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Clank in tuxedo1.3


The start of his life

Clank was born in Gnomeregan, Just before the invasion started. Because his parents were part of the Gnomeregan Guards, Clank didn't really known his parents. During the invasion, Clank's parents were defending their city with their lifes and so it happend. They killed by a legion of trolls. Clank was taken by the gnome survivers, who took him to Stormwind City, where he remained after that day.

The way of the rogue

When Clank arrived in Stormwind City, he went to the SI:7 for his rogue training. He choose rogue, because he was really good in hiding and likes to spy his enemies (and sometimes his friends). He was trained by Master Mathias Shaw, the leader of the SI:7. After some years of training, Clank learned enough to start on his own.

Clank before Scarlet time1.3

Clank in that time.

The Scarlets and the Crimson

After some weeks of training on his own, he returned to Stormwind City to take some rest, but there was not really peace at that time in Stormwind City. Around that time, a group of the Scarlet Crusade came and made the Cathedral of Light their HQ. They were known as the Scarlet Inquisitors. They said that they were here to defend Stormwind City, but no one really believe them. Clank also didn't trust them and heard about the Crimson Rebellion, leaded by Marwin. They were a group who were against the Scarlets and tried to get them out of the city. He joined them and became their spy. Around that time, he also meet a warlock who was a ex-Scarlet. His name was Mariank Shadowfather. They became good friends. Later, Mariank changed himself to a paladin, because he hated his dark powers. After some time, he had a lot of friends:

  1. Marwin: Leader of the Crimson Rebellion and the Scarlet's worst enemy
  2. Ayandrea: In the Scarlet Days, Marwin's wife, but now they are just friends
  3. Leyawiin: A powerfull mage, she was member of the rebellion, After the Scarlet days, she joined the Silverbrand Covert
  4. Dione: She was also a member of the rebellion, she is really kind, but sometimes not really much around. Later, Dione became Marwin's new girlfriend.
  5. Rewon: He was a member of the Etheral Tavern, he and Clank sometimes went spying the Scarlets.

Later, he became friends with a powerfull paladin, named Felian Lightfire. He also meet his later becamed wife, Roxane and her brother, Velenor. After some month of fighting the Scarlet Inquisitors, they finally leaved the city and the city became 'Scarletless' again.

The Etheral Tavern and Yalis

During the Scarlet days, Clank heard about a tavern in the Park. He came there almost everytime it opened and became friends with the owner, Yalis. Later, he ask for a job there and Yalis accepted it with pleasure.

Clank became the bartender, staying next to Yalis. After some month after the Scarlet leaved the city, Yalis and almost all of the staff members disappered. Because of that, Clank tried to keep the tavern alive for Yalis and the staff untill they returned.
The Old Etheral Tavern (with Exiisa)1.3

The old Etheral Tavern with Exiisa, friend of Clank.

After a few weeks working without a staff, he started making a new staff for the tavern. Because of that, he started in a other building, because Yalis still owns the Etheral Tavern, even that he has disappered.

So he started at the bar at the other side of the Park, still close to the Etheral Tavern. Clank's tavern is known as the Ethereal Tavern.
The New Etheral Tavern1.3

The new Ethereal Tavern, owned by Clank himself.

Felian becomes a Deathknight

After some months without the Scarlets, Stormwind City and Elwynn Forest were peacefull again, but also too peacefull, because it became so quiet that everyone around the city and the forest became most of the time very bored, just like Clank. But then, something terrible happend. Felian Lightfire, Clank's good friend, was in the past a member of the Army that went to Northrend with Arthas. When Arthas and the Lich King became one, they contact with Felian and ask him to join them and became a Deathknight. Felian denied the request and became wounded, but he survived and escaped. But then the wound became corrupted and Felian turned into a Deathknight. Some time after he became corrupted, he planned a attack on Goldshire. When he was around Goldshire, Clank was there. Felian started a duel with Ulua, a friend of Felian and member of Felian's guild, Lightfire Vanguard. After the duel, Ulua beat Felian in the duel and Felian disappered again. Ulua told Clank about Felian and the plan that she made with Roxane to return him to the Light. Ulua had to find a book in Dire Maul to she would use on him when he would be killed. After that, he went looking for Roxane and talked to her about Felian. They planned a trip to Karazhan, because it was known as the place where most Deathknights are. Together with Tempus, they went there, but didn't found him. After a few days, Clank, Roxane, the Lightfire Vanguard and other friends of Felian carried at Raven Hill in Duskwood. They found him at the Raven Hill Cemetery and start fighting him, but they failed. Felian flee to Gurubashi Arena, where they had their last battle. Felian died and Ulua revived him with the book she found in Dire Maul. Felian became himself again and the peace returned to Stormwind City and Elwynn Forest.

The End of the Ethereal Tavern

After some weeks, it didn't go so well in Clank's tavern. His staff members weren't really helpfull and the most of the guards were drinking and doing nothing during their duty. Clank had enough and disbanded his tavern. Right after that.

The Regiment of Stormwind

After Yalis's disapperears, Clank searched for a new group to join. Then he choose to join the Regiment of Stormwind, a group of guards that protect Stormwind and it's people. In the Regiment were also some friends of Clank like Roxane, Eredarei, Eagleheart and some others.

A small accident

One day, when Clank was in Stranglethorn Vale killing trolls, something terrrible happend. Clank was busy killing a troll, when he throw a axe right in his eye! Clank was bleeding heavy. Because of his eye, he not killed the troll, HE DESTROYED HIM!! After 'destroying' the troll, he grabbed some bandage and band his head. Back in Stormwind, he thought that he can't walk around with a hole in his head. So he made a Green Lens and made it so, that it will send signals to his brain. So the Green Lens became his new eye and it also look very cool (see photo below). After some weeks, he meet a priest who healed his eye.

Clank's ultimate destiny (( Idea for a new movie ))

Clank was relaxing at the lake with his good friend, Losiane. He told her that Mariank killed himself... again. He had a broken heart again. He asked Losiane to talk to him, because he thought that Mariank's spirit should be there still. Losiane went to his body and talked to Mariank. A few minutes after talking with him, his spirit was doing a bit strange. He's started to scream and his spirit disappered. Completely confused what happend, Losiane waits for a reaction. Then Mariank's body came back to life, but with a strange dark aura around him. It seemed that he became a Death Knight... again. He told Losiane that the Lich King saw that Clank, Mariank and Earthfather killing the Lich King. The Death Knight told Losiane that he would spare her if she would spy on Clank for him and the Lich King. Losiane declined and the Death Knight became mad. Then for a moment, Mariank tried to tell Losiane about his sword, Light's Might that he throwed into the lake. Losiane jumped into the lake, while the Death Knight started to shoot Shadow Bolts at her. Dodging the bolts, Losiane grabs the sword and put it into the Death Knight. He falled dead on the ground. Then a bright light went over the body. At that moment, the body standed up and it seemed that Mariank was back. He put the sword out of him and healed the wound. He thanked Losiane and told her to tell Clank about what the Death Knight said, while Mariank goes to the Horde lands and tell Earthfather about it. Mariank leaved and Losiane went searching for Clank, who was looking around the lake for her and Mariank. She found him and told him the story. Clank was inpressed of what Losiane did back there. Clank then leaved Losiane to search for more information about the Lich King. All he could find in the libary in Stormwind Keep, was the history of Arthas who became one with the Lich King. He need to find a way to kill him, as it is his destiny now.

To be continued.

(It is not yet sure i will make this movie, but if i am going to do it, you will see a trailer soon on

The Blessing of Friends

As he searched in the libary for information about the Lich King, he found a intresting book. It told about a special blessing that could give a lot of power to the person, but the person needs a lot of friends then to make it powerfull enough. The blessing is a some kind of enchant on a weapon. The blessing release memories of the person's friends who had done the ritual. the ritual is: "Hold the weapon with both hands, close your eyes and think about the good times with the person the blessing is for." The person can then release the memories during a battle to get more motivation to win for his friends, making him more powerfull. Also can't the blessing being used for evil, since it only works on the person that the blessing is for. After reading the book, Clank went looking for his best friends to get enough memories, so he can defeat the Lich King.

The Return of the Scarlets

It's been a year since the Scarlet Days. While Clank was doing his daily check for items in Stormwind, he saw a human, wearing a Scarlet Tabard. Completely shocked, he reported at Commander Julio White, the leader of the Regiment of Stormwind. The next day, he heard of Scarlets in the Cathedral of Light. With some Regiment members, he went inside and saw the Scarlets. It seemed that they had a meeting while some of the guilds in Stormwind. They told everyone that they weren't corrupted and came for allies against the Scourge. Clank didn't trust them at all and told them that he would send Mariank into their Order to check them out. They seemed to be really busy to restore their honor and weren't not really a danger to Stormwind. One day, they attacked Scarlet Monastery and killed the traitors, Mograine and the High Inquistitor who killed the Ashbringer, the former leader of the Scarlet Crusade. The attack went well and the traitors were killed. After a few weeks, the Order was somehow disbanded.

A old evil returns

In the Scarlet Days, Clank was relaxing around the Mage Tower in Stormwind. Then he saw some friends, riding to the Warlock building in the back of the Mage District. There he saw them talking to a human with a elf. The name of the human was Ning, the elf's name was unknown. He had the elf mindcontrolled and was using her against the others. He fleed with the elf into the Warlock tombs where Clank and his friend Ballador tried to stop him. After a long battle, they failed and he escaped. Since that day, he haven't heard anything of Ning, only that he was defeated by Rewon. A year later at the Etheral Tavern, Clank heard from Yalis that Ning is back and that he is after Yalis. Clank was shocked to hear that and swore to protect Yalis from him with his life. A few days later, Clank heard from the leader of the Stormwind Royal Guards that a servant of Ning named Qwélt had escaped from jail and had resurrect Ning. So Clank now knew where Ning was and want to stop him at all costs to make sure he wouldn't mindcontrolled or kill anyone.

A ally turns bad

One day at the lake house, Clank saw his friend, Kayuna who was helping a friend who was attacked by someone. Clank stayed to make sure nothing bad happens. While Kayuna was talking to her friend, someone entered the house. It was a female human with some dark/brown armor and a brown mask and was wearing a spear. Clank thought she was a servant of the Lich King, because she was looking like a Death Knight. She charged on Clank and tried to hit him with her spear. Clank jumped back and throwed his boomerang at her. She tried to block it with her spear, but then the spear broke in half and she attacked Clank with the fists and legs. She kicked Clank over and hold him on the ground. On that moment, Clank summoned his Battle Chicken. The chicken attacked her and pushed her away from Clank. The chicken attacked her a few times, but his batteries are weak and after a minute, he died. She had fallen on her knees and Clank kicked her over, turning the tables. She kicked Clank away and tried to run, but Clank fired a net on her with one of his gadgets. He removed her mask to see who she was. It was Razzie Lawbringer, a ally who was helping him and some others against the Scarlets, Ning and Canzes. She was mad on Clank, because a few days ago, he helped some friends instead helping her arresting them. She escaped by removing the net and throw Clank away against a wall. Clank then tried to find her. He found her somewhere at the Darkmoon Faire where she was attacking a Moonkin. The Moonkin grab her, but she put her spear (unknown how that came back) in his shoulders. The moonkin then went mad and smashed her against the ground. Right when the moonkin stopped and put the spear out of his shoulder, Clank bandaged it and told him that she want a talk to her. The Moonkin grabs Razzie, put her on his shoulder and followed Clank to the lake. There he ordered the moonkin to put her down. When the moonkin put Razzie down on the ground, Clank fired a new net on her to make sure she doesn't escaped. There he talked to her and she told him that she was helping Ning since the attack. Clank get really angry and connect his jump cables on the net, trying to shock her to death. Then he asked the moonkin to release insects on her. Getting shocked and attacked by the insects, she somehow disappered. Clank, still mad on her said goodbye to the moonkin and leaved to go to Stormwind to find Ning.

To be continued

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