Covert007 is a Total nerd who has played all 3 WarCraft games and avidly plays World of WarCraft. His nerdness is not bound to WarCraft, as he knows the entire history of StarCraft and much of the Diablo history. He has read all but a few of the WarCraft books, and all 3 StarCraft books. He can not be called Nerdius Maximus, as he does not play D&D, and therefore has no knowledge of it's workings.

Outside of Blizzard's games, he once played RuneScape and Command & Conquer: Renegade multiplayer, as well as nearly every other C&C before Zero Hour (this include Emporer: Battle for Dune, which sucked but was made by Westwood). Prior to a stark realization of StarCraft's (which was his first online multiplayer experience in any game genre) he explored older games such as Fallout and R.A.T.T, as well as newer single player games, including Splinter Cell and StarWars Battlefront II.

His WoW career, though short, is immensly interesting. Based in Lothar, he joined a guild called Twilight's Vigil at the green level of 32. Learning from the insight of older members, he quickly grew into place in the wholesome and friendly enviroment. Later, however, he left Twilight's Vigil for personal reasons, including guilt from his constant mooching (that is, taking without giving back). Afterward, he turned to larger guilds such as Generations. Uncontent with feeling like one of many, he tried several guilds until reaching his current, Knights of Valor. Instantly placed in 3rd command, he functions well until his recent communications blackout, and has not been heard from since.

While majoring in Renegade (under the name of Engine101, and later Engnst0rm), he sought multiple arenas for discussion and competition. He originially stationed himself at with the noteable leader CnCFan, but after several atrocities against him and an incident involving a Server Bot feature, he left BC. Sometime after that, he looked into a group that had repeadtedly butted heads with the authorities at BC. The community was known as n00bstories, nonn00bs, and led by a collective individual that also managed the official known as Crimson, which was very demonized at BC. After an event involving a friend of his vandalizing cyberspace at (after he had logged in at the same IP), he left the forums. Afterward, he frequented Mad Spy's hideaway on Westwood online, until eventually finding the community that he would game with for nearly a year's time: St0rmgaming, at the time called St0rmhosting. Immedietly fitting in with the crowd, he experienced only success and pride in the name of the St0rm. He joined the clan, the Fighting St0rm, and officially changed his name to reflect his loyalties.

After a considerable time, he withdrew from St0rm for an unclear reason, only to later resurface under the pretense of renewing the community's Renegade legacy. A short time after, St0rmgaming set up a Lineage 2 server, which drew many new players to the community. This irritate Covert, as the new folk would often post in incorrect sections, blindly believing that St0rmgaming was only an L2 related group. After much internal strife due to neglect of servers and a lenghty absence of the highly capable and charismatic leader (WiloSt0rm), St0rmgaming's Renegade server fell to pieces when coupled with the near permanent crash of Westwood Online (Statistics state that before this "crash" [downtime followed by a restart], there were at least 100 servers, and afterward, there was an average of 6.) With the near extinction of his only Multiplayer FPS game and thusforth his connection to the St0rm, Covert007 fell off the radar and has not been heard from since.

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