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Future expansion and race ideas

Azeroth New World Map



The Emerald Dream

New Races

Horde: Drakonids

Alliance: Kobolds

Neutral: Wildhammers

Accessing the Dream

As in The Burning Crusade, The Emerald Dream will be accessible by portal. Unlike Outland however there will be 4 different portals to choose from, all leading to different spots in the Dream. Twilight Grove will connect to Dreamfalls, Dream Bough will connect to Mu'Sha Basin, Bough Shadow will connect to Feywood, and Seradane will connect to Zul'Aman. Druids will also be able to learn a spell at 82 that brings them directly to the Eye of Ysera. Of course mage portals will also be available for the Eye and the Eye will have portals leading to all capitols including Shattrath and Dalaran.

Dream Bough


The Emerald dream |80-90

  • Zul'Aman: This zone is representative of Eversong wood, Ghostlands, and the Eastern and Western Plaguelands. It is the home of the Amani trolls and the entire foresty region is one giant city enclosed by a wall. 78-90
  • Mu'sha Basin: This zone represents The Barrens, Mulgore, Durotar, and Stonetalon. This zone is the dominian of the Shu'Halo(another name for more primitive Tauren). This region has a massive wall of stone around it that Shu'Halo say to be a gift from the Earthmother to protect their empire which is vastly larger than the normal Tauren Empire on Azeroth. 78-80
  • Feywood: This is representative of Trisifal, Western Plaguelands, Silverpine, Hilsabrad, Alterac, and Arathi. It is the traditional home of the humans and is where their primitive beings reside. It is also the original home of the Fey energies that morph animals and beings that are consumed by it into Fey creatures like the Faerie Dragon. It is far from the Nightmare and is nearly untouched. It is also the home of The Eye of Ysera. 80-82
  • Khaz'Modan: This is representative of the Wetlands region down through the Elwynn region. It is the native home of the dwarves and their massive cities tower all over the landscape. 82-84



  • Dreamfalls: This zone represents the Duskwood region down through the Stranglethorn Vale region.It is the home of the Sprites and Pixies. It is also home of the Bog Beast's kingdom. Nearly all inhabitants are immune to the Nightmare's corruption so Dreamfalls is almost completely untouched. 84-86
  • The Jadelands: This zone represents Feralas, Desolace, Thousand Needles, and Dustwallow. It is the home of the Centaur kingdom. In the Emerald Dream The thuggish centaurs created a large kingdom out of Jade. Because all other races hate the Centaurs, The Jadelands have large highways so every corner of he kingdom is easily accessible for Centaur soldiersto defend the land. 84-87
  • Astaria: This region represents Silithus, Tanaris, and Un'Goro. This region is the homeland of the astral beings like the Children of the Stars. The entire region is a desert with blue crystals protruding from various places that make the sands glow blue. 86-88
Revenant art

Child of the Stars

  • The Frozen Wastes:The Northern most reaches of the Emerald Dream. This zone is home to the Tuskarr in the south and the Earthen in the North. 87-90
  • Azol-Nerub:This is the Amazing kingdom of the Nerubians. This massive city is a wonder in the works of architecture and ingenuity. The kingdom stretches under the entirety of The Frozen Wastes and parts of the other regions. 88-90
  • Emerald Paradise: This zone represents the Moonglade region down through the Ashenvale region. This zone is the dominion of the ancient Night Elves and the Dark Troll Empire. It is extremely corrupted by the Nightmare and is where Zin-Azshar resides. 88-90

New Instances:


Dungeons of Dalaran: the dungeons in which Kael'thas was kept years ago is now ravaged. Ghosts of the guards are wiling through the ominous chambers, convicts run wild, thirsty Blood Elves scrounge whatever remaining magic is left, and the failed experiments of the old Dalaran wizards still hunger for fresh meat in the eerie dungeons. Final boss is the ghost of Jailor Kassan. level 29-34 Alterac


Dungeons of Dalaran

Old Dalaran:The site where the new Dalaran was created only overshadowed the dark ruins beneath it. When it left for North Rend the Old Dalaran filled with the ghosts of old wizards was exposed. level 36-41 Alterac

Grim Batol:This fortress of Wildhammer dwarves and the red dragonflight was sealed off from the rest of the world for a very long time. Now the gates are open daring any adventurer to challenge its depths. level 48-53 Wetlands

Uldum:The titan city deep below Tanaris where the Earthen sleep has finally been found by dwarven expeditioners. The city is made up of Ogres, Dwarves, beasts of the desert, and a great stone watcher similar to Archaedas. level 62-67 Tanaris

'Emerald Dream:'

Dread Maul:the representation of dire maul in the Emerald Dream. Filled with unruly elementals and elves. Recently a strange Gronn was also transported here and has taken the inner sanctums of Dread Maul for himself. level 78-81 the Jadelands

The Flooded Temple: the representation of Sunken Temple in the Emerald Dream it was once home to a vast populaion of green dragons but now Emeriss has taken it over and put his corrupted dragonflight to guard the temple. Bosses include Nariastrasz the befeater guardian (an old guardian of the temple who gave into Emeriss), Arastros the warden (corrupted drake in charge of guarding all the prisoners), Mave Whisperwind (Tyrande's cousin who led an expedition in the Emerald Dream), Taldiastrasz the black emerald (the mate of Emeriss) level 79-82 Khaz'Modan

Naxxrule:the representation of Naxxramas in the Emerald Dream. a floating Necropolis of life and growth. It is covered in huge trees and plants. But not all is well in Naxxrule. The Nightmare has infected the high Druid Kal'Turad who is summoning his druid brethren and the Children of Cenarius to help spread the Nightmare. Bosses include Nargun te Ancient of Dreams, Dingle Lightwing the Spritelord, Califax the Spiritkeeper, Hypnogar the Mindkiller, and Kal'Turad the High Dreamer. level 80-84 Zul'Aman

Zul'Astar: The representation of Zul Farrak in the Dream. It is an ancient troll capitol in the midst of the crystal sands in Astaria. It is home to the star trolls who have been heavily corrupted by the Nightmare. Now they let nobody into their city. Bosses include Zul'kane Star Eater, Feng the Astral, and Kul the Moonslayer. level 82-85 Astaria

Scholonar:The representation of Scholomance in the Emerald dream. It is a university for the twisted dark druids and shamans that follow the Night maer. This school not only plays host to Night Elf and Undead but also rogue members of the dragonflights who found refuge in this school. The school is watched over by the High professor or the dean appointed by the Night Maer. Bosses include Boric Sleepmolder, The Dream Smith, Arduath the Lost rider, and High Professor Kibble Gearwitz (current dean of Scholonar and a Leper Gnome). level 83-87 Zul'Aman (5-MAN & RAID)

An'She Mesa:The traditional home of the Sun warriors. Their renegade leader, Ma'ne Sunwalker, rules his warriors from the mesa and it is his stronghold. Bosses include Karg Strongaxe, The Shatterer, Gamun the Shamanlord, and Ma'ne Sunwalker. level 84-87 Mu'Sha Basin

Darkwater Deeps: The representation of Blackfathom deeps in the Emerald Dream Darkwater Deeps is the great cavernous city of the Highborne. The Highborne have been peaceful for many years but when outsiders came to the emerald dream the naga that came over found the place they knew as Blackfathom deeps and took it for their own and twisted the highborne into evil pons of Azshara. Bosses include Azera the Twisted, Lord Nargath, and The Flood. level 86-88 Emerald Paradise

The Jade citadel: The home and ruling spot of of the Centaur Khans.It is at the center of the Highway system in the Jadelands. It is a large citadel palace made completely out of jade. Toric Dusthoof, The Warbreaker, and Ogral Khan. evel 87-90 The Jadelands

Brakcenhide Falls: Brackenhide Quilboars were once peaceful in their capital city. But when the Undead came to Azeroth they took Brackenhide Falls politically by showing the greedy Quilboars the power they could have. level 88-90 Mu'Sha Basin

The Deep Kingdom: In the vast depths of Azjol-Nerub the Nerubians, in their expansion, too far into the earth and uncovered Yon-Taros, an old god who turned on the druid keepers of the emerald dream. level 90 Azjol-Nerub

Emeriss' Landing:The Emerald Nightmares greatest corrupted agent, Emeriss landed in the forests of Khaz'Modan. He created the corrupted dragonflight took of the Flooded temple for himself, building a huge spire resembling Wyrmrest temple in it's center. level 90 Khaz'Modan

Halls of Crystal:This is the first of the 2 Uldanar instances. It is the lower base of operation for the dark titan Archus and his Earthen decipels. Crystal Earthen baring dark magic fill these halls trying to activate the archives. Crystal giants lumber through its depths guarding the ancient secrets. level 90 The Frozen wastes

Endgame Raids

Halls of Metal:This is the second of the Uldanar instances. It is the higher base of operations for the dark titan Archus and his metal giant decipels. This dungeon is made up of mostly metal giants and metal golems and is also where Archus resides. level 90 The Frozen wastes (10 MAN RAID)

Karator:The representation of Karazhan in the Emerald dream. The tower home of the peaceful Eradar colony in the Emerald dream. But ever since the Night Maer has taken up residence in the Emerald dream more and more of the Burning Legion are ushered in. After the Eradar of the Burning Legion came they went to Karator and showed the peaceful Eradar the mighty dark magic they could weild. level 90 Khaz'Modan (25 MAN RAID)

The Eye of Nishera: Outside of the Nightmare Nishera is the guardian of the Emerald Dragonshire. But in the Dream her rage for the destruction of her homeland consumes her. Nishera the Dreamsavage rules this exact replica of the Emerald Dragonshire in its former glory. In the center is a mimic of the Eye of Ysera. Among Nishera's followers are Alyskan the prophit, Ysondre, Lethon, and Taerar. level 90 Feywood (25 MAN RAID)

Zin-Azshar: Once this was the ancient home of the highborne. When the Highborne let an old god into their midst beneath the city the very inhabitants living in the city became twisted and morphed into new beings. The old god, Goliath, started spreading a plague amongst the Emerald Dream called the Nightmare. Now the demented highborne guard Goliath who shape-shifted into a near titan looking figure. level 90 Emerald Paradise (25 MAN RAID)

Released in patches

The Phoenix Lands: Lamenting the death of his family Sylvos Windrunner, an esteemed archmage sought refuge in the emerald dream. He lead an expedition of high elves through an Emerald portal. Once there Sylvos gave his soul to the well of eternity in exchange for unimaginable powers. Armed with these new druidic powers, Sylvos lead his high elves to an island to the North of Zul'Aman where he set the land ablaze, coarsing with eternal flame and he created what would become the lifeblood of his society, The Phoenix Well. From the ashes Sylvos fused his arcane and druidic magics to create a new strain of life: Phoenix Trees. This new faction of elves was named the Phoenix Elves and this island came to be known as the Phoenix Lands.


Sylvos Windrunner

Soldonar: Around the Phoenix well Sylvos made his capitol: Soldonar. This is Sylvos' masterpiece. A Phoenix Tree fed by the well and considered a new world tree. Soldonar contains a 5 man dungeon and a 10/25 man raid.

Soldonar Pallisades: The 5 man dungeon is the outer ramparts of the city. It is set up in a circular in surrounding the trunk of the tree. Waves of enemies flow out of a portal on the opposite side of the instance entrance. Every 4th wave is a boss until all 5 portal bosses have been defeated. The waves keep coming until you reach the portal and defeat the last boss who is a Phoenix mage that sustains he portal. lv. 86 The Phoenix Lands

Soldonar Throne: To reach this 10/25 man raid you mus first finish the pallisades and ride the phoenix at the end of the instance to the landing pad near the top of the tree. From there you must work your way up through 14 bosses to the top branches of Soldonar to the throne of Sylvos that overlooks the Phoenix Well. lv. 90 The Phoenix Lands

Race Descriptions


Argal Nightfang

Worgen: The violent graceful world of Xun on which the Worgen originated was taken by the Burning Legion a long time ago. Then Arugal and Velinde Starsong came. Arugal summoned the ravenous feral Worgen that had been corrupted by the burning legion. Velinde summoned the good-hearted Worgen who were greatful for being given an escape from their world. These Worgen dissapeared with Velinde behind the Greymane wall admitting them into the sealed of human domain of Gilneas. Let in by the rebels who protested the rule of the insane Genn Greymane. With the help of the rebels the Worgen pack leader Argal NightFang and Velinde Starsong defeated Greymane and his human army, taking the city of Orthun which they renamed Lycarous. After this the Worgen established their kingdom in Gilneas. When they told the humans of what had happened the humans were suspicious since Gilneas had once been an Alliance domain. But overall the Humans remembered that Genn Greymane had severed his ties to the Alliance when he had sealed himself in Gilneas. For this the Worgen were accepted into the Alliance.

capitol: Lycarous

leader:Argal Nightfang and Velinde Starsong

classes:warrior, rogue, warlock, mage, priest


Racial abilities:

Bloodthirst: Allows Worgen to regain mana and health by drinking an enemies blood.

Razorclaws: Increases damage done by worgen by 3% when attakcing in close combat.


frostscale peasant

Murloc: the Murloc empire of the deeps is finally moving out of the bleak depths of the Great Sea. The massive frostscale murloc empire made their home on the cannel islands in the ruins of an old human city of Lionsgate. There the leader of the frostscale, Argara, helped the many refugees of Lionsgate take back their city from the scourge that moved in the area.


leader:Argara Frostscale

classes:warrior, hunter, mage, warlock, priest

mount:hippocamp(from Greek mythology a horse from the sea with aqautic features)

Racial Abilities:

Gills: Allows Murlocs to breath underwater

Swift flippers: Allows Murlocs to swim 60% faster than other races

Endurance: Allows Murlocs to be free of fatigue while swimming.

Faceless One Face

Prince Thorom'Ja

The Unbroken: The great servants of the old gods, The Faceless Ones, have finally emerged from the confines of the deep earth. Now the faction of red skinned faceless ones have broken away from the old gods. They have created another home on Azeroth on another piece of Sunken Kalimdor. Knowing the Old Gods would punish them for this betrayal they sought allies among the Alliance begging them for protection. The Alliance accepted them so that they could help in the fight against the other faceless ones. On there section of Sunken Kalimdor they created a cavernous capitol that resembles Azjol-Nerub in many ways but with a more organic style architecture and named it Azlar. Since their King Tal'An was captured by the other faceless ones when he valiantly gave his life so the other unbroken could escape. Now their prince Tharom'Ja leads them.

capitol: Azlar

Leader: Prince Tharom'Ja

classes: Warrior, Hunter, Warlock, Shaman, Priest

Mount: strange faceless dog type of creature

Racial Abilities:

tentacles: this ability when cast gives dps equal to 5% of your health every 5 seconds.

sonic confusion: this ability when cast disorientates everybody in a 3 yard radius and switches their controls.


wildhammer dwarf

Wildhammer Dwarves: The Wildhammer Dwarves have remained neutral in the Horde and Alliance fight for years. Now they have declared complete allegience to the alliance as the new Wildhammer expedition has made new discoveries in the misty frontier of the seas. Lead by Jardin Wildhammer they found a way around Grim Batol into the land of Grim Batol known for it's crags and lush greenery. Here they established their new capitol of Wildforge. The city's architecture resembles the gryphons the Wildhammers consider companions and vegetation grows over the city. Soon after they made Grim Batol their home they conquered another region that is right above Elwynn forest accesible through a gate in Stormwind harbor called Gor'Modan. Unlike their Ironforge brethren the wildhammer's culture is based on gryphons, shamanism, and druidicy.

capitol: Wildforge

leader: Jardin Wildhammer

classes: Warrior, hunter, shaman, druid, rogue

mount: flightless gryphon

Gryphon Mastery: Grants 5% extra speed while riding any gryphon mount.

tattoos: allows Wildhammers to get tattoos which improve stats for money.


Kobold tunnel worker

Kobold: The ancient society of the Kobold was unknown to be one of the oldest in the entirety of Azeroth. In their recently discovered homeland of Deep Alterac, which is a colossal cave beneath the Mountains of Alterac, the dwarven excavators have discovered a civil world of Kobolds right beneath their feet. The assumed stupid cretures had created a vast metropolis called Collossun City. The Kobolds although did not show it were advancing greatly in tinkering. Deep underground they only face the threat of cave beasts and the forces of Princess Myzrael from the kingdom of Deep Arathor. They became fond of the dwarves as they are both cave creatures and agreed to join the alliance.

Capitol: Collossun City

Leader: King Gabrek

Classes: Warrior, mage, warlock, rogue, priest

mount: Boar

Racial Attributes:

Illumination: The candle on the Kobold's head provides them with greater 5% accuracy.

Genetic Mining: Levels the mining proffesion 25% faster than any normal race.

Cave Skin: Provides a 4% greater defense rating from their thick skin


Chen Stormstout

Pandaren: The peaceful Pandaren Empire of Pandaria has gone undetected for centuries. Now the Pandaren have come out of hiding and opened their doors to the rest of the world. The Pandaren capitol of Panthenar is the center of Pandaren culture. The culture of brewing, the elements, and an open mind. Panthenar also straddles the border between the tame northern Pandaria and the harsh feral southern Pandaria. Since the Pandaren started leaving their homeland the great hero, Chen Stormstout, came back to fill the vacant position as leader of Pandaria,

Capitol: Panthenar

Leader: Chen Stormstout

Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Rogue, Priest

mount: Praying Mantis

Notable cities

Nuetral cities

Eye of Ysera: the capital of the brood of Ysera's green dragonflight. It is a valley of of emerald growth with a huge gold dome in the center and several smaller domes round it.

Azjol-Nerub(inner city): In the upper section of the massive city of Azjol-Nerub is The Inner ring. This is home to the spiderlords and is a haven for any races that wish to enter into its depths.

Emerald Dream Factions

Brood of Ysera: A sect of the green dragonflight who reside with Ysera in the Emerald Dream.

Spiderlords: The noble sect of the Nerubians that rules and protects the city. They are based in the inner ring of the city and are enlisting any travelers to help with their cause.

The Sculptors: The Earthen known as the sculptors have sought the help of travelers. They wish to help and aid friends with problems and show them how to sculpt masterpieces.

Children of Fey:An equivalent of the Aldor or Scryers in the Burning Crusade. The Children of Fey are focused to magic using classes and are hated enemies of the Children of Stars. The Feylings are made up of mostly Fey Elves who were High Elves who were turned into blue skin with faerie wings. They sell Faerie Dragons as mounts and reside in Feywood.

Children of Stars:An equivalent of the Aldor or Scryers in the Burning Crusade. They are revenants and the new Star Elementals who are the creations of Elune. They are focused to melee classes and are hated enemies of the Childen of Fey. They sell Star Striders as mounts and reside in Astaria.

Blue moth

Star Strider

Creatures of the Emerald Dream

Feylings: normal creatures who have been warped by Fey energies. All races turn into different model.

Starlings: elementals who were created by Elune as protectors of the moon. Made out of complete astral energy.

Dryads: Keepers of the Emerald Dream. They combat the forces of the Nightmare along with Ysera's kin.

Sons of Cenarius: Keepers of the Emerald Dream. They combat the forces of the Nightmare along with Ysera's kin.

Shambling Mounds: A strange and slow moving creature the shambling mounds are viscious attackers and are resistant to the scourge.

Sprites: Sprites are mischievous fairy type creatures who control the region of Dreamfalls.

New Hero Class

Illidan Cine

demon hunter

Demon Hunter: A mix between a rogue and a warlock or mage. Demon hunters are either arcane or demonic focused along with rogue. They start off in Seeker's keep in a remote region of Feralas. Then depending on which path you take through the keep you will either become demonic focused or arcane focused. Demon Hunters have a clothing slot just for the eye-piece. Demon Hunters are leather wearers. The 3 talent trees will be Fiendish combat, Arcane, and Blademastery. INTRODUCED IN THE FINAL FRONTIER

Spirit Walker: A mix of a shaman, a Druid, and a mage, this hybrid hero class is based on quick mental shocks and spirit state. They use Serenity as their form of power instead of mana or energy. Serenity is regained slowly when out of battle, and quickly when using tranquil spells. mental shocks are furious spells in which the spirit walker probes his enemy's brain and shocks it. The mental shocks cost Serenity. A useful trait of the Spirit Walker is the Spirit State which prevents them from using melee but increases their serenity regeneration by 80%, reduces their threat, and increases their mana healing abilities and healing abilities. Spirit Walkers are leather wearers. The 3 talent trees will be Tranquility, Spirit Healing, and Mental Combat. INTRODUCED IN THE EMERALD DREAM


dranei monk

Monk: Monks are a spiritually intuned class. Instead of mana or rage they build up Focus to fuel their martial arts based combat. Monks are simple fighters, usually only using their fists. But they use magic to enhance their martial arts skills. They can also imbue their hands with special spells to help their unarmed combat. Also as they progress they can train with their class trainers for their unarmed combat to do more damage. Monks are mail wearers and can tank farely well with only fists. Similar to the Paladin they can also heal. The 3 talent trees will be Unarmed, Martial arts, and Healing. INTRODUCED IN THE WRETCHED QUEEN

Primal: The primal is a hero class based on its many versatile forms it can take.It has 2 dps forms, 2 healing forms, and 2 tanking classes. All forms are useful in different situations of battle.

Bat: long range dps based on damage over time

spider: Short range dps based on quick strong attacks

Lynx: A healing form based on protective wards

Wind Serpent: a standard healing form

Snow Leopard: A tanking class based on strong attacks

Rhino: A tanking class based on strong armor

The Wretched Queen

New Races

Alliance: Pandaren

Horde: Murloc

New Zones

Notable cities

nuetral capitals

Mak'aru: the coral like capitol of the makrura deep within the heart of the Maelstrom is the closest allied against the Naga and Nazjatar.

Undermine: This is the Goblin capitol located on the island of Kezan. It has never gone to war because goblins are only intersted in trading.

Gnomeroth: The sain leper gnomes of gnomeregan, rejected by the rest of the world traveled to sunken Kalimdor to start a new life for themselves. and they created their new capital of Gnomeroth which is visually similar to Gnomeregan.

other notable cities

Balor: once a great human stronghold it was then captured by the horde and then left alone for a long time. Now the horde is back to occupy it. HORDE

Crestfall: a particularly paranoid Alliance city. Paranoid of all outsiders. ALLIANCE

Darkspear city: Located on the reef of the sunken darkspear Islands it is procariously placed next to the instance, The Underkeep. So it could be a main hub for travelers to the instance. HORDE

Zuldazar: the biggest troll capital in the world this is the home to the jungle trolls. HORDE

Borulas: the human nation of Kul Tiras' capital lies here. ALLIANCE

Tol Barad City: the half of the island that is not occupied by the prison. the city is heavily guarded in case of potential breakout. ALLIANCE


Bloodsail Hold: this stronghold of the the bloodsail buccaneers is home to their master fleet and their leader, Duke Falrevere. Lv. 97 Plunder Isle

Tol Barad: this prison is filled with only the most dangerous fugitives in all of Azeroth. It is guarded by the remaining Dalaran wizards. But recently the cells have been broken and an uprising has occurred led by the ogre mage Dentarg. lv. 98 Tol Barad

Drisburg: this was a small city on Kul tiras when the scourge attacked. they slayed everyone and made it their citadel on Kul Tiras. Lv. 92 Kul Tiras

the Underkeep: located on the darkspear isles this was and underground fortress for mur'guls who worshipped a sea witch built on the ruins of another stronghold. It is massive complex underneath the islands. ruled over by the dreaded sea witch. lv. 94 Darkspear Isles

Caverns of Time Battle of Theramore: In this wing of Caverns of time you enter into Thrall's camp off the shores of Theramore and proceed to lead his troops through the city until you come to Daelin Proudmoore and slay him. lv. 96 Caverns of time

Izal-Shurah: The ancient library of Suramar lies desecrated on the wastes of the broken isle. Now a new power is rising from the deeps. Xavius, lord of the satyrs, and his satyr brethren have invaded the halls of the library to try an further their power using ancient tomes of the highborne. lv. 93

Caverns of Time Aegwynn vs. Sargeras: You follow Aegwynn into battle with the Avatar of Sargeras and help her defeat him. lv. 100 caverns of time

Mount Kajaro: The mountain on which many jungle trolls protect the rest of Deathwing on the mountain. lv. 100 Kezan (25 MAN RAID)

Nazjatar: The home of the naga and their wretched queen Azshara. 3 winged instance.

wing 1 the outer city: where most of the naga live and where the the city keeper lives. lv. 90

wing 2 the murky commons: markets and shops line the streets of the commons. Now the guardians of the city are on the watch for intruders more than ever. lv. 94

wing 3 The Coral Citadel: the quarters of Queen Azshara. The guardians here are ruthless naga, giant turtles, and snap dragons. At the top of the citadel lives Queen Azshara. lv. 100 The Maelstrom (10 MAN RAID)

Tidehunter Keep: after being summoned by the naga and Queen Azshara Neptulon made his home on Azeroth inside the rift where he was summoned. 3 winged instance.

wing 1 The halls of the apostle: The naga who who left Nazjatar to follow Neptulon guard the entrance to his giant keep. followed by his greatest naga supporter Zathrezar the Apostle. lv. 93

wing 2 Courtyard of the Deeps: The bulk of the keep is the courtyard. guarded by all sorts of ferocious beasts, naga, and Neptulon's water elementals. lv. 94 (10 MAN RAID)

wing 3 The summoning chambers: Guarded by only the most ruthless naga and water elementals this is the chamber where Neptulon was summoned. It is also where Neptulon the Tidehunter sits on his throne. lv. 98 The Rift (25 MAN RAID)

Tomb of Sargeras: when Gul'dan ventured into this tomb he awoke all sorts of demons, even the spirit of Sargeras. 3 winged intance.

wing 1 the forgotten halls: where Maiev led her soldiers through the tomb. when she escaped she left her soldiers behind including her greatest friend Naisha. They survived, trapped in the tomb living off demonic energy that twisted them into half demons. Naisha rules these halls now barred off from the rest of the tomb. lv. 98

wing 2 The sunken crypt: Gul'dan led his shaman through this wing to their deaths. Then the naga came through and disrupted their resting places making their ghosts restless. Now the only things that walk these halls are ghosts and naga. It is even rumored that the ghost of Gul'dan resides in this wing, scheming how to get Sargeras' power. lv. 99

wing 3 The broken tomb: Only demons live here guarding the broken tomb of Sargeras. Sargeras became restless after Illidan stole his eye and now lives as a spirit again in this wing. lv. 100 The Broken Isles (25 MAN RAID)


tomb of Sargeras entrance

Old Classics Made New:

New heroic dungeons of old classics now revamped for higher levels and better gear.

Shadow Fang Keep

Razorfen Downs


Zul Farrak

Blackrock Depths


New Factions

Destiliers: an organization of Pandaren devoted to raising sunken Kalimdor from the depths. These Pandaren broke away from the pandarian empire when their prophit Pongor found highborne artifacts on the newly raised island of sunken kalimdor. So he lead a group of Pandaren to make friends with the makrura. Now they are based in Mak'Aru and are using the rifts power to re-build kalimdor.

Arcanytes: a group of sain gnome leper mages who's leader archmage Vilanthrom saw that the naga were summoning creatures through the rift to help Queen Azshara's march. Now they are dedicated to closing the rift once and for all. With the Destiliers feeding off the energy of the rift these to groups became instant rivals.

Crestfall: The wary humans and dwarves of Crestfall are untrusting of all outsiders; even known allies. But If you do enough good deeds for them they may trust you as if you were a citizen.

Balor outriders: the orcish and ogre outpost of the old human camp of Balor are nuetral towards all others. After being forgotten by the horde and left they no longer consider themselves members. But they are still willing to host to the horde if they return.

Kul'Tiras Armada: The human nation of Kul'Tiras' navy has been a power in the world for ages. Now they are accepting help from outside alliance adventurers.

The Brotherhood of Lordaeron: After the fall of Lordaeron, Dagren the Orcslayer and Ballador the Bright led an expedition of the surviving humans from Lordaeron into the great sea. They settled on their common ground of Tol Barad and Kul Tiras, from where they fight to purge the seas of the new threat, the naga. Now they are willing to accept any devoted to destroying Queen Azshara into their ranks.

The Final Frontier

The Burning legions final stand. They have started a ruthless attack on the rest of the free universe. In retaliation to the legion, the greatest wizards of Azeroth have created a system of portals to many of the planets in the universe.

Twisting Nether Connecting Planets

The Final Frontier

New Races

  • Alliance: Worgen and Faceless Ones

the faceless

  • Horde: Half-Ogres and ogres


  • Nuetral: Ethereal and Arrakoa

Nuetral Race functions

The Nuetral races will work a little differently than the normal ones. First of all their starting zones are completely nuetral. when you get to lv. 10 and reach their capital; then you get to choose between 2 different portals. One goes to the Alliance city of Stormwind. The other goes to the Horde city of Orgrimmar. This choice will determine if you are Alliance or Horde alligned.

new regions

Annhilar: Annihilan homeworld| 140-150

  • Nuetral cities:
    • Ascendon: The broken Draenei after being imprisoned on Annhilar escaped their captors. They hid in a secret valley. Since they were unoticed for so long they built up their fortifications to be almost impenetrable. Since there was no other safe spot for the portal to Annhilar they placed it in Ascendon.
  • Instances:
    • The pit: The creation place of all pit lords. It is a massive complex under the ground. the only way to the bottom is through a system of bridges and hallways. At the bottom is the leader of the Pit. 150
    • Mannorath Citadel: An extremely huge construct built as the biggest Annihilan stronghold ever. 3 winged Instance.
      • Mannorath towers: The upper fortifications of the citadel. Not many Pit Lords actually stay in the towers only minor demons. (5 MAN)142
      • Mannorath keep: The lower part of the citadel under the towers. It is the common streets where all the higher up officers of the legion are. The keep are the quarters of the citadel's denizens. (10 MAN) 148
      • Azgalor's Eye: The tower at the center of the citadel where it's leader Azgalor rules from. (25 MAN) 150
    • Brutallan: A city named after the pit lord Brutallan is one of the greatest strongholds on the planet.
    • The Dark collosieum:A fighting ring built for the entertainment of Annihilan around Annhilar. Here they place slaves against overwhelming odds and reigning Annihilan gladiators.
    • The new Pit: After the success of the first pit the Annihilan has built a new pit. It is much less grand and is very small but hopes to be a great power for the legion someday.

Xoroth: Nathrezim homeworld| 128-140

  • nuetral cities:
    • Mal'Gunar: The Argent Dawn made Xoroth their top priority. They saw a message from dreadlords on Xoroth about plans to start a new plague. They started a full scale assault on Xoroth. Mal'Gunar is a city they captured when they first arrived. Now it is their base of operations on Xoroth.
    • Dredmar: many captured Ethereals were brought to Xoroth for testing. To see if they would be a nice addition to the legion if corrupted. They lead an unexpected revolt and turned their high security prison into a bastion for all who hate the legion on Xoroth.

  • Instances:
    • The Dark Belows: One of the greatest legion strongholds in the universe it is controlled mostly by dreadlords and their leader Mephistroth. lv. 146
    • The Shadow Groves: 3 winged instance
      • The Brutal Grove: The legion's universal slave hold. 132
      • The Terror Grove: Experimental region for the Dreadlords to test on slaves and wildlife with new torturous devices and spells. 133
      • The Dread Grove: The high seat of the dreadlords in the groves. Where all the leaders watch over the activities. 134
    • Balnizzoc: A city created in honor of Balnizzar(before he betrayed the Legion) since he lead part of the Azeroth invasion. Lesser of the trinity cities. 136
    • Dethelgore: A city created in honor of Detheroc, since he lead part of the azeroth invasion. Middle of the trinity cities. 138
    • Mephithor: A city created in honor of Mephistroth. The only surviving dreadlord leader of the invasion of Azeroth. This is where Antheroc, the apprentice of the 3 dreadlords, rules. The greatest of the trinity cities. 140

Argus: Eredar homeworld| 145-150

  • Nuetral cities:
    • Mac'Aree: one of the most sacred cities on Argus. The biggest stronghold of legion opposed Eredar anywhere.
  • Instances:
    • Sargeran citadel: The citadel created and designed solely to channel energies so that the Legion could create resurrect Sargeras. It is massive and in it's recent success the citadel is host to the reborn Sargeras. In the Sargeras boss fight you will be aided by non other than Aman'Thul Eonar and Aggramar who take his health to 50% and stripping him of his immortallity before being banished from the Citadel. Then you have to do the rest on your own. 150 (This dungeon will try a newfunction. the 50 man raid. This is the ultimate instance. It will take extreme planning and thought to get a group together that is balanced enough to defeat Sargeras.)
    • Eredus: A collosal library created for Eredar necromancers devoted to the legion. Since they saw how successful the scourge was on Azeroth before it's betrayal of the legion they have started to create a new plague. But this plague will be more carefully watched by the legion to make sure it doesn't follow in it's predessesor footsteps. Now they are starting to get results. New ghouls and Banshees. But their Greatest achievement is their creation of the plagued Dragonflight lead by the newly plagued Tyrygosa who now rles Eredus. 148
    • Mac'Aran: the building at the center of Mac'Aree where the throne of Archimonde sits, waiting for its owner to return and claim the ancient Eredar city for the legion once more. 146

Xun: Worgen's conquered homeworld| 118-130

  • Nuetral Cities:
    • Broodlock stronghold: The home of the Broodlocks, An organization of Worgen Warlocks, it is a stronghold that is floating 10 feet off the ground teathered with strands of demonic magic. The walls Are laden with visible curses ready to activate when an enemy approaches.
    • Eternium Fortress: The Eternium is a Worgen order thats goal is to keep the secret of eternal youth. Only it's most trusted members are allowed the secret and the Eternium is the strongest power against the Legion, and was the backbone of the Worgen government before the invasion. Their Leader Marrow created The Construct a long time ago and has recently gone missing.
  • Instances:
    • The Construct: The Eternium foresaw an attack on Xun and possibly even total annihilation of Worgen on Xun. So Their leader, Marrow, designed a weapon only to be used when Worgen were near extinction. This colossal Construct was So large and powerful if activated it could wipe all life from the planet. Now Marrow believes that the construct is the only way to irradicate the Legion from the planet and has decided to try to activate it. But without the combined power of the Eternium he has found less powerful recruits and it will take more time to activate.3 winged instance
      • The Boneforge: Marrow has found that by using a certain proccess to magically burn bones its magic can be converted into energy to activate the construct.(5 MAN)128
      • The Blood Pumps: The energy from the bone forge can be syphoned into energy compatible with the construct by syphoning it with the powers of blood. That is the purpose of the Blood Pumps who pump the new energy so that it can be used.(5 MAN) 129
      • The Apex: The very top of the construct this is where all the energy is absorbed by the mage who is The Conduit and then funneled to the Warlock who is The Channeler which then goes to Marrow who turns it into the fuel of the Construct. (10 man) 130
    • Marrow's Bastion: When Marrow was in power he created a secret bastion for the Eternium so that no spies could intercept their plans. Then When the Unbroken Crusade landed on Xun they found this huge tower that is shrouded by dense trees and spells. King Tal'An took over the tower and broke the shrouding spells. Now Tal'An rules from this bastion. 128
    • Bloodmaw: the Bloodtooth clan of Worgen used to be the rulers of Xun. But when the Burning Legion corrupted their leaders they were hunted by the other Worgen. They hold a grudge against the other inhabitants of Xun for the viscious genecide they commited to the Bloodtooth. Now They sanctioned themselves off in their city of Bloodmaw and built a machine called the Bloodmaw which they believe will raise a legendary Leviathan. 122
    • Waterworks: Under Blackdepth Lake is a huge water pump that pumps most of Xun's water from underground rivers and the lake above. After a revolt of the workers it became home to a new faction of Worgen calling themselves the Mog Coven who completely ally themselves with the Unbroken on Xun. After the revolt the Unbroken fortified the pumps with architecture and defenses just like a real fort. 124
    • The Eternal Vessel: What looks like a crashed ship is halfway out of the ground in the deep wilderness of Xun. In this ship is what the Eternium gets their everlasting youth from. The Eternium warns anyone to stay away from th ship. Nobody knows what creature lurks there. 148

K'aresh: Ethereal's conquered homeworld| 108-120

  • Nuetral cities:
    • The commerce: Moving on from the consorts, a new league of Ethereals has created the only safe haven on K'aresh. The commerce is much like the Consorts but, it is not an observitory. The commerce is a huge dome with a tower coming out of the top.
  • Instances:
    • The Old Consort: The old consort of the Ethereal. Much like the new consort except the Void armies added some of it's own architecture after they invaded K'Aresh. Now the possessed corpse of Horen, the old Ethereal emperor rules the old consort. 146
    • The Arcanium: When the armies of the void invaded K'aresh the magus capitol on K'aresh, The Arcanium. A great void lord named Abyss then brought his followers and now inhabits the Arcanium. 116
    • Blackthil's web: In the Desperation of the invasion of K'aresh a group of Ethereals made a deal with the gigantic netherspider Blackthil. Now they have constructed housing in it's monstrous web and help it hunt for food. 112
    • Horen's Mausoleum: Before his death, Emperor Horen, created the most massive constuct on K'aresh. This Mausoleum was built after the Ethereals warded off the first attempt of the Legion at invasion. It was even bigger than the Consort at the time. Then when the Legion did succeed in invading their head warlock raised all the dead from the Mausoleum and is now ruling them. 3 winged instance
      • The Bone Piles: At the very bottom of the Mausoleum is the bone piles. 114
      • The Lower Crypts: On the Ground floor is the crypts where inter-galactic Nerubians have set there home. 118
      • Horen's tomb: Where the body of Horen was at peace until he was used as a puppet in th Old Consort. The Head Warlock resides here. 120

Brokenlands: the other shattered part of Draenor| 98-110

  • Nuetral cities:
    • The Consort: The capitol of the Ethereal. It is a giant observitory that is a trading hub for the whole universe floating on a remnant of Draenor.
    • Tekkis: The neutral Arrakoa capitol. IT is much like skettis and it is located in a valley within a ring of mountains. Only a cablecar can take you up and in.
  • Instances:
    • The Shattered Citadel: Many of the remaining Half-Ogres built the Theragon Citadel. When the Legion discovered Brokenland they laid waste to the citadel. Now It is haunted by ghosts Ogres and the remaining Half-Ogres who are rebuilding the citadel and are friendly to Nobody. They have started to shatter the world more as they are discovering demonic magics to help them rebuild. 3 winged Instance
      • The Reconstruction site: The outer city got hit the hardest. Now the workers are striving to rebuild the outer fortifications before another attack comes. 100
      • The splintered Terrace: A huge terrace encircling the Gauntlet is the overlook of the lower city and is where all the taskmasters manage from. 104
      • The shattered Gauntlet: The shattered Gauntlet is believed by the Ogres to be the Gauntlet of the largest Gronn ever to live. It is at the center of the city and is where all the leaders sit. 108
Ogre Lord

Agrelan the shattered Warlord

Caverns of Time

The Fall of Shattrath: A long time ago the Legion turned the Orcs against the Dranei. The Orcs attacked Shattrath and defeated it. In this CoT you will play a part in the valiant yet unsuccessful defense of Shattrath. You will be within the city in it's former glory when th Orcs attack. You must fight them long enough for all the citizens to Evacuate.

The Invasion of Nerub: In this CoT you must escort 6 Nerubian spiderlords who aid you through countless secret, twisting passages. At least 3 lords must survive plus the Prince Anub'Arak. You must use cunning and skill to activate puzzle like boobie traps along the way to stop the overwhelming tides of scourge while the underground city burns around you.

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