. The encroachment of the Scarlet Crusade led by General Abbendis gave the Lich King the perfect opportunity to force Craft's loyalty, and to exploit his hatred for Abbendis. During his time as a minion of the Lich King, Craft committed many atrocities, slaying innocents and children, and even his former Squire Vaida, turning her to one of the Lich King's undead Death Knights. At the battle of Light's Hope, Craft was eventually freed from the Lich King's influence, but remained infused with the power of his runeblade.

His mind freed, Craft began pulling the Argent Exodus back together, seeing that they would be needed in the upcoming battles against the Scourge in Northrend...

Commander of Argent Exodus on Server:Steamwheedle Cartel US.

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